The Socialites

Album: Swing Lo Magellan (2012)
  • I think she's the prettiest lady I've ever seen
    Her hair it has meaning and volume and such a sheen
    Sometimes, I think maybe I could go and talk to her

    Her eyes, they look lonely far away and inner
    Oh baby, the socialites who act so nice
    Won't ever begin to let you in
    They'll act surprised, apologize
    We'll never let on the face you wear is wrong

    I'm gonna try combing my hair in a thousand ways
    Maybe he will notice and maybe look my way
    Oh baby, the other guys who act so nice
    Won't ever begin to let you in
    Stars in their eyes, they'll apologize
    Won't ever let on then you meet someone real

    But they don't know where I'm going
    It's not impossible
    to show her, to show it, to open up
    The socialites who act so nice
    We'll never begin to let you in
    They'll act surprised, then apologize
    Won't ever let on, the face you wear is all wrong

    I'm glad they're the ones on the other side of the glass
    Who knows what my spirit is worth in cold hard cash
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