Hey Man Nice Shot

Album: Short Bus (1995)
Charted: 76
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  • I wish I would've met you
    Now it's a little late
    What you could've taught me
    I could have saved some face
    They think that your early ending
    Was all wrong
    For the most part they're right
    But look how they all got strong

    That's why I say man, nice shot
    What a good shot man
    A man
    Has gun
    Hey man
    Have fun
    Nice shot

    Now that the smoke's gone
    And the air is all clear
    Those who were right there
    Got a new kind of fear
    You'd fight and you were right
    But they were just too strong
    They'd stick it in your face
    And let you smell what they consider wrong

    That's why I say hey man, nice shot
    What a good shot man
    A man
    Has gun
    Hey man
    Have fun
    Nice shot

    I wish I would have met you
    I wish I would have met you
    I'd say
    Nice shot Writer/s: Richard Michael Patrick
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rel from PaIt is believed that Bud killed himself on his last day in office before sentencing so his wife would be able to collect his State secured life insurance and his State pension. Had he been sentenced and removed from office he would have forfeited both. He did it on live TV to flip the bird to everyone.
  • Vicki Shannon Wilson from TexasMatt from Atlanta Ga.
    Love your take on the song.
  • J From Pa from Bucks, PaWatched it live January 22nd 1987. I am from the area so heard all about the going ons. The 3 big channels then were 3, 6 &10. It was a big new story that interupted all programs, thus forcing many to watch.

    Belief was that Budd was working for the mob. Forcibly seemed to be popular theory. So deemed suicide was the only way to protect his family. If some were not already in danger and that is why he made it so public, not sure.

    The second people saw the gun, they did not even scatter in fear really. As if they knew what he was going to do. He came off very afriaid and then determined after his speach. As many begged him not to do it he quickly put the gun in his mouth and had very little hesatation.

    I switched channels quickly to 3 and then 10 as they were usually on more of a delay. I had disbelief in what i just saw. Yet there it was from diffent angles. Not even cut off. As maybe known it was best to be seen? Even repeated in parts later.

    I got copies from a friend on a Faces of Death compilation video he made me. Bonuses at the end we would do. A finish to add realitly back. I know for sure at least 3 differnt camera angles were filmed and brodcasted live. And so; many VCRed it and made copies of the footage...
  • Shay Shay In Ga from GaGreg from Alaska - ME TOO!!!
    That’s odd...
  • Brooke Burkett from Norfolk, VaHow could you leave out the 90's movie, Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight? The opening scene playing this song was so badass
  • Greg from Alaska I always thought it was about Jesus
  • Mintsonthepillow from IllinoisLove the song. I play it to pump myself up for before my sporting events.
  • Tony from San DiegoSorry Tracy in FL, but they were bigger by the next album and are still big today. Actually not one of my fave Filter songs. I can think of at least 30 other better ones, still a good cut though.
  • Tracy from Fort Lauderdale, FlI heard from a friend in Cleveland, Ohio that this song was co-written by guitarist/songwriter Nils Teig. The band left him uncredited. His work is featured at a MySpace page. Filter never hit those heights again after parting ways with Nils Teig.
  • Jd from Paoli, InI guess this could be suitable for any type of suicide whether it be ODing or some shiz like that. But is the fact of having the balls to do so xP
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzDo not judge his final act, please, on who the man was. Watch the final moments of him and witness, that he didn't want to hurt anyone. Remember that. That was who he was. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=860c9b9f3b&p=1
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzIt's about Bud Dwywer. from pennsylvania. He was charged with something that no way pertained to him. But, the new electives said it would be so. And Bud, took his own life rather than face that bulls--t of inequities. It was very, very sad. A damn fine man had to resort to this violence against himest to proetect his family because some horses--t politicians wished to make a name for themselves by going on a witchhunt for more votes. Budd was the best of people, hands down. And, I cry to know that he was forced to got out that way rather than be raped and pilidged by being sentenced to a life sentence for doing his job and his family left bereft of benefits. Do not trust polictians, mark my words. NICE SHOT!!!!!!!!!! Budd. You will be remembered. Rest in Peace.
  • Steve from Gladwin, MiEveryone I talk to thinks it's about Cobain but somehow (maybe an interview I heard) I found out it was about the senator thing. Awesome story and song. Great song to have all these snitches listen to. I once told a guy who was turning states on me to listen intently to the song. Then I told him what the song was about and how the guy did the right thing. Better to kill yourself than to snitch out your friends!
  • Cory from Victor, NyThis song is amazing. I made it my airsoft team's theme song. amazing bass line. the song featured in Futureweapons. When I first heard this song it made me think of Army Snipers, not suicide you negative bastards! but yah these guy are right, budd dwyer.
  • Sarah from La, CaGood song. It was played on the first season of Supernatural in the episode "Skin"
  • Kris from Spo-vegas, WaI agree with matt from atlanta. I have always pictured this song being about the Kennedy assassination. Other perspectives make some sense as well, but that first verse is so congruent with many peoples thoughts on what his death really meant for America.
  • Q from Srh, AlI saw recently saw Three Days Grace in concert, and during their song 'This House is Not A Home' they started singing the corous of 'Hey Man Nice Shot' and then finished out the song.
  • Izaak from Monroe, WaThey also used this song in a 1994 movie called Demon Knight.
  • Tim from New Orleans, LaThank you I have some friends still living in TN were they move after the storm destroyed our homes. we lived in New Orleans. they were trying to see which one of them were right about the name of a band and they just could remember the first 2 lines "hey man nice shot hey man nice gun"
    So they call me since I'm back in NO and asked me. So I went to ask.com found your website and told them. Thanks for helping.
  • Matt from Atlanta, GaSince the first time I heard this song, I've always thought it was about Lee Harvey Oswald. The line about the early ending and how "they all got strong" could refer to how certain forces within the government used the JFK assassination to further their own ends. Whenever I hear it I envision the footage of Oswald being led down the hall by the Dallas police -- the one where he claims to have gone to the Soviet Union and that he's being held without being allowed to consult a lawyer. I guess good songs lend themselves to many interpretations.
  • Tim from Seattle, WaAwesome song. The bass line in the verses is what makes it sound so cool IMO. The bass line sounds very complicated but is actually fairly simple.

    This song was featured in Beavis and Butthead, and is one of my favorite moments on that show.

    They are watching the video which is full of fuzzy saturated colors and Butthead complains that the video is completely out of focus. Then the loud chorus kicks in and Butthead replies "well at least the music is in focus!". Butthead gives Beavis this long drawn out stare, and you expect him to start ripping on how stupid Beavis is. Then he says "uuuh... oh yeah". Hilarious, but you probably have to have been there :)
  • Job from Philadelphia, PaThe song was also featured in an episode of La Femme Nikita.
  • Eric from Detroit, MiYou can see the Budd Dwyer footage here: http://www.deadmime.com/movies/bwdwyer.mov
    I recommend playing the song in the background while watching.
  • Kristen from DetroitThis song was featured prominently in the X-Files episode "DPO".
  • Max from Cleveland, OhI love this song and play it far more than any other song. I know on the surface it seem dower but there is a lot of hope and inspiration to be found in it. It reminds me of the self-consuming nature of evil like the orbouros.
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