Sugar We're Going Down

Album: From Under The Cork Tree (2005)
Charted: 8 8
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  • Am I more than you bargained for yet
    I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear
    Cause that's just who I am this week
    Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum
    I'm just a notch in your bedpost
    But you're just a line in a song
    (A notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song)

    Drop a heart, break a name
    We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    Is this more than you bargained for yet
    Oh don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet
    Wishing to be the friction in your jeans
    Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him
    I'm just a notch in your bedpost
    But you're just a line in a song
    (Notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song)

    Drop a heart, break a name
    We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    Down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    We're going down, down (down, down)
    Down, down (down, down)
    We're going down, down (down, down)
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

    We're going down, down in an earlier round
    And Sugar, we're going down swinging
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

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  • Shadowsedge from Sisseton, SdI absolutely love this song. It has so much depth that it could become a lifetime made for TV movie.

    I imagine the video starts out panning over a graveyard next to a mausoleum. There lies a young woman (yw) next to a fresh grave. She asks the grave, "Am I more than you bargained for yet? Because, you see, she’s a troubled young woman who had an affair with an older prominent woman (pw). A prominent woman who decided to experiment and have an affair even though she is married to a wealthy man. Unfortunately, she picked a mentally unstable person and now we see that young woman singing this song. She is recollecting all that transpired in the past few months. Here is how the story/song goes...

    I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cause that's just who I am this week
    ----(during the affair, she’s been anything the pw wished to be. would say anything to be with her, even here, at her grave, she still loves her, in her own way. Tragic)
    I'm just a notch in your bedpost, But you're just a line in a song
    ---(the affair is over now and even though she was just a fling to the pw, the pw is now just a line in THIS song)
    Drop a heart, break a name
    ---(at some point, yw asked her to divorce here wealthy husband and separate her 1st name from HIS last name i.e. “break a name”. This would break the husband’s heart)
    We're always sleeping in, sleeping for the wrong team
    ---(This is the reference to the illicit affair between 2 women, in society, the right team is a man and woman, not same sex partnerships)
    Oh, don't mind me, I'm watching you two from the closet,
    ---(Hiding in the closet, the yw has concocted a plan to kill the husband without the wife’s knowledge BUT didn’t realize pw would be home)
    Wishing to be the friction in your jeans, Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him?
    --(out comes the jealousy of the husband because mdp wishes to be that close to the pw, close as friction between jeans and skin)

    CHORUS - The chorus exemplifies the obsession of the yw in how it is repeated many times
    We're going down, down in an earlier round, and Sugar, we're going down swinging
    ---(Remember, mdp is thinking back about their fight. She is explaining her plan to pw how they can be together, forever just by murdering her husband wish the gun she has acquired)
    I'll be your number one with a bullet
    ---(with 1 bullet, the husband dies and they can be each other’s number 1 but pw doesn’t want to go along with it)
    A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it
    ---(mdp believes she has a foolproof plan that will work BUT pw tells her she won’t leave her husband. Then pm she says “I don’t love you”. This triggers mdp and she goes off and they start arguing. Mdp pulls out the gun)
    Take aim at myself, take back what you said, take aim at myself
    --(torn between emotions, yw points the gun at herself telling pw to take back the “I don’t love you.” Pw reaches for the gun and they struggle for it. It goes off and they see blood as pw falls to the ground.

    ~ Ending ~
    Police arrive at the graveyard and handcuff the young woman and lead her away. The young woman looks back and once again asks “Am I more than you bargained for yet?
  • Aaron Holden from Meridian, IdahoI google genius music and the song is about the best boxer of all time Sugar Ray Robinson who boxed from 1960-1985. He had 109 knockouts and 1 loss. He killed himself a while after his loss. I think the song lyrics are pretty plain and simple if you ask me.
  • Lilpeeq from Quezon CityHola everyone
    Im just here if anybody knows the name of the HUNTERS DAUGHTER?
    I think she's my future lol
  • Neptune from Somewhere In Space'A god complex is when you feel so narcissistic that you feel invincible, like normal laws don't apply to you. This is sometimes dangerous, like a loaded gun. Therefore when someone feeds your ego they are cocking it and eventually will pull the trigger and do something dangerous.

    A loaded god complex cock it and pull it.'
    -a Tumblr post my friend sent to me
  • Kyle from PaThe music video for "Sugar, We're Goin Down" (directed by Matt Lenski) follows the persecution and subsequent redemption of a boy with antlers. The video establishes the life of a socially outcast boy with antlers (played by Donald Cumming of The Virgins), and his feelings for a neighborhood girl. It is made clear that the girl's father disapproves. Distraught, the boy tries to cut his antlers off, but is stopped by the girl. Later on, the father attempts to shoot the boy with an arrow, but is hit by a car. When he rushes to the man's aid, the boy finds that the father has hooves. They connect, and the father accepts him, allowing him to date his daughter. Shots of the band performing in a local Grange hall are featured.

    The video was shot in the town of Margaretville, New York found in the Catskill Mountains.

    The antlers in the video can be seen in Fall Out Boy's music video for their 2008 single "What a Catch, Donnie".

    Another version of the video exists, and has been played on some UK and Australian music channels. The video simply features the footage of the band playing from the main video, added to footage of the band's live performances and tour movies. This version won the MTV2 Award at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Pedro from Wilmette IlYeah who knows what this crazy song is about. Seems like Hannah may be onto something, at least in one of her posts.
  • Kevin from Cleveland, OhOh and to whoever the person was that said it was about someone falling in love with a gay friend I agree but it would only work if it was a girl falling in love with a gay guy because "Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be HIM" a lesbian wouldn't be with a guy
  • Kevin from Cleveland, OhYou guys are all wrong lol this song is about that awkward moment where you get in the van and there isn't any free candy because if you look at the video the dad drives a white van xD
  • Amanda from Chicago, IlHannah did an aces job explaining the whole girl-falls-in-love-with-gay-boy angle in the song, but there's even more support for it in the video. It shows a girl meeting and becoming friends with a boy who has antlers (I know a lot of people think they're supposed to be girlfriend and boyfriend, but it never actually shows them kissing or anything), and the antlers definitely represent a difference, possibly homosexuality, because it shows people making fun of him for them. The part where he tries to cut off his antlers and the girl comes in and stops him could be like, he thinks he has to give in to her urges/experiment/try to be straight to keep the friendship going, but then she stops him because she loves him how he is (and doesn't want romance to mess up the friendship). Her dad doesn't want her to hang out with the boy, and he even tries to kill him but when the dad is hit by a car his shoes fly off and he has deer feet. I think this symbolizes his realization that even though the boy has antlers/is gay he is a person too, as we all are, and lets them be friends.
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhI know I comment here a lot; this is the most universal song I know so I'm really into the symbolism. I have to say though: "I'm just a notch in your bedpost, But you're just a line in a song" seems sarcastic to me, at least the second half does. Think about it: You have to care a whole awful lot about somebody to bother writing a song about them. So it's like he's using sarcasm as a cover for his feelings and saying, "Oh, it's okay. You only mean the world to me and you broke my heart. It's fine."
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhOne meaning I got from this definitely has to do with homosexuality but I think it's this: It's about somebody that has a really close friend of the opposite sex who is gay/lesbian, and despite knowing this the person falls for them anyway despite knowing nothing will come of it and if it does, it will be fleeting and experimental. For the sake of this interpretation, and because it seems more common, I'm going to say it's a girl falling in love with her gay best friend.

