El Rey

Album: Twang (2009)
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  • Yo se bien que estoy afuera
    Pero el dia que yo me muera
    Se que tendras que llorar
    Diras que no me quisiste
    Pero vas a estar muy triste
    Y asi te was a quedar

    Con dinero y sin dinero
    Hago siempro lo que quiero
    Y mi palabra es la ley
    No tengo trono ni reyna
    Ni nadie que me comprenca
    Pero sigo siendo el rey

    Me enseno que mi destino
    Era rodar y rodar
    Despues me dijo un arriero
    Que no hay que llegar primero
    Pero hay que saber llegar

    Con dinero y sin dinero
    Hago siempro lo que quiero
    Y mi palabra es la ley
    No tengo trono ni reyna
    Ni nadie que me comprenca
    Pero sigo siendo el rey Writer/s: Leonardo Renato Aulder
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, SUPREME ENT. INT'L CORP. D/B/A FUERTE SUERTE MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Eralia from Leona TxI loved this song it came out shortly after I lost my father. To here George sing in Spanish which happens to by my heritage was heart felt. It seems like he sings directly to me in this particular song. I can hear my nick name lalee in it and also my middle name Isabel. I could be wrong but only God knows. George truly is the king of all time . I loved him since I was a lil girl. I have never seen him in concert been so busy with life as I know it. I been playing this song back to back since yesterday. Aug .15 2021 today's date . God bless
  • Gloria from Oklahoma I did not understand a single word he sang but loved every word of it. George Strait is America’s King in any language. His voice can melt an iceberg. Keep the Music flowing King George.
  • Araceli from San Francisco Rachel, that is that best translation of the song I’ve seen on the internet!! Thank you!!!
  • Rachel from UsaHere's a translation I made -- It's not a literal word-for-word version, but I wanted to keep as much of the spirit of the original as I could.

    Yeah, I know that I’m a roamer,
    And I’ll probably die a loner,
    But I still know you will cry.

    Chorus: And cry, and cry
    And cry, and cry.

    Well, you say that you don’t need me,
    And that you’ll never grieve me,
    But I’m still saying goodbye.

    Might be rich or might need money,
    But I do what I want, honey,
    And my own word’s the one I obey.

    Well, I don’t have a castle or queen,
    And there’s no one who knows what I mean,
    But that’s why I’ll always be king.

    A simple stone upon the road
    Taught me just to bear my load
    And be who I’m supposed to be.

    Chorus: A rolling stone,
    A rolling stone.

    I once met an aging trucker,
    Who said being first is for suckers,
    You just have to get there in style.
  • William from San Antonio, Tx"El Rey" is translated as "The King". A much fitted name.
  • Garrett from Phenix City, AlI have to say that when I first heard that George Strait had a song in Spanish, I was very shocked and a little skeptical about how it would sound, because he does not sound like someone you'd hear doing a song in Spanish. Then when I heard it, I was even more shocked that he could actually do it, and how successfully he pulled it off. I am a big fan of Strait's music. I am pretty fluent in Spanish, not as much as I would like to be, but I know it well enough that I can pick up on the pronunciation of the accent and tell if someone's pronouncing the words right. That is why I was skeptical at first about Strait's covering this song. Then I heard it and man it's great. Anybody who hasn't heard it should give it a listen. It is a whole different side of George you wouldn't expect.
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