Country Nation

Album: Moonshine In The Trunk (2014)
Charted: 94
  • We work in the factories and the fields
    Assembly lines and coal mines and the steel mills
    That's what we do but there's more to us than that
    If you want to know who we are it's on the logos of our caps

    We're Mountaineers, volunteers
    We're the tide that rolls, we're Seminoles
    We're a herd of Longhorn steers
    We drive Ford and Chevrolet
    Shoot twenty-four and eighty-eight
    We crank up our music Friday nights
    On two thousand country stations
    Yeah, we're one big country nation, that's right

    We might fix your water pump, your AC
    Bring your apple pie, and fill your glass of tea
    Take that Fedex package to your door
    But underneath that apron or that uniform

    We're Wild Cats, Wolverines
    We're Tigers, Buckeyes, Bruins
    Bulldogs, Hogs, and Hurricanes
    We pray before we race
    Cheer fourteen and forty-eight
    We drink ice-cold beer on Friday nights
    Yeah, we're one big country nation, that's right

    We're all across the map
    Down city streets and old dirt roads
    We're the fabric of this nation
    And we're a nation all our own

    We're Mountaineers, we're volunteers
    We're Devils, Heels, and Rebels
    Fighting Irish and Cavaliers
    We soup up our Chevrolets
    Cheer twenty-four and eighty-eight
    And we crank up the same songs Friday night
    On two thousand country stations
    Yeah, we're one big country nation, that's right Writer/s: BRAD PAISLEY, CHRIS DUBOIS, KELLEY LOVELACE
    Publisher: Spirit Music Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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