Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Album: American Idiot (2004)
Charted: 5 2
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  • I walk a lonely road
    The only one that I have ever known
    Don't know where it goes
    But it's only me, and I walk alone

    I walk this empty street
    On the boulevard of broken dreams
    Where the city sleeps
    And I'm the only one, and I walk alone

    I walk alone, I walk alone
    I walk alone, and I walk a

    My shadow's only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    'Til then I walk alone

    Ah ah ah ah ah
    Ah ah ah

    I'm walking down the line
    That divides me somewhere in my mind
    On the border line of the edge
    And where I walk alone

    Read between the lines
    What's fucked up and every thing's all right
    Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive
    And I walk alone

    I walk alone, I walk alone
    I walk alone and I walk a

    My shadow's only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    'Til then I walk alone

    Ah ah ah ah ah
    Ah ah

    I walk alone, and I walk a

    I walk this empty street
    On the boulevard of broken dreams
    Where the city sleeps
    And I'm the only one, and I walk a

    My shadow's only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    'Til then I walk alone Writer/s: Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank E. Wright III, Michael Pritchard
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • LaviniaJoaquin just because you don’t like oasis doesn’t mean they’re bad. They’re not a one hit wonder they had many hits and their albums are still roaming around in the charts and have a massive fan base. Yeah, I like green day too and prefer them to oasis but I’m not sh-tting on oasis.
  • Joaquin from TxI honestly agree with you (logan from Indianapolis) I absolutely love Green Day i memorized all of the lyrics to Basket case, 21 Guns, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Still Breathing, Fashion Victim, Deadbeat holiday, When I Come Around, Welcome to paradise, and Waiting.
  • Joaquin from TxHow could Green day steal stuff from Oasis? Like what the heck some bands (Green day might actually do this) make everything way BEFORE it was released. Plus, why would Green Day, the best band IN THE WORLD, steal from no name Oasis like they are a total one hit wonder.
  • Chad from Redmond,waThis song helped my friend through suicide.
  • Christian Cage from Orangeville, OnWhoa, whoa, whoa. Stop! We are all entitled to our opinions. Something called free speech!
  • Sioraf from Macroon, IrelandThis song pretty much sums up the noughties.
  • Kaelin from Akron, Ohi love this song
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI love this song:) Awesome effects...
  • Wendell from Milton, PeAs to comments that Green day ripped off Whitesnake, the fact is that most great songs have borrowed from others. This song became sort of a theme song for me as I began long walks to lose weight.
  • Hope from Oblivion, Tnthis song to me is about feeling most alone in your deepest darkest time of despair, when you dont think anything can possibly get better..
  • Dennis from London, United KingdomI can't believe the accusations of Green Day stealing the chord progression from Oasis. This is an extremely common chord progression used by artists from Linkin Park ('Faint' 'What I've Done' 'New Divide') to AC/DC ('Cold Hearted Man') to Evanescence ('Bring Me To Life'). The accusations are completely irrelevant. It's like saying the creator of the I-V-VI-IV chord progression suing practically every artist there is on the planet.
  • Jamie from Handly, WvThe song is about after the party what happens that's y in the music video of holiday fits in with with then music video
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThe Band Paradox Lockdown once covered this song.
  • Logan from Indianapolis, InGreen day is one of the best bands EVER!!! i am ubsessed with it!!!
  • Gd1987 from Timbuctwo, Pai think everyone should just leave green day alone ok yea they used the chord progression of wonderwall 1 kepos on the first fret in bobd its on the second in wonderwall and 2 all u sayin green day sux for stealin oasis stuff do u know how much stuff oasis steals from other bands green day stole one thing every oasis song has something stolen form another song
  • Martha from New York, NyThis is definetly my favorite song. It's been this way for years. Before I got into music more, this song got me through the toughest times. It's awesome because I literly don't know anyone who doesn't know this song.
  • Jeff from Oakland, CaJoe from Bellingham,why do you constatly send hate speeches to a good band,i think your just jealous.yes you can have your freedom pf speech, but if you want to go rant go somewhere else not on a comment board that likes green day.
  • Liberty from Somewhere, InI love this song, it's one of my favorite songs ever!
  • Jacob from Chicago, Ili think its just shows that if you do everything over and over again it will destroy your life but i really do like that song GREEN DAY RULES
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis band is more than punk. Great songwriting.
  • Christian from New York, NyI think this song is a good example of all the people out there who are alone and confused. I know it is a silly comparison but this song, in its lyrics, closely relates to the song Eleanor Righby by the Beatles.
  • Tony from St Clair Shores, MiSophie, there is one issue with what you say.