    "Am I more than you bargained for yet?" refers to how she's afraid her new feelings will be too much for the friendship to bear, as though she's asking hesitantly if it's wrong. "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear" refers to how she tells him she only loves him as a friend because she doesn't want to scare him off. "'Cause that's just who I am this week" refers to how the deep friendship she always feels for him occasionally develops lust alongside it, which always goes away and comes back yet isn't constant (friendship one week, lust the next). "Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum" - To "lie" with somebody is often used as a euphemism for sex, and a mausoleum is used for burial. That said, she is acknowledging that to make any more than a friendship of the situation could very well kill the friendship or come close to it; the "mausoleum" could also represent regret, bitterness, or guilt she would feel if anything came of her feelings and went wrong. "I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song" refers to what might happen outside their friendship if they did have an encounter - while she'd probably just be an experimental incident to him (a "notch in [his] bedpost"), he'd mean much more to her ("a line in [her] song"). "Drop a heart, break a name" represents her current lose-lose situation; her heart is being "dropped" knowing they can't be together, but at the same time, one of the reasons they're such good friends is that she trusts him in part because he's gay and if he wasn't, he'd be losing part of his identity that endeared him to her in the first place ("break[ing]" his "name"). "We're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team" is an obvious allusion to his orientation (while not morally wrong, he is on "the wrong team" if she wants to be with him) and more significantly her misplaced feelings for him. "We're going down, down in an earlier round / And sugar, we're going down swinging" - She had no idea she'd fall in love with him, let alone this fast; to "go down swinging" means to keep fighting for a cause despite obvious futility (perhaps she continues to flirt and make her feelings known?). "I'll be your number one with a bullet" alludes to her extremely close friendship with him - he really is her "number one with a bullet," the best friend she always goes to for advice etc. - something she doesn't want to lose. "A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it" seems to symbolize she knows she is wrong in believing they could ever be together or that she could change him - she knows she isn't God - so she wants to be rid of the feelings ("cock it and pull it" as though shooting them down; this line could also mean the feelings are hurting her). "Is this more than you bargained for yet?" refers to the fact that, although he's okay with her flirting, she doesn't want to cross a line and tries to be cautious about it. "Oh, don't mind me, I'm watching you two from the closet, wishing to be the friction in your jeans" - This is a reference to the way she jokes around with the guy ("don't mind me" is meant to sound sarcastic and silly) about her feelings under the guise of only loving him as a friend. This could also be a metaphor for how wrong/dirty she thinks her feelings are (as if she's somehow betraying him by falling for him despite his orientation), because watching someone from a closet has a very creepy, stalkerlike aura about it. "Isn't it messed up, how I'm just dying to be him?" is a continuation of the sarcastic/joking motif -- as in, "Isn't it funny?" Finally, the echoing of "Take aim at myself, take back what you said" over the final choruses seems to symbolize her, and perhaps his, reconciliation with her feelings.

  • Danny from Place, MaPeople, the line "A loaded God-Complex, cock it in pull it" is NOT about masturbation, nor religion. A God-complex is a psycological term for when someone's ego is so big, they compare themselves to God. When a complex is loaded, it is at its maximum. So, "Cock it and pull it" is a pun, comparing the loaded ego to a gun, because it is "loaded."
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhThis song sounds to me like it could also be about a boy during the Holocaust who falls in love with the girl who's hiding him, even though she's dating someone. "A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it" seems to suggest killing for religious reasons, while the reference "Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum" could be a reference to his closeness to death and danger. As for the reference to watching her from the closet in the second verse, this might literally mean he sees them together from his hiding place. The line "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear" is possibly from the girl's point of view, symbolizing how she is willing to lie to police about his being there in order to keep him safe.
  • Caitlyn from Royersford, Pato Phil, Niagara Falls, Canada

    what do you mean they're theives! So what if they took their name from the simpsons. do you realize how much stuff the simpsons have stolen themselves. Besides Fall Out Boy is a pretty cool name regardless of if its from the simpsons.
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhTo me, this song is written from the point of view of a boy who is in a platonic friendship with a girl but wants to be her boyfriend, but she's seeing someone else. Here's my analysis supporting this theory: "Am I more than you bargained for yet?" - Asking her if she is overwhelmed by his feelings. "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, 'Cuz that's just who I am this week" - Indicates he is willing to pretend he is not romantically interested in her to keep the friendship going - at least for now. "Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum" - Probably referring to the random silly things they've done together as friends. "I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song" - This is a prediction of what might happen if they start dating and things go wrong (i.e., their friendship will disappear, and all that will be left will be bitter memories). "Drop a heart, break a name" - Refers to his feelings about her slowly destroying him by seeing another man. "We're always sleeping in, and we're sleeping for the wrong team" - He is "sleeping in" by waiting too long to tell her his feelings; she is "sleeping for the wrong team" by seeing another man. "We're going down, down in an earlier round" - He is failing faster than he thought he would. "And sugar, we're going down swinging" - To "go down swinging" means to keep fighting for something even though you know failure is imminent; therefore, he will keep trying to win her over even though he knows she doesn't feel the same way for him as he does for her. "I'll be your number one with a bullet" - An example of an extravagant promise he makes to her in an attempt to get her to love him. "A loaded God complex"- Here he seems to be doing a "sour grapes" type thing, telling himself she is stuck up (has a "God complex") and he wouldn't want her anyway. "Cock it and pull it" - Referring again to his feelings of death without her. "Is this more than you bargained for yet?" - Asking again if his feelings are more than she can bear. "Oh, don't mind me, I'm watching you two from the closet, wishing to be the friction in your jeans" - Asking her to not treat him any differently because of his newly revealed feelings, since he will only "watch" and think about her (wish to "be the friction in" her "jeans") not act on his feelings; another interpretation could be that the word "closet" indicates he has not yet opened up about his feelings to her. "Isn't it messed up, how I'm just dying to be him?" - Sounds as though he's lighteheartedly joking with her about his feelings, as if she knows and accepts them. "Take aim at myself, take back what you said" - Asking her to take back her frustration towards him if he admits it was weird to feel that way about her.
  • Emily from Baltimore, Mdi like the song. it sounds good. why does it matter if we kno what its about or not? i think we all get the genral idea...
  • Joanna from Leeds, United KingdomRight ok i the love lyrics to this song and your all wrong im going to explain this song once and for all. This song is clearly about a girl that is seeing another boy behind her boyfriends back she is just in it for the sex and he has deeper feelings for her!!! How i got to this conclusion first verse as states am i more than you can bargain for yet (meaning have you bitten off more than you can chew and developed more feelings other than sex) ive been dying to tell you anything you want to hear
    Cos thats just who i am this week( meaning he is willing to say anything she wants to hear to try win her over) lying the grass next to the mouslium(waste time with the girl in question to try get her to feel more for him) im just a notch in your bed post but your just a line in a song(meaning all she sees in him is sex but all she is now is a line in his a song( i figured its a personal experience from a band member)
    Drop a heart break a nail (breaking his heart is as easy as breaking a nail to her to be continued
  • Paige from Durham, United Kingdomi think he is in love with a married women, but she doesnt love him, buts in it for the sex. so when hes over her house, her husband comes in and he has to hide and watch them together. then he thretens to kill him but shhe wont let him. so him kills himself because the pain of her not loving him is more than dying.
  • Jennifer from Liberty, ScI think its about a couple thats dysfunctional b/c they dont give a f*ck about each other b/c it says "im just a notch in your bedpost but youre just a line in a song" meaning (to me anyway) that she's a slut & he doesnt care about her they're both just in it for the sex.
  • Adam from Cork, Irelandi have studied the song for hours on end and have concluded that its about a boy and a girl.

