Enjoy The Silence

Album: Violator (1990)
Charted: 6 8
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  • Words like violence
    Break the silence
    Come crashing in
    Into my little world
    Painful to me
    Pierce right through me
    Can't you understand
    Oh, my little girl

    All I ever wanted
    All I ever needed
    Is here
    In my arms
    Words are very
    They can only do harm

    Vows are spoken
    To be broken
    Feelings are intense
    Words are trivial
    Pleasures remain
    So does the pain
    Words are meaningless
    And forgettable

    [Chorus: x3]

    Enjoy the silence [Repeat: x4]

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  • AnonymousI see in those live Berlin concert. And there were women doing these weird poses, what was that?
  • Noname from BrazilI don’t think this song is about drugs or relationships. Is more spiritual. It’s about look within and enjoy the silence your are.
    “... is here in my arms” Metaphorically speaking, cuz we don’t need anything more than we already have.
  • Benoit from MontrealColdplay honored the Enjoy the Silence video with their own Viva La Vida videoclip.
  • Kevin from Chicago, IlI keep reading comments from songs off of Violator that they are about relationships. People keep pointing out that vocalist Dave Gahan was not into drugs at this point in their career. However, Martin Gore is the songwriter, and the ENTIRE album is about addiction and experiences in recovery. This is painfully obvious to anyone with life experience in both. Of course any good art, can mean many things to different people. But there are certain references and words used throughout the album that only someone with experience in 12-step recovery would say. Songs like "Waiting for the Night" and "Sweetest Perfection" are just about getting high. Period. "The sweetest perfection, to call my own, the slightest correction, couldn't finely hone, the sweetest infection, of body and mind, sweetest injection, of any kind... Takes me completely, touches so sweetly, reaches so deeply... When I need a drug in me and it brings out the thug in me, feel something tugging me, then I want the real thing not tokens" You get tokens in recovery for lengths of sobriety. Duh.

  • Jeff from Austin, TxPerfect pop song. Essential for any '80s collection.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnPerfect depressing song with an incredible pop hook.
  • Richie from Meridian, Msthis song CAN describe the feelings of your favorite/addicted drug, but it's really about a relationship where words are unecessary and can even do harm, because they can mess that perfect feeling of love up, so just enjoy the silence everyone :)
  • Andy from Orlando, FlRead an interview with Shakira where she said this song influenced her strongly as a young girl. Once prompting her to ask her mother why the guitar line makes her feel such a powerful emotion. The power of Depeche...no one is immune.
  • Josh from Bothell, WaThis is probably one of my all time favorite songs. And i think that it is about a relationship. And when you and your special someone are together, it is true that words are unnecisary. Also i think that Lacuna Coil's Cover of this song was better. Having a female and male singer made it more powerful, in my opinion.
  • Fredrik from Stockholm, SwedenVery interesting thoughts you got there "Ashli". Maybe the lyrics is about drugs. The singer David Gahan:s heroin addiction nearly killed himself. Though Martin Gore (the writer of the song) did not have any problem with drugs.
    I am an alcohol-abuser myself. I can se the parallels to the lyrics as to myself.
    The alcohol becomes more important than your usual interest and hobbies.
    Instead of trying to build up a relationsship to a woman/man you drink instead. When you start a relation you can get hurt or left behind. Buying a couple of beer is easy-you always know what you get. I realized my problems when I find out that the alcohol was more interesting than sex.
    Yeah, its f.....g scary.....
  • Boris from Sofia, BulgariaHmm never though of it in that way but you just might be right...Anyway i love the song it is really well awesome :D
  • Ashli Cullen from Lancaster, PaAlso...."....is here in my arms" is often seen as a reference to injecting heroin intravenously. Everything spoken falls away and all that's left is the feeling. Words can bring you down from a high. Feelings really can't, because when I was high, the bad feelings vanished. But I've been clean awhile now.
  • Ashli Cullen from Lancaster, PaPersonally....the lyric "Pleasures remain/so does the pain"...just gets me. I had seen an interview with the band a few years back in which they said it was about a drug addiction....on a similar note, many songs about drugs seem to be about relationships, because we addicts "fall in love" with our drug of choice, it becomes our significant other. On heroin, I really never wanted to hear anyone talk, because when I was high, words didn't matter. The pleasure was there while high, but then the pain was still there when I came down. I have heard many addicts refer to their drug of choice as their "little girl"....but then again, music is flexible. Could be about a relationship to one person, but many many addicts and former addicts like myself will tell you that song describes the addiction very well.
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