You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Album: The Next Day (2013)
  • No one ever saw you
    Moving through the dark
    Leaving slips of paper
    Somewhere in the park
    Hidden from your friends
    Stealing all they knew
    Love is thrown in airless rooms
    Then vile rewards for you

    And I'm gonna tell, yes, I've gotta tell
    Gotta tell the things you've said
    When you're talking in the dark
    And I'm gonna tell the things you've done
    When you're walking through the park

    Some night on a thriller street
    Will come a silent gun
    You've got a dangerous heart
    You stole their trust, their moon, their sun
    They'll come such assassin's needle
    On a crowded train
    I bet you feel so lonely you could die

    Buildings crammed with people
    Landscape filled with wrath
    Grey concrete city
    Rain has wet the street
    I want to see you clearly
    Before you close the door
    A room of bloody history
    You made sure of that

    I can see you as a corpse hanging from a beam
    I can read you like a book
    I can feel you falling
    I hear you moaning in your room
    Oh, see if I care
    Oh, please, please make it soon

    Walls have got you cornered
    You've got the blues, my friend
    And people don't like you
    But you will leave without a sound, without an end

    Hopefully it'll shine on you
    Death alone shall love you
    I thought you feel so lovely you could die
    (I feel so lonely) you could die
    You feel so lonely you could die Writer/s: DAVID BOWIE
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  • Mark Devey from EnglandThis song is David Bowie pleading with David Jones to carry on after his heart attack, or leave without a sound without an end. It's one of his most beautiful & personal songs.
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