Expresso Love

Album: Making Movies (1980)
  • She gets the sun in the daytime
    Perfume in the dusk
    And she comes out in the night time
    With the honeysuckle musk
    Because she smells just like a rose
    And she tastes just like a peach
    She got me walking where the wildlife goes
    I'd do anything to reach her

    And she was made in heaven
    Heaven's in the world
    Is this just expresso love
    You know I'm crazy for the girl

    She call me just to talk
    She's my lover, she's a friend of mine
    She says hey mister you wanna take a walk
    In the wild west end sometime
    And I get trouble with my breathing
    She says boys don't know anything
    But I know what I want
    I want everything

    Well I feel so good 'cause I feel so good
    And I feel so good 'cause it feels so right
    I was made to go with my girl
    Like a saxophone was made to go with the night

    And she can raise one eyebrow
    Put her hand on my hip
    And I close one eye now
    Sweat on her tip
    And I surrender to the fever
    She love me so tender I got to believe her
    Love? expresso love's alright

    I don't want no sugar in it
    Thank you very much
    All wired up on it all fired up on it
    Expresso touch
    Hey maestro expresso
    It's just another one just like the other one
    Hey maestro expresso
    Is this another one just like the other oneWriter/s: MARK KNOPFLER
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 2

  • Ken from Philadelphia, PaOne of the truly great albums of the rock era. Start to finish there is not a throwaway song in the bunch (well, there is one throw away), but that one throwaway is offset by the fact that every other song is a home run... a grand slam really... a walk off grand slam that leaves the stadium and bounces down Waveland Avenue and doesn't come to a stop until it bounces into the front door of the house at the far end of the block. Seriously, if you were not previously a Dire Straits fan, add this to your iTunes account today and listen straight through.

    You can listen over and over and over and it never gets tiresome. I can't quite comprehend how this didn't sell like the heavyweights.
  • Jerry Haskins from Hickory. N.c.This one L.P. gave me hope for music during the dark "Disco" years. It like a Mark knopler Ended Disco and Brought back true artistry to music. What a lovely way to end the 70's.
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