If We Hold On Together

Album: The Land Before Time Soundtrack (1988)
Charted: 11
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  • Don't lose your way
    With each passing day
    You've come so far
    Don't throw it away
    Live believing
    Dreams are for weaving
    Wonders are waiting to start
    Live your story
    Faith, hope and glory
    Hold to the truth in your heart

    If we hold on together
    I know our dreams will never die
    Dreams see us through to forever
    Where clouds roll by
    For you and I

    Souls in the wind
    Must learn how to mend
    Seek out a star
    Hold on to the end
    Valley, mountain
    There is a fountain
    Washes our tears all away
    Words are swaying
    Someone is praying
    Please let us come home to stay

    If we hold on together
    I know our dreams will never die
    Dreams see us through to forever
    Where clouds roll by
    For you and I

    When we are out there in the dark
    We'll dream about the sun
    In the dark, we'll feel the light
    Warm our hearts, everyone

    If we hold on together
    I know our dreams will never die
    Dreams see us through to forever
    As high as souls can fly
    The clouds roll by
    For you and I Writer/s: James Horner, Will Jennings
    Publisher: Royalty Network, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Iani from Irving, TxOne of my favorite songs of all time
  • Nell from Chatham, Njthere's a version sung by Aria Noelle Curzon and Candace Hudson.
  • Nell from Chatham, Njsuch a beautiful song!
  • Maris from Manila, PhilippinesThis is my favourite. "The Land before Time". I almost have all of its movies.
    "James Horner" (composer of this song) is my favourite, he composed my favourite song.
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandBoth this and Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" are going to be played when I die. I've decided.
  • Dc from Kansas City, MoThis song is great. I never get tired of listening to the lyrical or instrumental version. James Horner is such a great composer, especially for animated films. And just for the record, "The Land Before Time" wasn't done by Disney. It was done by Universal.
  • Camille from Mesquite, TxThis song makes me sad because everytime I hear it i think of the little girl who played Ducky in the Land Before Time. Its so sad she had to die.She didn't even get to enjoy the sucess of the movie...
  • Ee from Singapore, SingaporeI heard this song while attending a breast cancer charity show. The organizer invited all the cancer patients on stage to sing this song, with lyrics for the audience to sing along. The hall was filled with emotions, love and hope.
  • Mitchell from Auckland, New ZealandI love this song. It is perfect for "The Land Before Time", which is one of my favourite animated Disney movies.
  • Tiffany from Dover, FlI heard that song in the closing credits of Don Bluth's "The Land Before Time" once. It was heartwarming!
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