All In The Wrist

Album: Songs For Imaginative People (2013)
  • Wipe the knife and slice through another new head of iceberg
    I serve more hors d’oeuvres to the trashcan than to any man where I work
    Waste in this place is a terrible thing to mind, likewise time
    And I’m sure stacking glasses in the back is a total waste of mine

    But is it all just as small as it seems to be?
    It’s obscene what the scenery costs when dreams are free

    Sundays she makes dates with inmates and reads to each one from books
    And when their fingers linger under big words they give her dumb looks
    She believes in Stephen he’s been writing an exciting piece of prose
    Though only weeks from his release and the police are patting down his clothes

    But the long way is never the wrong way when it’s homeward
    To be happy, yeah if you ask me, is only a matter of homework
    And it’s all in the wrist
    Care do not I you can words my twist
    'Cause it’s easy, so easy that you might miss

    When I’m trying to forget that you exist
    And everything I do seems useless
    When everywhere I go is an uphill climb
    Just wanna hear your voice one more time
    Tell me you don’t miss me too now
    I swear I’ll never figure you out
    Why can’t I get the hang of this
    If the truth fits on a floppy disk and it’s all in the wrist Writer/s: DARWIN MERWAN SMITH
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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