New York City Serenade

Album: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle (1973)
  • Billy, he's down by the railroad tracks
    Sittin' low in the back seat of his Cadillac
    Diamond Jackie, she's so intact
    And she falls so softly beneath him
    Jackie's heels are stacked, Billy's got cleats on his boots
    Together they're gonna boogaloo down Broadway and come back home with the loot
    It's midnight in Manhattan, this is no time to get cute
    It's a mad dog's promenade
    So walk tall, or baby, don't walk at all

    Fish lady, fish lady, fish lady, she baits them tenement walls
    She won't take corner boys, ain't got no money and they're so easy
    I said, "Hey baby, won't you take my hand, walk with me down Broadway
    Oh mama take my hand, and walk with me down Broadway, yeah
    I'm a young man and I talk real loud, yeah baby, walk real proud for you
    So shake it away, so shake away your street life
    And hook up to the train
    Oh, hook up to the night train
    Hook it up, hook up to the, hook up to the train"
    But I know that she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    No, she won't take the train
    She's afraid them tracks are gonna slow her down
    And when she turns, this boy'll be gone
    So long, sometimes you just gotta walk on, walk on

    Hey vibes man, hey jazz man, oh play me your serenade
    Any deeper blue and you're playin' in your grave
    Save your notes, don't spend 'em on the blues boy
    Save your notes, don't spend 'em on the darlin' yearlin' sharp boy
    Straight for the church note ringin', vibes man sting a trash can
    Listen to your junk man
    Ah, listen to your junk man
    Listen to your junk man
    Oh, listen to your junk man
    He's singin', singin', he's singin', singin'
    He's singin', singin'
    All dressed up in satin, walkin' past the alley
    Singin', singin', singin', singin'
    Singin', singin', singin' yeah, singin' yeah
    (Singin', singin', singin', singin') (Oh yeah)
    Uh uh uh uh uh, uh, oh yeah

    Watch out for your junk man
    Watch out for your junk man
    Watch out for your junk man

    Oh oh ah
    Oh oh ah
    Oh oh ah
    Oh ah, oh ah

    Watch out for your junk man Writer/s: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 8

  • Bill from Ridgeland, Mississippimany heroin overtones in this beautiful tune
  • Rick from Worcester MaFor those looking for a live version, he opened in Foxborough with it in 2016. I think his downloads are or something like.
  • Thomas from Washington, D.c.Rick from LA - we're up to almost 70 shows now (latest is February 2017) see here:
  • Kyle from Belleville, CanadaRick from LA, he has done it live a handful of times...most recently was during the Rising tour in 2003.
  • Rick from La, Cahas anyone ever heard him do this live? I think this is the only song off one of his albums that never made it to the stage. And it may also be his most beautiful.
  • Jack from Toronto, CanadaA sad-sack fan am I. Always a Springsteen follower I'd never even heard NYC Serenade until 2007. The guitars are fabulous. It's become my all-time favourite.
  • Chad from Reading, PaThis is one of my favorite Springsteen songs. Sancious was a much better pianist then Bittan. I like Lopez better then Weinberg too. The best version of this song for me is from 7-31-73 in Roslyn, NY. That whole show was brilliant.
  • Bobby from Valley S Tream, NyBRUCE should do this song on the D&D TOUR if i hope he comes to NYC town hall would be good. I dream away
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