The Wall

Album: High Hopes (2014)
  • Cigarettes and a bottle of beer
    This poem I wrote for you
    This black stone and these hard tears
    Are all I've got left now of you
    I remember you in your Marine uniform laughing
    Laughing that you're shipping out probably
    I read Robert McNamara says he's sorry

    You and your boots and black t-shirt
    Ah Billy you looked so bad
    Ya, you and your rock and roll band
    Was the best thing this shit town ever had
    Now the man who put you here
    He feeds his family in rich dining halls
    And apology and forgiveness have no place here at all
    At the wall

    I'm sorry I missed you last year
    I couldn't find no one to drive me
    If your eyes could cut through that black stone
    Tell me would they recognize me?
    For the living, time must be served
    Life goes on
    Cigarettes and a bottle of beer
    Skin on black stone

    High School pictures, paper flowers
    Ribbon, red as the blood
    Red as the blood you spilled
    In the Central Highlands mud
    Now the limousines rush down Pennsylvania Avenue
    As they fall
    And apology and forgiveness have no place here at allWriter/s: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
    Publisher: Downtown Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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