• I, I know I'm a dreamer
    It's easy to see I want to be a believer
    And fly right through the air
    Now I'm wide awake
    I want you to take me there
    The things that you told me
    I don't know if I was dreaming
    And dreams aren't enough
    Life is so lonely
    I need someone to believe in
    Are you in love?
    Can't you see that's everything to me
    That's enough

    Magdalene, let me hear it said so I am sure
    Answer me, can't you see that's all I'm waitin' for?
    Here I am on my knees once more

    Time must lead you somewhere
    I don't want to wait
    I know you can take me there

    The way that you hold me
    I don't know if I was dreaming
    And dreams aren't enough
    Life is so lonely
    I need someone to believe in
    Someone to love
    Can't you see that's everything to me
    That's enough

    Magdalene let me hear it said so I am sure
    Answer me, can't you see that's all I'm waiting for?
    Here I am on my knees
    Oh, I'm begging you please

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  • Ron from PaTom ruined this song. He hacked it up to the point that it is unrecognizable from the HYBRID ICE original version. I believe he tried to make it his own because of the huge ego he has. I challege Boston fans to seek out the HYBRID ICE version and listen for yourself.
  • Len from Columbus, Gaalso after the walk on album was recorded with fran cosmo onlead vocals, boston set out on a big tour where brad delp rejoined the band and i saw boston on the walk on tour and i was so impressed with the vocals by fran and brad . they hit all the high notes and stayed in perfect harmony. i love boston. i have since i was a kid 10 yrs old....when i got the boston, album in 1977 and heard foreplay/longtime i fell inlove with boston's guitars and their high pitch vocals and perfect harmony vocals. brad is dead now buti wish tom would bring fran back, he has a great voice, listen to the vocals on the entire walk on album .
  • Len from Columbus, Gai love this song, hybrid ice may have done it first but they cant touch the guitars that boston brings in. the layered boston guitars are heavenly!!! and the vocals are amazing, this is NOT brad delp singing even though part of the song does sound like brad. its by former boston frontman fran cosmo, brad delps very good friend. they also did some things in the 80's with fran's band orion the hunter. they sang together on that album on 1 song called joanne. fran joined boston when brad was doing some other musical projects, in fact this album walk on was all fran cosmo on lead vocals,
  • Terry from Hull, QcActually, "I think I like it" on Third stage was a cover of the old Jerry English tune
  • Daniel from Mill Hall, PaOK, about this song: I am at this minute listening to the original Hybrid Ice version, a minute ago I listened to the Boston version. This song {if my memory serves me} won Hybrid Ice their first recording contract. The whole album, entitled "HYBRID ICE" is awesome!!! One of the original members of the group'(i can't remember which) was quoted as saying that "Hybrid Ice is the most famous Unknown Band in the world" Thats pretty close, as these guys are all fantastic musicians!! I believe they are still playing together. Any how, Tom Scholz, In My opinion, is, was, and always will a GENIOUS!!! BUT, I'm not sure who was responsible for the rewrite on this song, But the Boston version, once again, My opinion, Is not too great. The original is SOOOOO much better!! Once again, I Love Tom Scholz' work, as He is the mastermind behind the whole Boston experiance, and I will forever be grateful to him for lots of GREAT music. And now,
    I am deeply saddened at the Loss of "The Nicest guy in Rock" Mr Brad Delp!! Sir, Your Voice will be with Me forever, You are sadley Missed!!!God Bless You,Brad, All You ever wanted to do is be a Rock Star, And You Were!!!
  • Deo from Annandale, VaSmokn' was used in a anti-drug video in 1983.
  • Barry from New York, NySongfacts doesn't have an entry for the Boston tune "Smokin" so I will add it here (I've never heard "Magdelene so I can't post a comment about it anyway):

    "Smokin" clocks in at 4:20 according to the back of the CD cover. Perfect timing for a song about smokin!!
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