    there. i hope that settles it for everyone
  • Russell from Lacey, WaI love this song. Let me break it down for you the way I see it:
    First Verse:
    First line: He's asking if she's bitten off more than she can chew. From the get-go there's a punishing tone to what he wants to tell her.
    Second line: Dying is a key word and key theme throughout. He's totally dependent on her (or completely co-dependent). His very life depends on her. He'll say/do whatever just don't end the connection/relationship.
    Third line: Subject to change. He's trying to insert some ambivalence about his feelings for her (but the real deal is he can't live without her.)
    Fourth line: It's back, the image of death. This situation will lay him him to rest.
    Fifth line: He means nothing to her or little more than just another encounter.
    Sixth line: Pay back. So if he's just a notch to her then she's just a line in a song.

    Seventh line: He's taken drop a name, break a heart and switched around the words. Why did he reverse it? Answer: Avoid the obvious. Disguise true feelings.
    Eighth line: He introduces the idea of sport. This connection/relationship appears to just be sport.

    Chorus: Continuation of the sport. Going down is losing the game. But both are going to lose and go out swinging. Loss here can also tie in to loss of life which echoes throughout this song.
    The only way he can be her number 1 is with a bullet. Then the threat: God complex. Like God he can determine life or death whether it be his, her's or both.

    2nd Verse
    First line: He's telling her now that he's laid out his feelings, exposed his vulnerability, he is asking if she's had enough.
    Second line: Fly on the wall. He's right there as she breaks his heart with another guy.
    Third line: Even though it's someone else, he's still wanting her.
    Fourth line: He ponders on wanting her while she's with someone else. The irony is "messed up" ain't it?
    Fifth line: Back to being nothing to her.

    Take aim at myself means turn the aggression he feels on himself.
    Take back what you said. Again, the threat. He's serious. This means everything.
  • Judith from London, United KingdomI hate all of you, well most of you anyway- but not people who actually bother to reasearch or whatever about fall out boy and their songs. Or think about the lyrics.or APPERICIATE THE MUSIC!!!
    like me. or Shelby frm north augusta SC. Hooray for fall out boy!!!
  • Jade from Wales, United Kingdomthe song is acctually about mastrubation. Pete wentz said it himself
    and i quote
    "This song is about sex, but not just any sex, the best sex i ever had. It was back last year when we were on tour, so in my bunk,i woke to the friction in my jeans, this is about the sex you have with yourself, give it up for the motherf--king right hand"
  • Buddha from Oak Ridge, TnFall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down is about a guy wanting to kill himself to be with a dead girl. It's clearly stated from line three that she is dead and that he is dying to be with her.
  • Lauren from Chicago, IlI'm almost 100% sure it's super hella annoying when people try to shove ideas (especially musical ones) down your throat (cough Chad from Reading, PA cough). The last time I checked, it wasn't illegal to like a genre of music that everyone isn't crazy about. There will NEVER be a genre of music that every single person in the world likes. Just saying.
  • Musicmama from New York, Ny"Sugar" we're "going down." Hmm...looks like drugs and sex to me. LOL
  • 69-so-fine from French Lick, Indiana!!, InSExy! there are people from around my parts commenting!...well, this song in perticular isn't my favorite but I think their new album is kinda crap, I like their older stuff back from Take this to your grave, although that wasn't that orginal sounding, still good tho...
  • Dotcom from Omaha, NePete Wentz wrote this song... about a dude... it's true.
  • Nick from Wethersfield, Ctthis was the first song that i heard from FOB
  • Adam from Apex, NcGOOD GOD!! NO ONE THINKS THE WAY I DO lol

    A guy is a girl's bf. However, their relationship is in trouble, and failing. This is a song regarding the feelings in the downfall.

    Lyrical Evidence-
    "Is this more than you bargained for yet?" bargained for yet implies a certian aspect of thought from the other person to the singer. It isn't some random admirer, otherwise the "you" would've had no expectations in the first place. The "this" refers to the relationship.

    "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear," sounds nice enough, but that feeling is erroded by the next line:

    "because that's just who I am this week" the words "just" and "this week" imply a near total lack of feeling behind those compliments. The singer is not complimenting the other person because of any genuine feeling, just "that's who he is this week."

    "lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum" one quick thing, the word "mausoleum" is interesting. Another word would be "extravagant tomb." This signifies the dying relationship.

    "I'm just a notch in your bedpost," Indicates that the singer means nothing to the person beyond physical attraction

    "but you're just a line in a song," shows that the other person doesn't mean much to the singer. The singer isn't praising the person, instead the singer is demeaning them, bringing them to just the level of a "line in a song" (another important word there is 'just' as it implies belittling.)

    "Drop a heart, break a name" what the other person did to the singer, dropped his heart (also note how 'drop' is an active verb, impling intent) and hurt his feeling of self, represented by his 'name.'

    "We're always sleeping in and we're sleeping for the wrong team." Sleeping for the wrong team, an interesting phrase. While it could mean just 'not sleeping with the singer' that wouldn't be as direct a message. Instead, it refers to a pattern of cheating inside the relationship (tieing back into the 'notch' and 'line in a song' idea of not meaning much.)


    "We're going down down in an earlier round, and sugar we're going down swining." Wow, where is the wanting in that line? Doesnt exist. The relationship is "going down," and not nicely, as both are 'swingging' (insulting and demeaning each other just as they did again with the 'notch' and 'line in a song' theme.)

    "I'll be you're number one with a bullet, a loaded god complex cock it and pull it." HE IS NOT SAYING HE WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR HER! If that were the case, the word 'for' would have been used instead of 'with.' Does one say 'that man just took a bullet with her'? Of course not. Instead the phrase refers to the idea if she had a gun with a loaded magazine, he would be first on her list to shoot. With implies recieving a bullet unwantingly.


    VERSE 2:

    "Am I more than you bargained for yet" even more direct. in this case, she would have directly had to bargain on him. A girl isn't going to acess some random nobody, but she would acess a boyfreind. 'more' sung in this context implies not 'better' but 'more difficult.'

    "Oh, don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet, wishing to be the friction in your jeans." Talking about him 'watching' his gf cheat on him, and in a territorial way wishing to be the one pleasing her so.

    "Isn't it messed up, how I'm just dying to be him?" It isn't messed up for a random admirer to want to be a girl's boyfreind. It is, however, messed up for the boyfriend to be the random lover. Again, he's a guy and territorial.


