Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Album: Goodfellaz (1997)
Charted: 25 64
  • How can I explain , I never meant to cause you pain?
    I'm standin' out in the rain.
    Maybe you're thinking,
    Maybe it's a game, but I feel so all alone
    I call but you're never home.
    I feelin' like your heart is gone.

    Tell me baby, tell me I'm wrong
    Tryin' to make you understand
    Just want to be your man.

    Sugar Honey Ice tea
    Honey, honey it gots to be sugar, sugar
    honey ice tea
    Oooo baby ****I love sugar, sugar honey ice tea
    Honey girl, honey
    it's got to be sugar honey ice tea
    ****I love you, ****I love you
    Now baby my next move is
    I gotta get next to you
    So then maybe I can prove
    I'm the best man and you'll never want to lose me.

    I believe my lesson's learned
    I won't leave a stone unturned
    This time you won't get burned
    Put you before all my concerns
    Tryin' to make you understand
    Just want to be your man

    I don't mean to have to cuss or fuss
    When it comes to the two of us
    Being without you is just too rough.
    A thousand other loves wouldn't be enough
    I don't want to be alone tonight
    I need you here to make it alright.
    And every morning I need another taste
    Please don't leave my love to waste.

    Pacino sex double-o Benzito playin' the lee-o
    Candelight scene at Casalito's New York sections
    Sex inside the delicatessen
    Gets picturesqe and Sugar honey ice tea confessions
    Moonlight stared wristwear Cartier Plus presidential suites
    Diamond filled chandeliers
    Supreme sippin champy
    Playalicious baby the looker
    Sugar honey ice tea shared
    What up booger

    [Repeat first verse]

    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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