The Spirit Carries On

Album: Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory (1999)
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  • Where did we come from?
    Why are we here?
    Where do we go when we die?
    What lies beyond
    And what lay before?
    Is anything certain in life?

    They say, "Life is too short,"
    "The here and the now"
    And "You're only given one shot"
    But could there be more,
    Have I lived before,
    Or could this be all that we've got?

    If I die tomorrow
    I'd be all right
    Because I believe
    That after we're gone
    The spirit carries on

    I used to be frightened of dying
    I used to think death was the end
    But that was before
    I'm not scared anymore
    I know that my soul will transcend

    I may never find all the answers
    I may never understand why
    I may never prove
    What I know to be true
    But I know that I still have to try

    If I die tomorrow
    I'd be alright
    Because I believe
    That after we're gone
    The spirit carries on

    "Move on, be brave
    Don't weep at my grave
    Because I am no longer here
    But please never let
    Your memory of me disappear"

    Safe in the light that surrounds me
    Free of the fear and the pain
    My questioning mind
    Has helped me to find
    The meaning in my life again
    Victoria's real
    I finally feel
    At peace with the girl in my dreams
    And now that I'm here
    It's perfectly clear
    I found out what all of this means

    If I die tomorrow
    I'd be alright
    Because I believe
    That after we're gone
    The spirit carries on Writer/s: John Myung, John Petrucci, John Ro Myung, Jordan Charles Rudess, Jordan Rudess, Kevin James La Brie, Kevin James Labrie, Michael Portnoy
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 7

  • Reggev from Misgav, IsraelYou don't have to believe in reincarnation to like this song.
  • Adam from Northampton, United KingdomMy favourite song of all time, due to personal stuff.. but also because the whole concept album is amazing to the highest standard.
  • Tzali from Ramat Gan, IsraelThis is one song i give example of when people say that "DT are only technical and have no feel neither spirit".
    this is th eproof that those guys rock every corner of music they want to
  • David from Baden-baden, GermanyEspecially the Live Version from New York is one of the best songs I've ever heard live.
  • D from Melbourne, Australiasuch a beautiful song and it captures much of dream theater's range
  • Bill from Winnipeg, CanadaGood song, very emotional. Especially after listen to the other songs.
  • Steph from Tolland, Ctthis is my all-time favorite song =)
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