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  • Oh, it's the remix, oh

    I see her
    She came with her nigga (oh)
    Mmh, but she gon' slide right to my side, I know (right to my side)
    She pulled up with her friends (she pulled up with her friends, yeah)
    Then we skrrt off in the Benz (skrrt off in the Benz), oh
    Took her back to my crib and I regret it (and I regret it)

    'Cause she tryna, ay, fake like she asleep, uh
    Swear she tried to stay the whole week
    I'm like, "Oh, nah, she gotta go", uh
    Ask me her name, I swear I don't even fuckin' know
    They wanna know why di gyaldem deh pon me
    Dem eye green, dem mind just set pon me
    They wanna know why dem love him off so much
    Like what is the reason? Oh

    It's just the vibe, I'm that guy (oh, it's just the vibe)
    She put her legs in the sky whenever I
    Pull up, she got her clothes off from the walk-in
    She won't waste no time, oh
    She don't want nobody else, I know
    But I can't be what she wants (I can't be what she wants)
    They all have the same story
    They all want me to themselves
    But I'm a

    She don't wanna go tonight
    She don't wanna be alone
    She would rather me turn off my phone
    Don't take me eye off her
    Take her out the clothes that I bought her
    She want me to live up to the hype
    But she don't wanna share me, I
    I wanna tell her, I got her, yeah
    And this will be no problem, yeah
    Let her lay and honestly
    Tell your girl to keep her eye off me, now tell her
    This is my palace
    I don't wanna have to explain to her man where his gyal is

    Oh, it's just the vibe, I'm that guy (weh)
    She put her legs in the sky whenever I (woii oii)
    Pull up, she got her clothes off when we walk in
    She won't waste no time, oh
    She don't want nobody else, I know
    But I can't be what she wants
    They all have the same story (weh)
    They all want me to themselves
    But I'm a

    Gyalis, badman ting
    Gyal them crown me king, hear me out
    Three bestfriend, de-stress them
    Make the next friend watch, so me test dem
    Weed ah get her high, keep her legs dem wide
    Then me make her ride, yeah
    New brand gyal each day, new brand day
    Love when you doing that ting
    Whine up your pretty lihhle body pon me
    Give you a backaz inna di yellow Audi
    Ass so big, ah how you fit in those jeans? (Woii yoii)
    Gyal dem love me like the beach, yeah
    Jiggle your body and make me see it, yeah
    Unruly style colder than a sleeveless
    "Marry me, Poppy," dem beg me please, yeah

    You know me, we can't do titles
    That pussy mine though
    Can't let her roll, spliffs be tight, by though
    I know she go wherever I go
    Whenever I pull up, it's a light show
    Gang with me, we ain't even gotta try
    Every eye deh pon we when we arrive
    That pussy wet like a faucet (that pussy wet like a faucet)
    I know her body, oh, I know
    Now why you swear me like this?
    Mmh, she follow me to the bathroom (yeah)
    She don't wanna wait to get nasty (uh)
    She say she want me, oh, she gwan like she don't have no man (uh)
    Ooh, is a triflin' woman (whoa)
    Uh, if I don't speak, you won't speak, I know
    Mmh, you a freak, I know
    Life of a gyalis Writer/s: Byron O. Thomas, Curtis James Jackson, Dwayne Carter, Terius Gray
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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