    When you compare bands from classic rock with what you call 'rock', some of the so called 'rock' bands don't even play rock music, it is more alternative or pop, so you are comparing them incorrectly.

    But yes, it is kinda uncool when people don't like modern music because it is newer.
  • Nate from Syrause, NyHey, I totally agree with Sophie from Champaign, you can like more than one genre of music. I love the Beatles, I love Green Day, I love the Ramones, The Rolling Stones, and BOC as much as I love Jet and Daughtry. Its all about Rock and Roll.
  • Sophie from Champaign, IlI really love this song.

    What I don't understand, however, is how people can be so against modern rock because they love classic. I personally am a huge fan of both The Police and Green Day, Queen and Relient K, Rush and Good Charlotte, The Beatles and Daughtry, Modest Mouse and Boys Like Girls. It seems silly to hate new music or not be open to it simple because it is NEW. True, that there are a lot of truly dreadful things being released these days, but I don't like everything from the 80's either. It's just ridiculous to shun an entire generation of music.
  • Dustin from New York, Nythis song is about how the jesus of suburbia feels. he feels like he doesnt belong here. no one understands him and basically he is alone. so this talks about how he is walking alone.
  • Dick from Edmonton, CanadaGreen Day's "American Idiot" is proof of one thing: these guys are oozing with TALENT. What specific subculture Green Day "belongs" to or how this band should be "classified" is irrelevant. The emotion of the music and the lyrics are completely unified making for a very powerful song. The, at the end, the way the intro guitar work is woven into the end of the third chorus is just so awesome - it sends chills down my spine. Call these guys whatever you want. As long as you call them AWESOME. PS - I was listening to Dookie when you kiddies were still pooping in your diapers so if you don't like it go skateboard to the mall and buy another Avril Lavigne CD. Posers! ;)
  • Dennis from Pensacola, FlFirst, why would anyone think this song is a ?rip-off? of the Oasis tune, Wonderwall? What, just because both songs have the same chord sequences in the verses? That?s crazy. Damn-near every song from the 50? used the same progression in one form or another. So, did Oasis rip-off Dion and The Belmonts when they penned Wonderwall? Borrowed, maybe?but all music is borrowed, one way or another. There ain?t anything truly unique. You got seven notes to work with, how unique do you think it can get? Wonderwall is a great song, and so is Blvd. of Broken Dreams, and they don?t sound anything at all alike. Perhaps Green Day borrowed a progression, but certainly so has Oasis in their songs. To make an issue of it is beyond foolish. Listen to The Romantic?s, ?What I Like About You? and then John Mellencamp?s, ?R.O.C.K. In the USA?, and then Neil Diamond?s, ?Cherry?. Who ripped-off who? It?s just similar progressions and/or rhythms ? but each song is its own, not a rip-off. Jeez?
  • Christina from El Reno, OkUm I LOVE THIS SONG! thier the most awsome-est band! And Joe Bellingham is wrong. thnx
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaBoulevard of Broken Dreams? You mean Wonderwall by Oasis! Ha! Take that Green Day! They stole a song! Hahahah! I can't believe it! This pretty much IS wonderwall by Oasis! Can you believe it! they really have less talent than I gave them credit for! Hahahaha!
  • Tyrone from Melbourne, Australiai dno why but this songmakes me think of someone in a coma... Good song though.. :)
  • Radhika from Mumbai, IndiaI really luv dis song....the words really touch da heart!!!!
  • Matthew from Milford, MaIf this song follows the main character from "Jesus of Suburbia", then shouldn't it be considered a sequel?
  • Sean from Vero Beacg, FlI personally like this song, I don't love Green Day but I like them. And as one person stated most people probably haven't listened to The Ramones, well I have. And who cares if they aren't punk? do you listen to something only because it's punk? or not listen to something because the band is no longer punk? I happen to listen to some punk and some emo and rock and techno and allll kinds of things not because of the genre or what time period it's from or not because it is or was popular, but because I like to listen to it. If you don't like the music, obviously don't listen, if you happen to like it then listen to it, but yes I will say most people only like American Idiot and call themselves a fan or something similar to that and most people have to think what fan really means, it's the shortened version of fanatic, which means pretty much obsessed but I don't believe you need to know where all the band members were born to be a fan, I think you need to at least like their work, and appreciate the message and work they put into it. And just because someone found out about the band late, or they decided to listen now when they became popular doesn't mean they don't actually like the band.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaHey, I'm allowed to bag green day becasue they suck ass. your not allowed to call me out for doing so! see, there's this thing called freedom of speech thats part of our government, or has green day taught you to be so un-american that you don't believe in that either?
  • Ollie from London, EnglandHands up, whos sick of debating what is or isnt punk? If youre reading this, chances are youve already made up your mind about green day. But maybe its time to forget what you know, because Green day couldnt care less about peoples opinions of them. They have spent the last years channeling their energy, positivity and, yes, sometimes frustration, into their music. And no matter how you want to label their music, all their songs prove that green day are not a punk band, a pop band, a rock band or whatever label you can come up with; they are just a great band a band that strives to write great songs and put on a hell of a show!

