Album: Third Stage (1986)
Charted: 1
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  • Babe, tomorrow's so far away
    There's something I just have to say
    I don't think I could hide
    What I'm feelin' inside another day
    Knowin' I love you

    And I, I'm getting too close again
    I don't want to see it end
    If I tell you tonight
    Would you turn out the lights and walk away
    Knowin' I love you?

    I'm gonna take you by surprise
    And make you realize, Amanda
    I'm gonna tell you right away
    I can't wait another day, Amanda
    I'm gonna say it like a man
    And make you understand, Amanda
    I love you

    And I feel like today's the day
    I'm lookin' for the words to say
    Do you want to be free?
    Are you ready for me to feel this way?
    I don't want to lose you
    So, it may be too soon, I know
    The feeling takes so long to grow
    If I tell you today, will you turn me away and let me go?
    I don't want to lose you

    I'm gonna take you by surprise
    And make you realize, Amanda
    I'm gonna tell you right away
    I can't wait another day, Amanda
    I'm gonna say it like a man
    And make you understand, Amanda (oh girl)

    You and I
    I know that we can't wait
    And I swear, I swear it's not a lie, girl
    Tomorrow may be too late
    You, you and I girl
    We can share a life together
    It's now or never
    And tomorrow may be too late (oh-oh)

    And, feelin' the way I do
    I don't want to wait my whole life through
    To say I'm in love with you Writer/s: Tom Scholz
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 49

  • Jorge Matta from PennsylvaniaTom Scholz may have been a musical genius, but he was a jerk to Brad Delp.
  • Johnny Palacios from Gary In.I wrote.that song, I wrote those Lyrics. It originally started out as a hate song as my Xgirlfriend named .Amada took off with my firstborn son.
    I wrote down the chords and lyrics, recorded the song as it came to me on a cassette tape, sealed it in a yellow Manila envelope and handed it over to a friend who was heading back to his homeland in Puerto Rico.
    He promised he new a producer out there that could put this song in the right hands.
    Well, the song was put in the wrong hands because They never for writing this, my one.and only song I had ever written.

    As you can see, Tom Sholtz is taking the credit for writing it. They have been broken up for the longest.
    I am glad that they made my simple song famous.
    I couldn't have asked for a better interpretation.
    However they were light on the compensation and they missed out on the many many more songs I have bottled.up inside of me.

    To whomever may read this and believe it, I thank you.
    If you don't believe me then oh well, what can I say besides this is the honest God's truth.

