No Longer Friends

Album: True to Self (2017)
Charted: 98
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  • Aight, aight, whatever, you doing too much (I ain't doin' shit, fuck that nigga)
    You doing too much

    Let's go back to the time when your nigga used to trip
    'Bout the time we spent, girl, when we were just friends
    It was all friendly on my end
    Even though I look forward to seeing you again like, uh
    When am I seeing you again?
    Ayy, when are we speaking again?
    Shit, you look good with that ink on your skin
    Hood, but you far from the streets you was in, oh yeah
    No he don't like it, call me up
    He don't like it
    This was the perfect timin'
    Love you, I'm certain I can, yeah
    Talkin' about you like a queen making
    As if you even never even mattered
    And you a bad bitch, you keep getting badder
    This ain't the side nigga anthem
    I been straight forward, he's going backwards

    Relax, yo, just chill
    I love you, I'm with you
    I ain't with this nigga
    You don't think I
    My best friend, he's my brother
    My brother
    I don't think he's your brother
    That's your blood?
    Fuckin' that nigga, that's what it is
    I'm fuckin' my brother, that's my brother
    No, no, if y'all got the same mommy and daddy y'all can't fuck
    You fuckin' him

    You was on the verge of losing it
    You was acting like you ain't want shit to do with her
    I cut out the bullshit and kept it true with her
    That's why the sexual tension is high when I'm in rooms with her
    She really the shit, I don't be juicing her
    I'm the shit too, that's why I'm so in tune with her
    I feel like I'm sewn on ya
    I feel like you grew on me
    Have I grown on you?
    Done frontin' like I don't want you
    Keep treating me like I don't know you
    Back and forth between me and all your niggas
    You're busy tonight, that figures
    Tonight you're staying in his city
    And still I answer your call when he doesn't answer at all
    But I want that too, that's all
    I need the same in return, that's all

    That's all
    That's all I want, all I want, all I want
    That's all I want, all I want, yeah
    All I want (just a, just a little time) Writer/s: Bryson Djuan Tiller, Christopher Justice, Steve Thornton
    Publisher: RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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