Come Down to Us

Album: Rival Dealer (2013)
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  • "Excuse me, I'm lost"
    "Who are you? Why would you come to me?"

    Here we are ("up here at night")
    I'm tied down
    In the dark in my mind
    Baby, come on, come on
    And I know
    Girl I know you want
    To trust you
    And going and going
    The night you feel alive
    The night you feel alive for me
    ("come down to us")

    "don't be afraid to step into the unknown"
    "become one"
    "don't, don't, don't be afraid"
    Stars, down
    Come on, the stars, down to us, in the dark, in my mind!
    "This is the moment when you see who you are!"
    Baby, come on! come on!
    Stars, dark, down, in my mind, in my mind, yeah!
    "let yourself go, don't be afraid"
    To trust in you and

    "Love me"
    You are a star to me
    You are the world to me
    You send a good a star
    Look for assure you
    Unlock the love
    Key and lock
    Want the love
    "sorry I ran away"
    Just to be me

    You are a star
    There's no one like you, angel

    Saw myself crying
    And I feel hunger or I feel sick of
    Somewhere with love, somewhere
    "what you should never do is give up."

    "you love me?"
    I am down... to me
    "you are not alone."

    "There's something out there!"
    There's something in all of us

    "Without examples, without models
    I began to believe voices in my head,
    That I am a freak, that I am broken,
    That there is something wrong with me,
    That I will never lovable. Years later,
    I find the courage to admit that I am transgender,
    And that does not mean that I am unlovable.
    This world that we imagine in this room
    Might be used to gain access to other rooms,
    Other worlds, previously unimaginable."

    "Who are you? Why would you come to me?" Writer/s: William Bevan
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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