    p.s. im prolly gunna put this up everywhere.
  • Ollie from London, Englandgreen day ... seen me through good times, and bad times. always rock. ;]. <3 <3 <3
  • Laura from New York, NyIt?s funny, I heard BoBD on Smallville and loved it at once, w/o knowing who was singing (well, actually, I had some idea, thanks to BJ?s distinctive voice) and w/o knowing its popularity. I sought it out and found it last week, and am in the process of decoding it. In the meantime, I looked around at what?s been said about it.

    I think it's interesting how people interpret this song -- it tells a lot about what depresses them personally. I consider who BJ Armstrong is, and I think the song is about social ills - i.e. poverty, selfishness, the like. He's a humanitarian, and what he sees as he walks past - the state of the world - hurts him.

    I've always liked a Green Day song before I knew who was the group singing it. I respect BJ immensely - he's come a long way, and there are few like him. He has a unique voice, and he's obviously brilliant, inventive, a ringing legend. Poetry is poetry, I don't think there's rhyme and rule for it - a lot of it comes from something that strikes you, clings to you over time - for Green Day, the inspiration was that painting, and the two songs people cite the most. While I love this song and I think GD expanded its meaning, obviously copying should not be encouraged.

    I agree with something someone said way back when. You have to expect that a group's style will change as time itself changes. Green Day would be very redundant if it stuck by the "rules" of rock you're describing (that is really nonsensical, you want them to be original yet adhere to what *you* think is rock?! Aren't you setting the standards a little high, and isn't that just plain--for lack of a better word--stupid?), and was not influenced by the times. It has nothing to do with selling out or being a poser (BJ doesn't overdo anything!), Billie Joe is crazy authentic, completely unpredictable and uninhibited. He's simply a changed man.

    I agree that Green Day's popularity, like the popularity of any band, is interspersed between those who truly respect and understand it and those who only pretend to. If psychedelia (?) weren't "in," half the people wouldn't give a damn. Or they would, only to seem rebellious. Ultimately, Green Day is not complaining, so neither should we - there's no reason to think you're a better fan than anyone else just b/c you know all about the group.

    I like System of a Down and I can see why one would prefer their lyrics to Billie Joe's vague ones. System is very caustic; BJ is a little more idealistic nowadays. Something like "Boom!" is out to make a statement, it's sensible, realistic, forceful, etc. It can't be compared to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" b/c BoBD is a simple song abt gentle, periodic melancholy, lacking emphasis on anything particular and thus seeming so punctured.

