Album: Tusk (1980)
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  • Every night that goes between
    I feel a little less
    As you slowly go away from me
    This is only another test
    Every night you do not come
    Your softness fades away
    Did I ever really care that much?
    Is there anything left to say?

    Every hour of fear I spend
    My body tries to cry
    Living through each empty night
    A deadly calm inside

    I haven't felt this way I feel
    Since many a years ago
    But in those years are my lifetime's past
    I did not deal with the road
    And I did not deal with you I know
    Though the love has always been
    So I search to find an answer there
    So I can truly win

    Every hour of fear I spend
    My body tries to cry
    Living through each empty night
    A deadly calm inside

    So I try to say good-bye my friend
    I'd like to leave you with something more
    But never have been a blue calm sea
    I have always been a storm

    Always been a storm
    Ooh, always been a storm
    I have always been a storm

    We were frail

    She said
    Every night he will break your heart
    I should have known from the first
    I'd be the broken hearted

    I loved you from the start
    Save us
    And not all the prayers in the world
    Could save us Writer/s: Stevie Nicks
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Davep54 from Ct.Haunting lyrics. Perfect for Stevie.
  • Thomas from El Paso,txMy favorite song is Sara by Fleetwood Mac. My best friend of 30 years is named Sarah. She is moving to Arizona to begin her third battle with cancer. This song will keep me sane, from breaking. The last time I saw her, I washed her feet with Holy water. We made our peace, said our goodbyes. I told her that if this was the last time I ever see her, that I am truly very sorry if I had ever hurt her. She said " No, you have never hurt me".
  • Erica from Texarkana One of my favorites by the goddess known as Stevie Nicks, yes I am aware it is a Fleetwood Mac song, it's her haunting voice that gets me everytime.
  • Pj from Twain Harte, CaI was listening to this song when my dad was dying of cancer. After he was gone, I really related to this, even though I know it's about a doomed relationship. I was close to my dad, we were friends too, really. This song just speaks to me, and how much I miss him. Loss of my dad, my friend, and his importance to me in life does make me a little melancholy too, and when I hear this song, I can cry.
  • Eb from Fl Keys, FlI trcently read that "On page 28 of the October 2011 edition of Men's Health, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is asked for his top 5 relaxation songs. Number 2 is Storms." I can understand why, it's got such a sweet, calm vibe, a little melancholy, but not overly so.

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