International (Serious)

Album: All of Me (2012)
  • Estelle
    Can I say some issue?

    Everybody knows me up and here
    Up and here
    I have been running everywhere
    And ya it`s serious
    They keep talking I hear ringing in my ear
    I`m getting dollars, getting something serious
    This time is serious
    I`d be there x 2
    I`d be anywhere (anywhere)
    And you can`t even see me
    You may never ever do
    Cause I`m international
    Catch me all around the world
    Call me young girl balling worldwide.

    Give me number one
    Call this is one
    ...just won up the sweet
    And it`s all that count
    Killing with this drama talk
    All the way to Beijing

    Cause you know, I go
    From here to Saint Trope
    You see me and you don`t
    Like all the other baby
    Cause I`d be everywhere
    And you`d be never there
    No you`re never there.

    Have you not seen me
    Better know that I`m gone
    So don`t watch me
    Mind of your own business...


    My style grown
    Is stack hone
    Don`t hurt Joe bow
    Fuck...and scan
    I left with three million ran
    So I want to pawn new
    Let`s talk on pairs
    I take you, clever
    Estelle, yo girl

    They just got...
    A-ha I`m everywhere
    You asked where I`ve been
    And you ain`t even there
    Hash you care
    I said I know you can
    impossible stand here
    rely, yes you can.
    Double buckle shows
    Now I`m turning down,
    Turning down
    Go out gt the...
    ...slow it down
    Ain`t slowing down
    I only know speed
    Janet Craig you run this rhythm see

    If you don`t see me
    Better know that I`m gone
    So don`t watch me
    Mind of your own business...


    Take up, touch down
    Really is my life
    I really give my life
    Cause this count with a price
    Somebody tell the pilot
    That the fly est has arrived
    Tell them
    I probably be the fly est till I die.

    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
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