    I apologize for eating up this space?.
  • Bluejay from Space, United StatesWhile Billie Joe Armstrong sings 'I walk ALONE' in the music video, he walks through vignettes (ironically) ACCOMPANIED by his bandmates.
  • Tara from Somewhere, Fli'm dealing with depression, and no help, and no one knows [but who ever reads my comments] but me. so i'm alone always, so this songs reminds me of everything. and the line, "Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me." reminds me that I really don't want to let go of my pain [reminds me of Lithium by Evanescence] but sometimes I want help and them I get really confused about myself once again.
  • Hannah from Martinsburg, WvMe and my friend just love this song! We actually made up another version of this song when we were playing in the snow a couple weeks ago. It was really cold and it began to snow really hard..and my friend just started singing this song but with different words, but it still related to the original words. We are such dorks :D but GREEN DAY ROCKS!
  • David from Tracy, Cato be honest i don't like Green Day. not my kinda music, the classic rock is better in my mind and with out it Green Day and others kinds of rock like it wouldn't be around. But i have to give them props on this song, they have captured the feeling that we all get once in a while, that "its us aginst the world and there is no one with us so we walk alone."
  • Ona from Baitmore, MdIlove this song GREENDAY ROCKS!
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGreen day is the worst, dumbest, childish band ever! No second graders, you are not anarchists if you lisetn to green day, I mean FYI Billie Joe is a skinny whining transvestite who sold out and thinks he's punk by saying the f word a bunch. I bet not one person who thinks green day is good has heard of The Ramones, or Sex pistols. And their "rock oppera" who are they trying to fool! Tommy and Quadrophenia are rock opperas, that green day Sh*t is just a bunch of bad songs that tell a bad story. GREEN DAY SUCKS!!
  • Joshua from Celina, OhGuillermo, san diego, CA if you have nothing fricken nice to say dont say anything at all you Douche
  • Katie from Mc, InJorge, Codoba, Other - South America, your probally a prep so shut it. apparently you don't know what punk is. so you swallow. so do yourself a favor and buy a dicktionary, look up the punk, and i bet the first definitio you see is Green Day. go ahead look bastard! shoot...i shall laugh when i see you math grade!
  • Katie from Laporte, InGuillermo, san diego, CA.....F*** YOU!
  • Mali from New York, NyI think that this song has deep meaning, and should be shared. Have a beer for green day!
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nythis song is really awesome. i love it, but i dont think its their best. hell, i dont think that the album is their best.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhMike of Cal, I agree... Except "American Idiot" is their best yet-that's all. Anyone care to comment?
  • Mike from Los Angeles, CaI honestly think this whole "punk" or not "punk" discussion is really stupid. who cares what green day is considered. The point is do you like their music or not.

    Second note, green day has never really been a punk rock band. they consider themself punk rock because they grew up in the punk scene when they were kids. if you go way back to the kerplunk days and even before you will notice there music has never been traditional punk rock music. Thats not to say their music is bad. dookie was the first cd i ever bought when i was 6 years old and i have been a green day fan since then. what made green day a good band is their upbeat catchy rythym along with billie joe's powerfull,unique and catchy lyrics.

    Now it's obvious that american idiot isnt green day's best stuff. i can unfortunatley admit that every green day cd since dookie has not been as good as the previous except i think nimrod was better than insomniac. however, their still good and sure blvd of broken dreams isnt the most original song ever made but it does have good meaning behind it.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhThis is me and Marie's song... luv ya, Mae-chan....
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandThis sounds, musically, very similar to Wonderwall by Oasis.
  • Bill from Erie, PaAh, I love how people accuse Green Day of selling out. Just because a band becomes popular does not mean they suddenly suck, although I can see why 90s punk rockers would have thought that. This album is a very important political and social statement- that it departs from Green Day's usual style doesn't make it any less so.
  • Enzo from Ottawa, CanadaI think Jorge and Arthur should shut the f*ck up. They have no business putting down Green Day. We don't really care if you don't like them and by the way if you were rich you would wanna get more money too. System of a down is a toilet full of sh*t. What the h*ll is this stupid B.Y.O.B. anyway? How can you listen to such cr*p?
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthe first time i heard this song i liked it but i couldn't get it out of my head than i heard it like 10 times again in one day and this song got so annoying there's no words too explain it so i hope i don't hear this song for another 5 years or so and green day just aren't as kool as they used too be, i think people should pay more attention too the new red hot chili peppers cd than a cd that is still (somehow) popular that came out almost 3 years ago
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americato those of you that dont know why green day are posers...they say there communist, but they arent for two reasons, money, and how they use it
  • That Dude from This Place, Coboo to green gay. this is in fact their emo song. I think you should all listen to classic rock rather than this.
  • Sean from Toronto, CanadaThis song was played in many well-known television shows, such as "Third Watch" and "Smallville".
  • Bob from Rio Vista, CaHey guys listen to this:

    To play the bass for this song, you have to tie some of the strings together and tune it sharp and go through an even more complex process.
  • Alex from New Orleans, LaIn the June 2006 issue of Esquire (issue with Tom Hanks & barbecue on it), one of the fan letters discusses the similarities between this song and Whitesnake.
  • Paul from Warrenpoint, IrelandRight, First of all I would like to say that I was pretty dissapointed in Greenday. Their new album seemed very capitalistic for a punk band, Secondly, This song is quite depressing.

