Like a Rock

Album: Like a Rock (1986)
Charted: 12
  • Stood there boldly
    Sweatin', in the sun
    Felt like a million
    Felt like number one
    The height of summer
    I'd never felt that strong
    Like a rock

    I was eighteen
    Didn't have a care
    Working for peanuts
    Not a dime to spare
    But I was lean and
    Solid everywhere
    Like a rock

    My hands were steady
    My eyes were clear and bright
    My walk had purpose
    My steps were quick and light
    And I held firmly
    To what I felt was right
    Like a rock

    Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
    Like a rock, nothin', ever got to me
    Like a rock, I was something to see
    Like a rock

    And I stood arrow straight
    Unencumbered by the weight
    Of all these hustlers and their schemes
    I stood proud, I stood tall
    High above it all
    I still believed in my dreams

    Twenty years now
    Where they go?
    Twenty years
    I don't know
    I sit and I wonder sometimes
    Where they've gone

    And sometimes late at night
    When I'm bathed in the firelight
    The moon comes callin', a ghostly white
    And I recall
    I recall

    Like a rock, standin', arrow straight
    Like a rock, chargin', from the gate
    Like a rock, carryin', the weight
    Like a rock

    Like a rock, the sun upon my skin
    Like a rock, hard against the wind
    Like a rock, I see myself again
    Like a rock
    Oh like a rock Writer/s: BOB SEGER
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  • Kevin from Detroit, Mi Some of the greatest entertainers, movie stars, athletes, and musicians are from the Detroit area. Eminem, Kid Rock, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Magic Johnson, Lucille Ball, Joe Louis, The Supreme, Temptations, Alice Cooper, Tom Selleck, Smokey Robinson, and so many others....But Seger, I wanna say, has gotta be, still, Detroits Most Beloved Son. That says a lot! To be Number 1 in Detroit! With all the history this city has! Yes! Seger is That Good!!
  • Doug Barton from 3797 N. Hwy 59 Merced Ca. 95348I too am a big Seger fan. We saw him in Sacramento Ca. in March 2015. It was an excellent show.
    I am dedicating this song "Like a Rock" to my stepson who has been wrongfully accused of murder.
    Visiting him in jail now for past two months has been difficult at best, but every time we go see him, the first thing he asks us is how are we doing. Amazing. He's locked up for no reason and he asks us how we're doing.
    He always has a smile and always has a few jokes. But he is and always will be like a rock to all of us.
    Going to court 10/13/2015 finally. Will keep up-dating this post.
  • Greg from Harrington Park, NjJust saw Bob Seger at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Tuesday April 16th, 2013 and the show was nothing short of amazing. Now I know this song is considered by many to be forever associated with the Chevy truck commercial... and rightfully so. But let me just say this... Hearing this song live was an experience unlike any other I have ever had at a concert. Bob sat in a chair - played acoustic guitar on this song and the camera was close up on him to get a good shot for the video monitors above the stage. As he sat there with the lines in his face, his silver hair showing his age and his emotions pouring through him as he sang, I felt something in this song that I had never felt before. I felt myself in the song. I felt myself as that 18 year old - eyes clear and bright, steps quick and light - solid everywhere - Like a Rock. I felt myself being described as that teenager working for peanuts - not a care in the world though. I WAS something to see... then the slide guitar solo which was played perfectly - almost identically note for note to the studio version. That solo moved me to tears as I felt the energy dripping off those notes and landing in my ears. Next came the reflective portion of the song - when this once care free, tight muscled, clear eyed teenager realizes that his youth has past him - and he stands one night by the fire wondering where 20 years has gone. I am 37 so just about 20 years has passed for me as well. I, for that moment was the character in the song. This is what makes Seger's music and particularly this song so appealing. The way he writes - his style appeals to the senses - you are always hearing something (thunder in Night Moves, echos down a canyon in till it shines ) seeing or touching something or doing something that appeals to the senses - his songs are visual and descriptive - you see what is going on in your head as the story unfolds and is being narrated by this rock genius. For me - I've always envisioned Seger himself when I've listened to this song - but for some reason when I heard this song Tuesday night - I saw myself in the lyrics for the first time. I can honestly say this song has changed me in a spiritual way that I have never felt before and now to me at least... Like A Rock is no longer associated with Chevy trucks in my mind... it is something more tangible, something more concrete with meaning. My own Life.
  • Bob from Southfield, MiSome see this song as a sequel to the song, "Night Moves". The same character, years later, looking back at his life.
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