    Johnny Palacios
  • Amanda from Former BostonianI was named Amanda long before Boston released this #1 hit. It wasn’t until 1996 that I first heard the song (wow, so beautiful); a very long (decades on/off) boyfriend played it for me when I lived in Boston for many years. Amanda & Boston = the greatest times of my life! Huge Red Sox (2004) & NE Patriots fan (The Snow Bowl/Tuck Rule 2002 v Oakland); ATL 3.28) still Bradkowski fan, Shaq’s time w/Celtics & his fun playtime in Harvard Sq, Patriots Day (MA only), the Re-enactment in Concord, our country’s history, Marblehead, the Merrimack River, the Duck Boat celebrations, Fenway, ‘Make Way for the Ducklings’ & so much more! Boston, the band, I do remember ‘More Than a Feeling’ & lead singer Brad Delp is gifted with a voice that is still memorable today! Thank you!
  • AnonymousMany Amanda’s named after this song thanking their parents for naming them after this Amazing song. What about the Amandas who were born before this song came out. I’d say their parents did an even more awesome job naming their daughters the name that would eventually pave the way for such an absolute hit! Kudos to those parents who had such awesome taste & foresight!
  • Kathy Silva from Danvers, Massachusetts I can honestly say that I knew Brad Delp the singer of Boston, he went to school with my older sister, and I grew up and went to school with his cousin Scott Delp in Danvers, Mass., when I was in the hospital after just having my 3rd child a baby girl Brad called me in the hospital to congratulate me, and asked me what I named my new baby girl and I told him her name was Amanda, she was born January 1986, Brad was the most down to earth person that I have ever known, he never let becoming famous musically ever change the Danvers born and raised man that he was. He always stayed very true to himself, family, and friends throughout his life. Brad and the band had huge hearts and always offered to do benefits to raise money for our little town of Danvers for our 4th of July town celebrations, and many other benefits for veterans, children, and families in need. Brad always remained a true Danvers, Mass person,and never for a single moment forgot where he was from. Brad was and always will be my hero. I love and miss him every day of my life.
  • John from KentuckyOver 25 years ago I dedicated this song to a special girl named Amanda. I was fresh out of high school and had been in love with her since 8th grade. We were boyfriend and girlfriend off and on throughout those years. I always felt like she was my soulmate. I contacted her through mail and had set up a date to hang out some. I wanted her more than anything. I was so happy to be with her that night and would had even married her immediately. But when she went back to college I wrote her a letter and sent it along with a cassette tape with the song Amanda. The song was perfect for the my situation and was worded exactly the way i could have ever asked for. Unfortunately she wasn't ready for a relationship to that magnitude, or at least not with me. She was kind about it and I was heartbroke. But not long after I actually found the love of my life and have been married ever since. It is funny how things work out and I wouldn't trade a thing, but there has always been a special place in my heart for Amanda and I still think about her when I hear this song.
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaA wonderful song to slow dance to. . . I was dancing to this song with my first love as an adult, & we were interrupted some time(3+ hours) later by the lights coming up in the dance hall & the janitor yelling over the PA: "the dance is OVER!"
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaThe name Amanda means "lovable/worthy of being loved." Apt, eh?
  • Dan from Lock Haven, PennsylvaniaIt was 1988, and I befriended a beautiful, sweet, and out of my league girl named Suzanne. Our friendship grew quickly, and I spent many a night in her company. I can't recall the specifics, but we eventually kissed. Our relationship was innocent; spending time together, an ocassional light exchange of affections, never beyond kissing. I loved to walk in the snow at night. After not too long so did she;. Long walks talking, holding hands, enjoying the snowfall.
    She was about to graduate college soon, and Amanda is how I told her how I really felt. I was afraid that saying it aloud would put distance between us. She listened to it one night just before she left.
    We remained friends. I called once after she left, and was told she was about to be married, and not to bother her again. I wonder where Amanda is today?
  • Zechariah from MinnesotaMy girlfriends name is Amanda and I'm madly in love with her. This song describes how I feel about her so well, and I'm excited to be able to listen and dance to this song with her any chance I get. It'll make a great wedding song!
  • Shandroise De Laeken from Davao City, PhilippinesI really love this song! My younger sister and I would pretend we're playing the guitar in this whenever this songs plays in the radio... and I am a frustrated Brad Delp copycat. I love his voice or voices like his! Sadly, among the modern singers, there's no such voice as wonderful as Brad's... that's why I'm a fan of 50's-90's songs than 21st century music. And I'm born in 1990's. (2015-08-03)
  • Tom from Selden, NyI was once accused of inappropriate touching of a woman named Amanda... I could blame it on the alcohol but I really think it was because of this song.
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaGuaranteed: slow dance this song with any woman born between 1965 & 1970 & you WILL get laid!
  • Marcelo from Los Gatos, CaThis is a great song with very nice vocal harmonization. So I decided to play it and record my own version, check it out: (all instruments and vocals were recorded by myself in a 8-track Tascam, only the drums are digital. I programmed the Alesis drums but other than that is all old fashion recording)
  • Aru from Clark, ChileHistory Lesson:
    "Amanda" (Waylon Jennings song), a 1979 song by Waylon Jennings and also popularized by Don Williams.
    They were both great renditions of a GREAT song.

