Hula Lou

Album: Broadway's Gone Hawaii (1924)
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  • You can talk all you want about women
    Said a sailor known as Dan McCan
    And if you really want to know about women
    You've got to talk to a sailor man.

    Now I don't know how many woman the sailor met
    And I hope there isn't that any he'll regret
    For if he'd only met me I'd a given him some trimmin'
    I'm one gal he'd never forget.

    Well who are you?

    Who am I? I'm Hula Lou.
    I'm the gal that can't be true.
    I do my nestin' in the evenin' breeze
    'Neath the trees
    You oughta see me shake my BVDs.
    I never knew
    A man who wouldn't hula dance or woo
    And sail across the briny blue to who
    The lady known as Hula Lou. That's me.

    Now you ask any sailor and he'll tell you
    That this lady is the greatest dancer he ever knew.
    There isn't a ship in the Navy
    That I haven't got a friend in the crew.
    There's not a cruiser on the waves
    Without someone who is my devoted slave
    And I don't care how nasty I may be
    I'm the one gal the sailors all crave.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    You don't believe me?


    Well you travel in and out
    You travel in the south
    You travel back and forth
    You travel in the north
    You see them shakin' east
    You see them shakin' west
    But boys I do my shakin' where the shakins' best.
    I gotta hula smile
    Lots of hula hair
    A little hula here
    A little hula there.
    I've got the cutest eyes
    Never mind what shade they are.
    But (lookin' at them the boys*) will never get very far.
    'Cause I'm Hula Lou
    I'm the gal that can't be true
    I do my nestin' in the evenin' breeze
    'Neath the trees
    I got more sweeties than a dog has fleas.
    I never knew
    A man who wouldn't hula dance or woo
    And sail across the briny blue to who
    The lady known as Hula Lou. From Honolou. Lyrics from a song in Public Domain

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  • Glenn from Carlsbad, CaA third-person version of Hula Lou was sung by Speedy Gonzales (voiced by Mel Blanc) in the 1960s Looney Toons cartoon “A Squeak in the Deep”, set during a boat race from Mexico to Hawaii.
  • Paul from Hillsborough, NcThis is very interesting to find. I'm a longtime fan of Danny Kaye (from childhood) and would enjoy hearing this as well. One thing I can provide is a link to a fascinating band from North Carolina who recorded in the 20's, The Carolina Tar Heels. You can hear their (IMHO great) version at (just skip past the advertisement).
  • David from Atlanta, GaEven Bugs Bunny sang little bits of this song in some of his cartoons.
    There's a very good version on YouTube by the Rhythm Billies:
  • Carol from Orlando, Flhow do I listen to Hula Lou? I am doing some study on the old song and eould like to hear it
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