    Whew, that was quite a mouthful. I'd love to hear comments.
  • Jessica from Milton, NhI love FOB. This is probably the first one I ever heard from them.
  • Michaela from Brooklyn, NyThis song is really hot.It's one of the best-maybe the best-song of 2005!
  • Dustin from Odon, InI hate these pop rock sissy bands. This song has a catchy sound to it, but I don't really like anything about them or other bands like them
  • Drew from Ironton, Ohloaded god complex is a famous cover band. So ill be your number with a bullet in other words mean ill be your favorite band with a hot song thats rising up the charts. Loaded god complex cock it and pull it in other words mean take it and play it and they did the did a cover of the whole cd.
  • Victoria from Compton, CaAhh, yes this was the first FOB song iever heard... before Dance, Dance came out...
  • Savannah from Anderson, ScPete is the one who liked the book.
  • Kaydee from Newark, NjThis song isn't very deep. But it doesn't need to be. It's about a boy who loves a girl that doesn't love him back.
    And Pete has said that the reason they picked the treatment with the deerboy in it was because it was the most random one.
    It has nothing to do with the NRA or guns. "Loaded God complex, cock it and pull it."/"Number one with a bullet" Means that he thinks the girl is a little arrogant in the way she brushes him off as not worth dating. And 'with a bullet' is just a term for moving up the music charts very quickly.
    The homosexual references could be there, or they might not. The band has defended gay rights before though, even though none of them are. Which I think is pretty rad.
  • Christina from New York, NyUmmm...Yah, guys this song is about sex, much like dance, dance, is. "A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it", I mean really. When talking about being a "notch in a bedpost", it usually refers to when someone tried to sleep with as many people as possible, therefor being a notch in the bedpost but nothing more.
    And the "watching you two from the closet wishing to be the friction in your jeans", yeah, think about it.
    Oh, and "we're going down", sex.
  • Ashley from Ft. Lauderdale, Fli totally agree about fangirls/guys, when i first heard them i didn't even know what they looked like, i just loved the sound of their music. i hate when people say i love fall out boy but they only know one or two songs, listen to all of their cd's completely, their AMAZING. I LOVE FOB
  • Matt from Nowhere, InI am the only one who caught the "closet" and "wrong team" parts. Perhaps the narrator isn't male at all, but a closeted lesbian?
  • Shelby from North Augusta, Sci agree with laura about joe
    i also argee with her about the little fangirls sure i think pete wentz is the hottest thing on this earth but when i first started listening to the band i thought he looked a monkey he still does if you look at him just right but idont just think he is the hottest in the group i love all of them but the reason that they are my favorite band of all time is because of their lyrics they are amazing if my mom says they pretty deep and she like 43 or something
    and to Parker, Idaho Falls, ID the line "cock it and pull it" thats part of a gun sweetie the little hook looking thing on the top so pete wentz talking about how the girl that he wrote it about should just cock the gun and pull it hunny only perverted and retarded people would look at it like that.oh and people please learn how to spell
    its you not u
    oh and Trinny, San Francisco, CA
    its not about a married couple
    and Sam, Chicago, IL
    they did get their name from the simpsons but when they were still playing in the local scene they let the fans name it and they never changed it
  • Laura from Chicago, IlUm, 1.)Yes, Pete Wentz may be hot, but it is the most idiotic thing ever to like a band based solely on looks. no band really likes fangirls/boys even if they dont admit it. it gets annoying. 2.) Fall Out Boy's songs actually DO have meanings F.Y.I., and quite deep ones sometimes at that. i am a HUGE fob fan and it bugs me when people say things such as that. if you're going to say you like a band, at least know SOME of their songs, and backgrounds o.k.? otherwise, just dont say anything at all...please...
  • Hannah from Howe, Inhas anyone thought that the phrase "with a bullet" might refer to... well... a guy's penis?!? I mean, it kinda makes sense doesn't it?! Just think about it and the phrase "cock it and pull it"...
  • Hannah from Howe, InI don't think FOB songs have much deep meaning; i mean, it's fall out boy for God's sake! You're music doesn't have to have a point when your bass player is that hot!!! I LUV U PETE!!! :D
  • Laura from Chicago, IlOk, i am BEYOND people putting down fall out boy because they dont get them or their lyrics. yes, led zeppelin is a very talented band i happen to like them AND fall out boy, and they are both gifted as whole bands and individuals. but you guys need to open your minds. you only listen to one genre or one band. thats sad. thats not how u get respect; putting down bands u personally dont like. its ignorant and stupid. get a life, open your minds, dont diss other bands, dont diss emos, gays (not one), etc. its lame. fall out boy owns. just saying.
  • Graeme from Carluke, ScotlandIn the promotions for From under the Cork Tree, the members of Fall out Boy would say 'Go get FUCT,' the initials of the album.
  • Katrina from Baguio, Otheri mlove hearing sugar were falling own because you feel like swinging in the sky that feels goo.......dd....<<>>>>i love these song because i remember the song of my brother jerome that soun so sweet...........<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>......
  • Christy from St.marys, CanadaWell Pete and Patrick did say this song was just a punk song done for fun and ment to go no where.
  • Natalie from Chiago, IlPete knows what he is talking about, every one has been jelous of someone once in a while.
  • Sally from Cambridge, CaThis song is about jealousy. It's talking about the Dude and how he's jealous of his future girlfriend's boyfriend
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaSomebody explained to me that the phrase "Cock It And Pull It" is directly related to masturbation. If you see the lyrics it kinda makes sense. Overall, it kinda seems like a bunch of B.S. It is funny though.
  • Graeme from Carluke, ScotlandI agree, bu I won't stop there! The toes... then the fingers... muhahaha.
    Anyway, this is a great song. And stop making fun of F.O.B. They're a good band.
  • Jd from Abingdon, Ili swear if one more person calls fall out boy gay ile cut ur genitals and out them in a shoebox!
  • Dotcom from Omaha, Newait... i'm confused. i thought these guys were gay.
  • Samantha from Sunderland, EnglandThis songs about a guy that like a girl but doesnt have her basically. He jeolous ov her boyfriend.
  • Morgan from Gresham, Orluv this song. total story of my life at the moment.
  • Natalie from Chicago, IlThis song is awesome and if you don't know what their saying get someone from Chicago to help you because I understand every word perfectly!
  • Hannah from Atlanta, GaOkay, so the debate about "loaded gun" or "God" complex" is seriously unimportant in the scheme of things. I think the imporatant thing is that if you don't like the song. Then don't post anything about it! Geez!!!! If you hate the song and band that much then why are you even looking here!!!!! And yeah maybe Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy have a lot in common but the both are so flippin' awesome that it doewsn't matter!
  • Bestkeptsecret from Brisvegas, United StatesJust to set a few things straight
    the line is 'a loaded god complex' it has been confirmed by the band .. but it is not a religious meaning ..
    Yea fall out boy write there songs. Patrick Stumph wrote the lyrics for the first couple of albums but Pete Wentz took over for the latest couple of albums.
    The video is not about a nuclear meltdown or woteva .. the director sed it was just the easiest way to show that everybody has faults and you shouldnt judge them on it.
    so anyway .. thats all from me .. for now ..
  • Glen from Charlotte, Ncfall out boy is to music what nascar is to a sport. Just saying.
  • Sabrina from Halifax, MaThe name of the album comes from a book about a bull that doesn't fight in the ring, but just sits under the cork tree and smells the sweet fragrance. This used to be a favorite story book of band member Andy Hurley. The title also provides a clever acronym: FUCT. (thanks, Anna - Syracuse, NY)

    That one, is wrong. Way wrong.