    Please bring back the classic greenday.....

    Viva la Dookie
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThis song is O.K, but it is really depressing. I just get into a bad mood every time I hear it because it makes me feel like everything sucks.
  • Jay-z Lover from Corbin, Kyi agree with a bunch of people its hard to understand the lyrics. heck man i dont get any of the lyrics but still green day is preatty good.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pai agree alot of the "new" green day fans are posers. people treat them like they're brand new, but they started in '89. true geen day fans know all their songs from dookie to shenanigans by heart and not just american idiot.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis song is great but it is OVER-PLAYED and that is what i hate
  • Presley Kate Phillip from Houston, TxJust so you know when it says in the lyrics, "On the borderline" I think they mean borderline personality disorder
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlArthur, Thank you. (applause)
  • Rick from Humboldt, IaI don't think Green Day are posers. I think 80% of their fans are. I also think Billy Joe Armstrong can be quite an idiot. He has a great voice but isn't that great on the guitar. Their rhythm section is awesome though. As for this song, it was definitely ripped off from "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.
  • Your Mom from Your Dad, CanadaPretty good song, I don't like the music video though because he's walking with like two other people as I remember =P
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyI love this song!! This is my favorite song ever. To all of you people who think Green Day are posers, well, you can think that if you want, but they aren't. Why the heck do you think that? They have thier own style and can sing however they want. Want an example of a poser? Ashlee Simpson.
  • Sarah from Sandiego, Cai love this song but my friend just got dumped by her boyfriend so i cant play it on the guitar in front of her anymore
  • Arthur from Sydney, AustraliaEileen, you are idiotic. You must be a stupid teenybopper. If you're a huge Green Day fanatic then listen to real music because American Idiot is nothing more than a pure sell-out sound. Today, Green Day don't care about music and they only want fresh cash from you. Now what is this stupidity about Slayer and System of a Down not being "cool?" Hey - Slayer still remains one of the most influental thrash metal bands of all time and they've formed in 1982 - possibly before you were born. They were part of the Big Four of thrash meal, competing with Metallica, Megadeath and Anthrax. System of a Down is a brilliant band too. Hell they have more practiced instrument talent then futuristic Green Day.

    Finally, Guillermo I'd thank you for standing up about what overall landfill-of-trash Green Day is. If Eileen cannot bother to hear metal, then I've proved my point that she's an inane individual that's brainwashed. Slayer and System of a Down can step over Green Day, any day.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South AmericaEileen think before you speak, system of a down is a better band then green day, why because what they speak about is actually about something meaninful most of the time, they have the guts in most of there songs to even talk badly about the CIA and the useless UN. Green day on the other hand are the selfish ones, talking about there own lives and tough times...your kidding me, he makes millions and he is still whining? the band are also hypocrites have you seen them live, wearing communist symbols on almost everything, while they roll around in money everyday...there goes there love "belief". And to top it all of, this band as well as others today arent even your so called "punk", look at them it takes them more than an hour to get dressed, punk is when you wear tattered cloths and not care about it, listen to The Clash, or The Romones for real punk..or at least look at them, and compare them to these fools
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaThis song really really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
    What a stupid song of walking alone.I hate these guys.SLAYER and SYSTEM OF A DOWN is way better.
  • Sarah from Portland, OrJust wondering if this had any influence on Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Perhaps an obscure reference? or just a coincidence? Any thoughts? I pulled this from another site: Songwriter Tommy Durden showed his partner Mae Axton a newspaper story about a suicide victim who had left a one-line note that said "I Walk A Lonely Street". The pair added "Heartbreak Hotel" to the line and in 22 minutes had written Elvis Presley's first million seller.
  • AnonymousI love this song!!!! This is the best song ever! I love the music video! Green day is the best band ever!
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaThe only thing about this song that I don't like was the intense radio play it had.

