It's All Good

Album: Together Through Life (2009)
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  • Talk about me babe, if you must
    Throw out the dirt, pile on the dust
    I'd do the same thing if I could
    You know what they say?
    They say it's all good
    All good
    It's all good

    Big politician telling lies
    Restaurant kitchen all full of flies
    Don't make a bit of difference, don't see why it should
    But it's all right, 'cause it's all good
    It's all good
    It's all good

    Wives are leavin' their husbands, they're beginning to roam
    They leave the party and they never get home
    I wouldn't change it even if I could
    You know what they say, man, it's all good
    It's all good
    All good

    Brick by brick, they tear you down
    A teacup of water is enough to drown
    You oughta know, if they could, they would
    Whatever's goin' down, it's all good

    All good
    Said it's all good

    People in the country, People on the land
    Some of them so sick they can hardly stand
    Everybody would move away if they could
    It's hard to believe but it's all good

    Well, widows cry the orphan's plea
    Everywhere you look there's more misery
    Come along with me babe, I wish you would
    You know what I'm sayin', it's all good

    All good
    I said it's all good
    All good

    Cold-blooded killer, stomp into town
    Cop car's blinkin', something bad goin' down
    Buildings are crumblin, in the neighborhood
    But there's nothing to worry about, 'cause it's all good
    It's all good
    I say it's all good

    I'm gonna pluck off your beard and blow it in your face
    This time tomorrow I'll be rollin' in your place
    I wouldn't change a thing even if I could
    You know what they say?
    They say it's all good
    It's all goodWriter/s: BOB DYLAN, ROBERT HUNTER
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, AUDIAM, INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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