Four Winds

Album: Cassadaga (2007)
Charted: 57
  • Your class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe
    There's people always dying, trying to keep them alive
    There are bodies decomposing in containers tonight
    In an abandoned building where

    A squatter's made a mural of a Mexican girl
    With fifteen cans of spray paint in a chemical swirl
    She's standing in the ashes at the end of the world
    Four winds blowing through her hair

    But when great Satan's gone, the whore of Babylon
    She just can't sustain the pressure where it's placed
    She caves

    The Bible's blind, the Torah's deaf, the Qu'ran's mute
    If you burn them all together, you get close to the truth still
    They are pouring over Sanskrit on the ivy league moons
    While shadows lengthen in the sun

    Cast on a school of meditation built to soften the times
    And hold us at the center while the spiral unwinds
    It's knocking over fences, crossing property lines
    Four winds, cry until it comes

    And it's the sum of man
    Slouching towards Bethlehem
    A heart just can't contain all of that empty space
    It breaks, it breaks, it breaks

    Well, I went back to my rented Cadillac and company jet
    Like a newly orphaned refugee, retracing my steps
    All the way to Cassadaga to commune with the dead
    They said, 'You'd better look alive.'

    And I was off to old Dakota where a genocide sleeps
    In the black hills, the bad lands, the calloused east
    I buried my ballast, I made my peace
    Heard four winds leveling the pines

    But when great Satan's gone, the whore of Babylon
    She just can't remain with all that outer space
    She breaks, she breaks, she caves, she caves Writer/s: CONOR OBERST
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Niz from Mineral Wells, TxIt wasn't sent by a mysterious stranger. He was quoted in filter magazine as knowing who gave it to him even though they were only aquaintences.
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