    Never heard of Boston except it's a city i lived in for many years.
  • Carli from Pemberville, OhMy girlfriends name is Amanda. And this is sort of the song of our love, it reminds me of her so muc. It is hard to hear, because she is just so amazing and i miss he so much :/
  • Lee from Huntsville, Althanks for all the great vocals over the years long as man listens to music,you will always be remembered.
  • Amanda from Baltimore, MdMy name is Amanda and my last name is Boston. I was born in 84'. This undoubtedly my song.
  • Lee from Huntsville, Ali've heard that brad delp uttered every word that has ever been heard on any boston album...truly an amazing and talented singer. this #1 is no exception.
  • Amanda from Wyckoff, NjLike most people here, I'm named Amanda. My parents were married about 2 years after this song came out... My mom liked Boston, and even though I was born 8 years after they were married, they always liked this name. I figured it was because of Boston. :) I cried when I first heard this song.
  • Dhiraj from Hong Kong, Hong KongI heard this song in 1986 when I was visiting one of my friend. It is engraved in me ever since...I dunno why? But one thing is has something in it which i need always.
  • Luke from Dayton, OhThis song is why i want to name my daughter Amanda (if i ever have one)
  • Amanda from Hellertown, PaAs Were many of the girls posting comments, i too was named after this song, born in the late 80's. I was born 1988 and growing i always played my moms boston record just to listen to the infamous song in which i got my name from. I absolutely love this song! My boyfriend and I even jammed out to it just last night in the car! haha =] When i get married this song will be played at my wedding!! lol
  • Amanda from Tyndall, Mbmy aunts named me amanda after the song amanda which is also my fav songin the whole world.
  • Amanda from Grand Rapids, MiWhen I was born I was going to be named Emily until about the minute I was born. They were asking what my name was and out of nowhere my dad suggested Amanda. Names don't just pop into your head. I was born in 1986, and my parents weren't HUGE Boston fans... it came on the radio at the hospital... and my dad had never heard it before, but he just fell in love with the name.
  • Alli from Arvada, Coi fell in love with this song the first time i heard it. its so beautiful and full of love, if you arent a boston fan, something is definitely WRONG with you
  • Connie from Littlefield, TxI absolutely love this song! I was attending Texas Tech when "Amanda" was released and all of my friends sang it all of the time. I'd never had a friend by the name until 2007 and she's so awesome!! She mentioned her parents named her after the song, so that's pretty cool since she was born in 1986.
  • Darrell from EugeneAlthough my girlfriend was born 4 years before this song came out, her parents were going to name her Amanda, but since they were also "Bewitched" fans, they decided to name her Serena, which I think has a sexier sound and is less common.
  • Ed from Miami, FlMy daughter born 1989 was named Amanda but not because of this song. Today was the first time my now 17 yr old has heard this song. If anything she owes her name to the character Amanda Carrington of TV series Dynasty as there is a good chance she was conceived during that show.
  • John from Lancaster, Cano one can form an opinion from one song boston did at a time
    the songs boston did were for all aspects of a human beings life
    and at that they were great teachings to live by
    if you are not a boston fan you should not have much to say
    put your self in bostons shoes!!
    they were ripped off for millions by the record companys that knew they had a band that was made of gold yet boston still produced third stage
    tom went to m.i.t tech
    and do you think he was going gee i sure hope i get filthy rich some day?
    no i know in my heart thats not what tom or boston is all about
    and all they wanted to do was put out music the fans would love and this does take time
    ( i feel toms pain i remember setting in front of a cassette deck for days)
    and they unlike most bands cared about every single fan
    just try and read bostons guest book
    it will take you about a month or more and thats if you read 24/7
    that means the whole world loves boston
    and i am proud to be one of them
    and boston is the best music you could pass on to anyone including your children
    if you ever exspect them to have any decent moral values
    but no one cares to do that right?
    were kids pregnent ? or jacking cars?
    or degrading people or woman in the 70`s?
    hell no
    boston worked for the respect they have earned and its a fact i think about every time i play any boston record from start to stop!!!
    and every song still rocks like no other song ever will
    the only band to beat them was pink flys with dark side of the moon and that was the longest charting record in history !!!
    and no one will top them ever !!!!!!!!
    may you rest in peace bradley i love you man
  • Scott from Honolulu, HiAmanda is a great song, when it came out in '86, i was in college, only 22 and just loved it. Such a sensitive, beautifully melodic love song--an amazing work of art. I tried to sing this song in karaoke and failed miserably to reach the heavenly notes of Brad Delp. I nearly busted a vocal chord getting up that high!
  • Fredy from Tuxtla Gutierrez, MexicoAmanda the best song of the world
  • Mandi from Indpls, United Statesmy parents name me amanda "mandi" because they liked this song!
  • Scott from Columbus, OhThis song is so simple in it's meaning, it's retarded to beleive otherwise.

