Scarecrow in the Garden

Album: From A Room: Volume 2 (2017)
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  • Well, he came from Northern Ireland
    Searching for the free man's ground
    And he came to bet his fortune
    On a West Virginia plow
    He built a house of timber
    And raised a redhead son
    Then they worked the land together
    And prayed the rain would come

    There's a scarecrow in the garden
    That looks like Lucifer
    And I've been reading Revelations
    With my bare feet in the river

    Well, the redhead son got older
    And took a brown-eyed wife
    And the fields were green as dollars
    'Cause the dirt was black as night
    I came in late September
    The youngest one of three
    And my sisters off and married
    So the land was left to me

    There's a scarecrow in the garden
    That looks like Lucifer
    And I've been reading Revelations
    With my bare feet in the river

    I know every single fence-post
    Every rock that goes around
    I've been staring at the red oak
    Where I know they'll lay me down

    The fields ain't what they once were
    The rains just seem to flood
    And I've been thinking about that river
    Wondering how it turns to blood

    I've been sitting here all morning
    I was sitting here all night
    There's a bible in my left hand
    And a pistol in my right Writer/s: Chris Stapleton, Matthew Fleener, William Brice Long
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Cathy Tackitt from Cabool MissouriI love Chris Stapleton almost every song he has done. "Scarecrow in the Garden" set with me the first time I heard it. It has a joyful rhythm and a very real story about farming and Mother Nature having her way along with life's trials and tribulations. Keep writing and recording please.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment
  • Kd from West VirginiaIn response to Meri from South Carolina: I understand your position, as I have also lost an immediate family member to suicide. I choose to give Chris the benefit of the doubt in this case. I don't think he is referring to suicide as "fun" (he even said "fun's not the right word") but rather, I think the part of him that's a skilled artist, musician, and storyteller enjoys delivering the rich meaning and imagery packed into this song. For an artist, the ability to invoke powerful emotions in your listeners must be the ultimate feeling of success and accomplishment. I believe that's all he intended with that statement.
  • 64 Year Older Guy from GeorgiaChris is one of the best artist in country music. From my memories of the 1960s country music he would have been on top then too. An old soul country music artist. Great song put together with meaning.
  • Asme from GeorgiaDeath is inevitable. As a first generation immigrant this song speaks to me a lot.
  • Tedra from ArkansasI am still hoping the Bible hand won instead of the gun.
  • Sara from OhioNero from South Carolina: how do you know he hasn’t had someone died from suicide?
  • Meri from South CarolinaSo Chris, you find this a "fun" song with substance? If you had ever been on the grieving side of suicide - such as a family member - you may not feel quite the same way.
  • Tim from Houston"There's a scarecrow in the garden and it looks like Lucifer. I've been reading Revelations, with my bare feet in the river" of the best lyrical chorus's ever written.
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