Hold No Guns

  • Darling, don't you understand
    That there are no winners
    Metals rung from silken strands
    To greet you at the finish
    As we're dissolving into the sea
    I can only take what I can carry
    The counsel's combing through our debris
    The treasures we never buried

    My love why do you run?
    For my hands hold no guns

    Darling, though you may pretend
    Pretend that you are selfless
    You break with but the slightest bend
    It leaves you lost and helpless
    So to whom will you place the call
    In the coldest night of winter?
    'Cause numbers change and people fall
    And friends they always splinter

    My love why do you run?
    For my hands hold no guns

    My love why do you run?
    For my hands hold no guns
    They hold no guns
    No, not a one Writer/s: BENJAMIN D GIBBARD
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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