    It's clearly about extreme desire and the admission of such. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It's beautiful in it's simplicity and relevance to a very common occurance.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI am not a Boston fan but I still like this song.
  • Michael from Wayne, NjThis song is CLEARLY about saying goodbye to a loved one (Amanda) before an astronaut is about to lift off. He tells her he loves her and he can't wait another day because he has to leave. Also, the rest of Third Stage is about a space ship launching...We're Ready, The Launch (All 3 Parts), Cool The Engines, My Destination, etc...
  • Amanda from Cincinnatus, NyThis song is why my name is Amanda. Both of my parents used to listen to this song alot so and they loved the name so a big round of applause to Boston for giving me my name!!!
  • Alan from Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaThis was not the only post MTV to reach #1 without a video. When I'm With You by Sheriff charted #1 in February 1989 without a video.
  • Geno from Peoria, IlBoston put out some great songs! One more!
  • Don from San Antonio, TxBart calls Moe's: "Call for Amanda, last name, Huggenkis..."

    Moe, yelling: "A MAN DA HUG N' KISS?! I'M LOOKIN' FOR A MAN DA HUG N' KISS!!!"
  • Dorothy from Janesville, WiI was pregnant with my daughter and we were somewhere between Southern Wisconsin and Central Indiana when we were discussing names for our baby and this song came on the radio. Today is Amanda's 17th birthday. Thanks, Boston, for the inspiration.
  • Dick from Detroit, MiMy name is not Amanda and I'm not a girl, either. I can't believe that so many people were named after this song. That's pretty cool, though. I wonder what old Tom Sholz would have to say... Anyway, it's a beautiful song, the best on Third Stage, which is sort of sparse compared to the first two albums. I once had a fascination with a girl named Amanda, and now I'm friends with a different Amanda. I bought the album without hearing it because I love Boston and I like my friend (he-he).
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InMy name is not Amanada, and I'm not a female either, but this song brings back many fond memories of high school and the summer time going to the beach. Boston knows how to produce em', but I never knew there was a bootleg of this song around back in 84', that's very interesting.
  • Amanda from Chicago, Ilwow i have never seen so many people who have been named after this song. i had just been born and my mom and dad hadnt decided on a name for me. and there was something wrong with me that they couldnt take me home the first day. so without naming me they left the hospital and my mom told me that she was crying so much and "Amanda" came on the radio and she said were going to name her Amanda. and my dad had no problem with it. So as every amanda that left a comment in here says i owe my name to Boston. (im listening to the song now)
  • Amanda from Palm Bay, Flhey guys I got my name from this song dad liked the song and I was also named after the musical instrument mandolin hence the name Amanda Lynn!! I love the song! plus amanda means "worthy of love" so it figures that its a romantic song! thanks soo much boston!
  • Amanda from Columbiaville, MiI too got my name from this song. It was on the radio a lot while my mom was pregnant with me. My mom wanted to name me Rachel but my dad didnt like it so he picked out "Amanda" instead. The funny thing is now he calls me Amy...
  • Amanda from Tampa, FlWhen my Mother was 6 months pregnant with me she went to a Boston concert with my father. They were still trying to find a name for me. Well when Boston came out and started thier set they sang "Amanda". well during the chorus i started kicking up a storm. so thats how i got my name.

    Amanda- St. Pete, FL
  • Daniel from Sissonville, WvAmanda, that is the greatest story ever..tell ur parents that they are awesome for doing that
  • Amanda from Stanhope, NjThis song is the reason why my name's Amanda. My parents thought I was going to be a boy and on the way to the hospital they thought what to name me if I was a girl. This song came on the radio and I owe Boston my name.
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