    It was the favorite book of band member Pete Wentz.
  • Chris from Kings Park, Nythats not andy's fav book, its pete's idiot
  • Kaleen from Oakland, MiGreat song but he sounds just a little obbsessed with this one girl. MOVE ON!
  • Chucky from Seattle, WaThis is a very cleverly writen song both lyrically and musically. The lyrics speak of a young man who clearly thinks he has a girlfriend, who obviously had a one night stand with him, and that was all she wanted or ended up concluding after the one time. The young man knows this, but sings about how he can be all she wants or needs, (Number one with a bullet), but also realizes that it is a lost cause, (I'm just a notch on your bedpost), but then he wants to hurt her with his words as well, (But you're just a line in a song). He also seems to think she has an attitude problem apparently thinking she thinks she is high and mighty, (A loaded God complex,) then he relents and wishes to be the one she is sleeping with, (Wishing to be the friction in her jeans, Isn't it messed up, how I'm just dying to be him?) Then he appears to want her to end his suffering, (Cock it and pull it,). He refers to the the fact that they are sleeping in but for the wrong team, this I feel he is saying she is sleeping as he is, but not with him.

    The back ground vocals chime in during the chorus that he should take aim at himself, apparently end the suffering himself since she won't. Then in the next refrain begs her to take back what she said, in an futile attemt to try to get her to take him back as well.

    All in all this song is a classic boy meets girl and loses girl and pines after her until she either takes him back or he moves on.
  • Katie from --, Inokay...this song is good...i mean whoever doesn't like it can die but still they need to start writing songs that aren't about girls. i mean come on! who can love girls that much!?
  • Katie from Laporte, InPete Wentz needs better lyrics...
  • Liz from Massapequa, NyI thought this song was about two people who love each other killing themselves, kind of like romeo and juliet.
  • Kory from Tempe, AzPersonally, I think that this song is the most worthless I've ever heard, but in reference to the meaningless debate on whether or not it's a "loaden gun" or "Loaded God complex" I bbelieve that it's a fallacy that it could in any way be a loded gun complex! This song is about a man who envies a girl that has virtually no interest in him, but is completely devoted to another man! In my opinion, the phrase, "I'll be numbr one with the bullet" means that, if he kills the man that she love's, then he will be her number one man! If you think about it, "Loaded God complex" would make more sense, in that he has all the power in his hands and he can control his, as well as others fate!
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cayes, if anyone can find the difference between panic at the disco and fall out boy it would be greatly appreciated. because I have come across the fact that their respective singers' voices are the same, they write songs about the same thing, both have unnecessarily long song titles, and both guitarists wouldn't belong on the same planet as even the most ordinary musicians in rock today.
  • Culley from Greenwood, InI hate everone who doesn't like this song!
  • Jason from Nowhereville, FlNo No No! "Drop a heart, break a name" should be reversed...Like the other guy said up above...I heard this in the gym and was like, "hey that's backwards". It has to deal with their convoluted relationship being sort of backwards. So normally it is "drop a name, break a heart", but not here.
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaI think Paul and Chad need to get some help because this is a great song. And by the way Chad, if you don't like power chords then don't say u like Black Sabbath because they play alot of them. Also your job as a guitarist is not to write complex riffs, it is to write any kind of riff so it blends with the rest of the band mates. And don't say I don't know about real music because I love bands like Primus, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Nirvana, Barenaked Ladies, and Pink Floyd.
  • Summer from Murfreesboro, TnThere's a line in this song, "'Cause that's just who I am this week." It always tickles me because the name of this band is obviously from the Simpsons, and that line is very close to a line Homer said on the episode when he went on a hunger strike. I think what he actually said was, "'Cause that's just the kind of guy I am this week."
  • Paul from New Britain, CtYou guys are dilusional. If you've even spend an hour in a music theory class, you'd realize that Fall Out Boy does NOT have any talent. For those of you musical ignorants who don't know what music theory has nothing to do with being in BAND. You actually learn the components that make up a good song. Fall Out Boy does not make use of any of these all. Everyone please give Buckethead and Dream Theater a good listen. Actually try to understand what they're doing in their music. Only then can you understand the brilliance of modern musicians with ACTUAL talent. With bands like these, it's not a matter of personal opinion. Like them or not, they are tremendously talented. I actually LIKE some Fall Out Boy songs...but they have no talent.
  • Nitaya from Ontario, Cafall out boy = the very bestest ever
  • Jennifer from Lufkin, TxThe song is about a boy who has had his first gay experiance. And the other more experianced guy moved on... Thats all. now he dont know how to deal with relizing that he really is gay.
  • Kevin from Isu, IlTypically, a "God complex" deals with control, which is what the song is about. The singer is her number one with the bullett, or the person she is trying to control the most. Clearly, however, this isn't a good thing, as in "we're going down," etc. etc. As far as the whole masterbating thing goes ("but he told me at a show!") I wouldn't trust too much of what Fall Out Boy says live. I happen to be a FOB fan, but let's face it... At their shows they are entirely fake. They play and say what their new fans from the MTV generation want to hear. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I think it's economically smart. Like I said, I'm a FOB fan. But just because Pete gets all excited at the Warped Tour doesn't mean the song meaning changed. Song meanings can mean different things to different people, and I'll respect your more sexual inturpretation, but be careful not to believe everything you hear.
  • Maggie from Medina, Ohok to explain why the deer antlers and stuff are in the video think of it this way fall out it whats left from a nuclear explosion and nuclear explosions can cause disformaties and weird things to happen and fall out fall out boy so yeah that should make a little bit of sense anyways
  • Jesse from Chandler , AzAnother thing cock it and pull it may seem as if a gun is being triggered and im not completely sure but im thinking this kid wants to kill himself lol im no song feloceferrrrrrr
  • Jesse from Chandler , AzActually this song ''sugar were goin down'' is about a boy masterbating thinking of what he would love to do in the world but inside he's just a knotch in your bedpost
  • Jessie Ann from Purchase, NyI normally don't like this kind of music, and I wouldnt call myself a fallout boy fan, but despite their awfulness this song is fun. My boyfriend, his sister and I once screamed the lyrics(what we could understand) when it was on the radio and we were in the car. we all laughed afterwards and it was fun.
    The spoof song/video is so so funny too. google video I believe
  • Ally from Heaven, Azif you didn't hear in the ending while singing the end chorus there's also singing "take aim at myself...take back what you said...take aim at myself" undereach line and then 'a loaded god complex cock it and pull it' the guy is going to kill himself if the girl doesn't take him back.
  • Saddam from Abhu Jabhi, NjHonestly, anyone who likes this song should kill themselves. Go to for many cool and exciting ways to commit suicide!

    If you wanna be as cool as Fall Out Boy, just follow these steps to writing your own awesome lyrics!

