Out Of Reach

Album: Distance Over Time (2019)
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  • There's something about this girl, some kind of magic
    I swear she cast a spell on me
    Not the first time, might be the last
    Can't let this moment slip away

    Try to find the words, none survived with me
    Air of confidence, but I can barely breathe

    She's without a care, electrified and hell-bent
    A thousand volts igniting me
    The waves crash over me, far below but I breach
    The undertow, my reverie

    Sadness in her smile, your love, it's been a while
    Near and far away, she chases it each day
    A promise to come back, all the while, still waiting
    Seems it lost its way

    Out of reach, just too hard to reach
    You're letting your love slip away
    Out of reach, yeah, it's hard to reach
    There's another day
    Although you're hurting and afraid
    You're stronger than yesterday Writer/s: John Petrucci
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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