    1. Slap yourself until you cry
    2. Write a poem

    Great job! you're done!
  • Ken from Taegu, Korea - SouthGerry from Peru, I hope you are joking. Playing power chords over and over again doesn't require that much skill.
  • Gerry from Lima, PeruThis song is really nice.I already liked this song when I first heard it.Patrick and Joe can play the guitar so well and I hope that one of them will be my guitar teacher someday
  • Breanna from Antiogh, TnFall out boy rocks !!!!! Pete Wentz is the finest thing I have ever seen.this song is one of my favorites. I thinhk it"s about a man who wants to be with a woman but she didn't want to be with him and maybe she used him for sex and he wants more, but she doesn't. kinda the opposite of how men and women really are. maybe its not, but that's what i think.
  • Breanna from Antiogh, TnPete is so fine.
  • Nick from Kansas City, Mothe lyrics "Sugar We're Going Down" were only written because the bassist, Pete Wentz, wrote this song because he had been driving with his father listening to really old songs with alot of sugars and honeys and all that it them.
  • Katie from Binghamton, NyThe song is about masturbation, as much as everyone wants to deny it.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhThe lyrics said God complex and Patrick says God complex so I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say it's suppose to be God complex.
  • Saylar from Dothan, Alindeed it is loaded God was confirmed by band members...
  • Carrie from Lafayette, GaI'm pretty sure it's "loaded gun complex"...not "gun complex" or "God complex", I mean I think you all are reading wayyyyy too much into that. Think about it, he says "loaded gun complex", then "cock it and pull it"...there are no more religious references in the song...It just makes sense. Why would he be saying God complex, and then cock it and pull it? You don't cock and pull a God complex, but you surely can cock and pull the trigger of a gun. Am I right?
  • Ruben from Wenatchee, WaFall out boy did not get their name from a simpsons epidsode get that through your freakin head they got from the crowd witch they yelled out the them fall out boy!
  • Ruben from Wenatchee, WaFall out boy is one of the best bands and they rock out loud and I think there asome and who ever hates them doesnt have good taste in music
  • Galina from New London, CtI love fall out boy, and one of my favorite songs is Dance, Dance, also by F.O.B
  • Jake from Grand Rapids, MnDoesn't the line ''i'll be your number one with a bullet'' make anyone suspiscious as to whether FOB is relating to the 1987 film ''Number one with a bullet''? I really dont know but it seems coincidental.
  • Kayla from Abilene, Txi love this song i listen to it everyday i love <3 fall out boy there great!! i love all there videos,cant wait for the new one
  • Tay from Ltown, Nei love fall out boy
    my favorite band ever
    stop lookin so deep into lyrics
    its not about the NRA or masturbation or anything
    its jsut a simple sweet song.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arby the way could somebody who knows what there talking about please tell me the meaning of the sugar were going down video it's a messed up video the guy has antlers and he falls in love with this chick and then the girl's dad thinks that she's going out with a moose and trys to kill him and it turns out that he's a moose too that's all i got from the video anyway i thought the video was actually pretty funny and it seemed really canadian for some reason
  • Joe from Chicago, Arfall out boy aren't sell outs i was suprised when i bought and listened to their album "from under the cork tree" i found it to be really good and there are much more worse bands out there and even though fall out boy do make really weird music videos (ecspecially the sugar were going down music video ) they are a really good band
  • Ariff from Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaYou know The First initial of every letter in the album name makes the word FUCT.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoThis is a good song, but it starts getting old after being played three million times. One time I turned on the television and on Fuse the video was on. I changed the channel to Vh1; same video. Then I flipped to MTV2 and the video was also on. Quite frustrated I turned to MTV, hoping something else was on and ironically enough, and to my dismay, the video was on all four channels at the same time!! How weird? It was funny....,
  • Laura from San Antonio, Txi love this song so much. i think it is a really good song and im emotionaly atached to this song.
  • Spencer from Los Angeles, CaI don't get how "FUCT" is a clever acronym.
  • Tara from Berkshire, Englandi think it is a really good song and i bought their album and it has well random names! lol bt i love it cuz i am random!! hehe i love the song and the band! u rok!
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, CanadaFallout Boy are thieves. They obviously took their name from The Simpsons and you cant understand what the singer is saying
  • Lucy from Los Angeles, CaHim having a "God Complex" does mean that he is feeling like God, meaning that he feels almighty and that nothing will happen to him, "i'll be your number one witha bullet....just cock it and pull it" He has a gun, and MAYBE is about to go make his own luck, he is planning on becoming her #1, anyone who gets in the way all he has to do with that one bullet is put it in cock it and pull...and he'll be her #1 again.
    Watching the video carefully gives you clues...and in the video, is that her dad(the old man)????
  • Angela from Las Vegas, NvIf you have a "god" complex, you think you're high and mighty...
  • Ed from Richmond, VaThe about frition in jeans goes as follows as i read from the book "Wishing to be the friction in his jeans" which means he wish he was having sex with her instead of him.
  • Kkkassaundra from San Francisco, CaI hate this song. I love Fall Out Boy. And it's Pete favorite childhood book, not Andy's.
  • Helen from Coshocton, Ohyes, peter wentz writes them
    and at a concert. patrick told the corwd that the song was about masturbation.
    "we're going down"
    and plus. its a song. you dont have to look into it that much. geez just listen to it
  • Joshua from San Antonio, Tx'Lie in the grass next to the mausoleum' simply means he wants to have a good time before he dies over the one he loves. (Met Fall Out Boy, told me).
  • Joe from Chicago, Ilthis may be the worst song ever.
    is the singer going through puberty or are is balls in a grip vice?
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love Fall Out Boy and I love this song. It's awesome and rocks!!
  • Alex from Loveland, CoThis song might have to do a little with masturbation, but I think most everyone is overanalyzing the song itself.
  • Jordan Paige from Seattle, WaIt's about being pressured to live up to someone you're not. "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear" it doesn't he's been dying because he wants to tell someone something but he's dying because that's what other people want to hear. "I'm just a notch in your bedpost" as in they're just another band whom you expect a lot out of. "Drop a heart, break a name." As in drop the band because they don't live up to your expectations. "We're going down, down in an earlier round. And Sugar, we're going down swinging." They expect to go out sooner than they hoped because of the high expectations everyone has set for them but they won't go out without a fight, hence "we're going down swinging." Now, "Oh don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet. Wishing to be the friction in your jeans. Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him" Does not refer to watching to people go at it, it's reffering to seeing someone like a band more than them. It's like an analogy. "Wishing to be the friction in your jeans" is them saying, "Hey! I want to live up to your expectations and be your favorite band!" Not, "Hey, let's bang!"
  • Brenna from C'ville, Va'Sugar we're going down' is a great song, but you guys are reading too far into it. 'Loaded God Complex' as Pete states (he was the one with the idea for the Cork Tree) is a cross between a human and type of animal. Hence, "god" ie; not human. That's why the 'deer boy' appears in the video. It's got nothing to do with masturbating or anything like chill
  • Robert from Montpelier, Ohi love this song sugar where going down swinging.
  • Sarah from Ottawa, CanadaHey! I love this song too! But whats up with the guy with antlers?
  • Kendahl from Calgary, CanadaThis Song is about masturbating. They even talked about it when they came to Calgary during warped tour.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cafallout boy is not gonna wait for another album though before i start ranking them with some of the good bands of today like foo fighters, white stripes, etc.
  • *~*zo Zo*~* from Green Day Rawks, TxAkadia..... I reckon, "Lie in the Grass, next to the mausoleum" only means that that's where he's lying at, contemplating the situation that has happened between him and the "girl"? I expect. *shrugs* Is that what your asking? A mausoleum can be a massive tomb or a building that holds many dead people if that is what you mean as well. :) Peace!
  • Charlie from Wilmette, IlLittle known fact...Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman attended the same high school as Charlton Heston.
  • Josh from Kamloops, CanadaOn homosexual inuendos:
    Yah i just looked up the lyrics today and not only does he sing about playing for the wrong team, he sings about watching jealously from "the closet". Now i'm probably reading way too much into this song (maybe cuz i'm gay? i dunno) but it does come across as a little homo-ish.
  • Aaron from Amelia, NeThe NRA has absolutely zilch to do with this song. This song deals with the NRA and gun control in pretty much the same way that "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" by The Offspring dealt with ending the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. On those same lines, a lot of people here went way overboard with their analyzation of the song. At face value, the song is really pretty simple, and the lyrics are meant to be taken at face value anyway. On the issue of the "is Led Zeppelin really a great band?" debate, I personally think they are. A lot of people think they're highly derivative, and maybe they are, but they managed to sound great most of the time even when they weren't being totally unique with their music, and that's why they are a great band in my opinion.
  • Savannah from London, CanadaI seriously don't see why anyone should hate Fall Out Boy. It may not be someone's taste, but no one can deny that their songs are catchy, surprisingly original compared to some popular bands of today, and easy to relate to for a lot of people. Also, they aren't as horribly deppressing as "emo bands", but not shallow, or clicheed like many rock bands. Even if you think SUgar, Were going down is overplayed, its easy to see why.
  • Savannah from London, CanadaWell, I think Fall Out Boy is an awsome band! Firstly, because a band sings about heartache doesnt mean they are emo, which FOB is not. Also, almost all of their latest songs have at least thoughtful, and less clicheed lyrics than most bands today (cough the used), and if you listen to their album, they play with a bunch of different sounds, and mix alot of genres. So what if they arent the most talented band ever? If the end result sounds as great as From Under the Cork Tree does, then who cares?
  • Alex from Loveland!!!!!, CoI happen to enjoy listening to a few of Fall Out Boy's songs, however I would not agree with them being on the top ten list. . . Anyways, they don't specifically say that this person that Pete Wentz, if you will, is madly in love with, is a girl. Most people just assumed that it was a girl, but realistically, it could be a boy that they are talking about. Fall Out Boy's style target is, predictably, emo. Evidently, they aren't doing a terrible job pulling that off because most everyone autimatically assumes that they are, as did I when I first saw the video and heard the song. (thanks, MTV) When you think deeper and take a closer look, they very well could be. . . I think they are, especially when they say they want to be the friction in your dreams, and how he's just dying to tell him everything he wants to hear and you could interpret it that way.
  • Alex from Past The Volcano, United StatesI can dissect this song for you line by line. Pete Wentz writes the lyrics for Fall Out Boy, he has been quoted saying that he was feeling a lot of pressure coming into writing for FUCT because there was so much hype. Hence, he says "am I more than you bargain for yet, I've been dying to tell you anything, you want to hear, cause thats just who i am this week." This line also fits in with the rest of the song. This song is definitely multi-dimensional I believe and here is my take on the rest of it. Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum paints you a picture oh this somewhat morose scribe that the story is following, namely Pete himself. We're going down down in an earlier round I would think means they are going out earlier than expected but they wont go down with out a fight = "but sugar we're going down swinging." With a bullet means they are moving fast up the charts, so when they say ill be your number one with a bullet he could be saying to a girl "ill be your number one" with haste...or as seen wiht how their record has turned into a hit, it just literally means they will be speeding up to number 1 on the charts. a loaded god complex as someone mentioned, pete is an attention freak, even if he wont just come out and say it he is, he constantly is taking pictures of himself etc...he "would die without the attention", he sees himself as having a loaded god complex. next verse, whcih is one of my personal favorites, has to do with the voyeuristic aspects of the writing of the cd, also seen in the song XO, "through the keyhole i watched you dress." He is just jealous of some guy who is with a girl that he wants to be with...its as simple as that, and he is watching them wishing that he was the guy whose breath was hitting her face. thats about it.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoWell, Audrey, many people thought that From Under the Cork Tree was Fall Out Boy's debut album, me being one of them. They never made a popular ,chart topping song before. They are one of those bands that is basically unheard of. . . only people that totally obsess themselves in music would know about them. Green Day was more or less the same; I thought for a while that American Idiot was their debut album until I did a little more research. I personally believe that getting into your music is a good thing and everyone should have a favorite band, but absolutely absorbing yourself in music (ie, that's ALL you think about) is a bit extreme and unhealthy. There's a whole world out there and many things that are far more interesting than music to think about. I do have a favorite band and I listen to them when I get the chance, but that's not ALL I think about. We need to find a balance here. . .
  • Tay from Ltown, NeFall out boy is the best! i am totally obsessed with them! they DO HAVE TALENT! and pete writes all the lyrics with Patrick. the CD got its name from Petes favorite book as a child about a bull that would sit underneathe a cork tree instead of fight. everyoen is thinking too hard abotu the lyrics, its not about abuse or teh NRA its just about a guy who loves this girl and she donest even care about him and its killing him. Its a great song
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaI don't see where people get the idea that Fall Out Boy is emo.......Emo is to Fall Out Boy as Punk is to Simple Plan.Kimberly, from Greeley, CO,I think Fall Out Boy has no talent. The last time I checked,I had a brain. A pretty good one indeed. As for Chad, I agree with him 110%! Led Zeppelin is probably one of the most talented bands. I hate it when people say Fall Out Boy has talent.
  • Chad from Reading, PaFall Out Boy really does suck. The guitarist plays power chords. I bet he doesn't even know the simplest scales, hell I could play a lot better than him. The drummer sucks even worse. His beats are extremely basic. The bassist, wow, his bass lines are some of the simplest I've heard. Then the lead singer, let's just say id rather go deaf then have to listen to him for more than a few minutes. Overall Fallout Boy has less talent then Jimmy Page had in one of his hairs. This song sucks too, they may write there own music but they sure suck at it. Emo needs to die... now. Before any one says I'm an idiot who has no clue what music is, go find yourself a copy of Led Zeppelins' Presence. Then you'll know what a band with real talent sounds like.
  • Brian from South Bend, Infalloutboy is indeed from the simpsons, i do know they got it from a fan who suggested it, but falloutboy is radioactive man's sidekick, and if you know your simpsons, millhouse was set to play falloutboy in the radioactive man movie. but a name is a name and it works. i just want to know if the guy who suggested it can get people to believe he named falloutboy.
  • Katie from Bloomington, Inok the song ''sugar we're goin down'' is definetly not fall out boy's first song. they have many other songs that people who only watch mtv and listen to the radio wouldn't know about. anyways, this song is about masturbation. and there's no need to argue on the interpretation of this one because i've heard it from pete wentz himself twice at shows. so, interpret all you want, but that's what it's about. OH and ps- the name fall out boy was NOT taken from a simpsons episode. a random guy in the crowd yelled out the name fall out boy earlier in their days when they didn't have a name yet. =)
  • Sam from Chicago, IlSo, did they steal their name from a Simpsons episode, or did they steal their name from a Simpsons episode? Not that that's bad, I just hate it when people steal things from the Simpsons and don't admit it. (such as shirts that say "i didn't do it" or "shut up brain or i'll stab you with a cuetip")
  • Patrick from St. Louis, Moi think the song refers to a secret homosexual relationship ("sleeping for the wrong team" and "i want to be the friction in your jeans" ie the reason you get a hard-on perhaps? and "i'm locked in your closet")

    the "drop a heart, break a name" refers to the supposed backward nature of their relationship (usually you drop a name or break a heart)

    the god complex is his the self centered-ness that led to their troubles, because he is not willing to come out and face the disdain of admitting who and what he really is, as he repeatedly shoots himself in the foot for his reputation
  • Melissa from Melville, NyEveryone is seriously overannalising this song, sugar we're going down...i mean not be saying anything personal about fall out boy, but in truth its just one of those fun songs, it really doesn't have a deeper meaning or any of that crap that you all are supposedly looking for. And, this song doesn't have any right to be one of the top 10, its lyrics are just not good enough.
  • Carly from Grove City, OhOK the song is about this "deer boy" falling in love with this girl and her dad doesn't like him and her dad is a deer hunter and that's the gun part and the notch in ur bed post line in a song is talking about how he could never mean anything to her b/c he's not like her b/c he's a "deer boy" just watch the music video guys it's not that hard to get! I LOVE THIS SONG!
  • Allie from Hamilton, Njthis song is about guy who loves a girl, and he wishes to be her boyfrined. one line in the song is " oh don't mind me i'm watching you too from the closet wishing to be the fricion in his jeans". That means that he watches the girl and the guy who ever he is have sex. and when she is done with him she writes his name in her bed post hense " I'm just a notch in your bed post". The guy who sings about her is eveyess of the guy she sleeps with. over all this song is one of my favorties. i love fall out boy and they are a amzing band!
  • Gilvus from Somewhere, AlI think the part about the bullet has to do with the jealousy being so bad that the singer wants to kill his crush's boyfriend. The part about the closet shows that the singer wants to be his crush's boyfriend, and "I'll be your number one with a bullet" shows his delusion that he would be his crush's first choice again by killing the current boyfriend.

    Just a thought and my first impression
  • Trinny from San Francisco, CaThe song is about a guy who is with a married woman, cheating on her husband. "drop a heart, break a NAME", as in her last name.

    He is falling in love with her and is starting to feel morally wrong about her cheating, hence the "God complex"

    He'd like to have a real relationship with her, but she just sees him as a fun bed-buddy. "notch in your bedpost" "going down in an earlier round"
  • Colton from Burin, Caman this song is so awsome i listen to it all the time. I just feel like i can relate to so many of the songs on there album.

  • Lisa from Midlothian, VaThis song is about masterbation and fantasizing about the girl you want to be with. (per the band in an interview this is what all boys do in the closet when they are thinking about girls).
  • Kristen from Leroy, Ilfall out boy is from willamette, a suburb of chicago, not winnipeg
  • Greg from Bellaire, TxI've seen fall out boy twice since this summer, and both times in introduction to this song Wentz has said something along the lines of "this is about what us guys are doing while we're thinking about you at home... all alone." Oh and both of the times he was rubbing the microphone stand, let's say, suggestively, as he said it.
  • Crystal from Ottawa, MiA God complex is a term used to characterize arrogant, individuals prone to stupid actions, despite their being highly educated, worldly, or powerful. A person with a God complex is said to suffer from the delusion he or she is, at the very least, the Almighty's gift to the world. Terms such as group think, expert worship, and 'God complex' have been coined to explain various incarnations of this phenomenon. (from
  • Dreadnaught from San Antonio, TxIt's "Loaded God Complex." Always has always will be and wnyone who says otherwise is stupid.
  • Alex from Scranton, PaAll the songs pete writes are about a girl that he loved with all of his heart, and she dumped him and completely broke his heart. in the song it says,"am i more than u bargained for yet, i've been dying to tell u anything you wanna hear." he means he is trying to save the relationship by agreeing with everything she said and trying not to create an argument, because everything is alredy starting to go down hill.
  • Taylor from Murfreesboro, TnDoes anyone really know what this songs mean because.. I am not sure if it is God Comlpex and Gun Complex because I have looked but it varies.. Are they meaning to be grose about it or what?
  • Robyn from WhitbyLove the band!!! Kinda upset that they switched to Island from uprising. Sure they're getting heard but then they get overplayed and random people who have never heard of them start call ing FOB they're fav band. I detest that. But it's good that they're getting a wider fan base i guess. I also hate how people can judge a band after hearing one single.
  • Parker from Idaho Falls, IdClearly This song is focused towards the NRA and the use of weapons for hunting, primarily deer hunting (as clearly seen in the video). "sugar we're going down swinging" is clearly a reference to charlton hestan, president of the NRA. and the singer's willingness to fight the NRA at every turn. guns and hunting should not be tolerated. "loaded god complex" is clearly related to myself and this theory that i have just posted. "cock it and pull it"...we just won't talk about... i'm serious, say it by itself, now say it again... see what i mean. "cock it and pull it", DISGUSTING! i admire Fall Out Boy for their willingness to cross the "line" from boy band to punk rock albeit their attempt has failed miserably i also admire them for speaking out against the NRA and hope that you will all join in their fight against guns and for the rights of furry creatures everywhere.
  • Len from Raleigh, NcWhen I heard this song I thought it was quite creative and interesting how they wrote the chorus,I am a songwriter myself,but in all honesty this band sounds like a band called Coheed and Cambria,I mean it sounds like C&C's singer joined Fall out Boys,for that the band doesn't sound very original.If you compare you will see what im saying,Oh yea Coheed and Cambria are one helluva band i might add
  • Faith from Perthfall out boy wouldn't exactly be my choice for favourite band. tryhard emo. but I do love this song. it's just... i dunno. just a good song i guess. the lyrics mean a lot to me.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcI don't think Fallout Boy can be overrated at this point in their careers. They really haven't done anything to be rated...
  • Tiffany from Chico, Cathis is an awsome band and song, you all under estimate this whole band
  • Jeff from Washington, Mo Great Song, Realy Hits Home Know What He's Going Thru been there myself.....KICK ASS SONG!!!
  • Thomas from Burlington, VtIn the first couple of lines, he talks of how he trys to please her, and his attempts meen nothing to her "notch in yur bedpost". Their relationships is too much for her and not enough for him. He then tries to hide his feelings by making them insignificant. Hes fighting for the relationship "ill be yur number one with the bullet", and shes avoiding it. The line "We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team" is confusing but it seems that he believes that they have betrayed eachother by not being together. This song is intoxicating; addictive.
  • Christine from Newnan, GaI couldn't even make out a thing they were saying in this song--had to look up the lyrics. Regardless, this song has an irritating beat to it!
  • Danielle from Y-town, Va"We're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team" from my opinion is him saying, that they are both sleeping, but not together as a team, which is what he really wants, is to jsut be with her, but instead he's sleeping alone.

    5000 cool points to this song <33
  • Lindsay from Kennesaw, GaFall out Boy is awesome! i dont see how someone wouldnt like their music. its just like amazing
  • Ted from Atlanta, GaThe line is "A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it."

    From the Wikipedia: "A God complex is a colloquial term used to portray a perceived character flaw as if it was a psychological "complex". The person who is said to have a "God complex" does not believe he is God, but is said to act so arrogantly that he might as well believe he is God or appointed to act by God."
  • Chris from Apex, NcActually Fall Out Boy do write their own songs, their bassist Pete Wentz writes the lyrics.
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