    I love this song and then for a while I got a little tired of it, but then you hear it and you like it again so I guess this song will last a long time and be remembered. I agree it's not their most original song though.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoSince when is this song "emo", James???
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI am ao happy they made this a single. It's one of my favorite songs they ever wrote and it really relates to me a lot and I just love it! I'm glad they won so many awrds on it too.
  • Layla from Omaha, NeSorry Gautam, but everyone knows that. Anyway, I love this song and I'm glad they won rock song of the year on MTV!
  • Eileen from San Diego, CaBillie Joe wrote this song because he and his band were in a very bad situation. The band was fighting and they were very quiet. BJ didn't talk to the band because he was very depressed. He felt like noone cared about him anymore. The band had to either break up or make it up. So that's why BJ wrote Blvd of broken dreams. He felt so alone. And this explains why in the music video of this song all 3 of the band members are walking apart. They are not walking side by side. And in the music video BJ looks kind of sad. You can see the sadness in his eyes. BUT IT TURNED OUT OK!!!
  • Real from Atlanta, GaCountless songs exist where over airplay ruins any entertainment value of it for at least 10 years, this is one such song. But to be frank, not sure if I would have liked this song had it not been played somewhere on the radio dial in any given city for at least 5 months straight. Nothing about it is original. The track was over produced and any raw energy was drained from it in the production room. The vocals seem stale and insincere (stark contrast between these vocals and what was emoted in 'Good Riddance'). The repetitive riff gets annoying after about 30 seconds.
  • James from Fountain Valley, CaThis song is so freakin emo I love it
  • Sophie from Yorkshire, EnglandThis isn't one of my favourite Green Day songs. It brought all the teenies to like Green Day. It's like the teenie anthem of the year/century. I listen to it because I think Green Day are amazing, but it annoys me when I see people appreciating this song, when there are far better ones on albums etc. 2000 Light Years Away, Dominated Love Slave, Brat etc.
  • Tom from Boston, MaGreen Day was punk. Now they are more emo than punk. They look a lot like that guy from Fall Out Boy. A band tries to reflect and image and the one that Green Day reflected before was punk, but now, they're doing a bad job keeping that up.
  • Nedisyourmaster from Vancouver, Wathis song killed green day's career, green day was once one of the greatest bands on the face of the planet and now they sold out, this song makes me sad, not because of the message, but what it did to my ex-favorite band
  • Marissa from Marshall, MnOk first off Greenday has been around for many years so they aren't trying to be "punk" second off what is with the "punk", "gothic", and "prep" words are we just trying to seperate our society more then it already is. Just because people look or act differently then you do doesn't mean they can't lke the same music.
  • Kimberly from Greeley, CoI totally agree with Ashely (9 spaces below my entry) I hate it. EVERYONE is a poser these days. my best friend thinx she is GD's #1 fan and she looks like a moron. what REALLY sux is when preps where Blink 182 shirts and GD shirts, thinking theyre all cool and making my fav bands looking bad.
  • Kimberly from Greeley, CoI love this song. One day, before I knew about Green Day, a goth girl walked onto my bus, wearing a GD hoodie, and I got the impression that GD was a freak goth band so I stupidly decided to hate GD before I heard their music. That very night, I turned the radio on and heard a GREAT song. When it was over, the DJ said,"That was GD with their song; Boulevard of broken dreams" and I'm think 'WTF?! that was the best song i ever heard and it was GD???!!! I now love GD and have four of their albums.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxThis song is very well known. I really do love it. I can relate. The line "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me." is true in my case. I can really relate to this song.
  • Sinead from Dublin, Irelandjust wondering: if green day aren't a punk band who is???!!!
  • Kevin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, EnglandI love this song, I can relate to it on many different levels. I suffer from manic depression and have done for the last 5 years. There are times when I do "walk alone" even when I'm with my friends I still feel alone and anyone with depression will know where I'm coming from.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Mawow sarah what an analysis! thats some deep thinking going on there. jeez i gotta tell that blew me away. i cannot even begin to comprehend what you said because its just a brilliant analysis and far beyond my reaches of understanding. wow. anyway, this is a great song, my 2nd favorite green day song (behind holiday) but is a little too overplayed but now is finally starting to die down so i think ill listen to it again.
  • Sam from Adelaide, AustraliaI'm very sorry to disagree with most of you but I am listening to this song at the same time as writing and I must say it is putting me to sleep... I prefer the old Green Day compared to their new "punk" style
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili love this song. it tells me that dreams are broken. and where the cities sleep. and he is walking where the city sleeps and where the dreams are broken. and every thing is messed up and they want the place to be a place again so people will be happy again.
  • Rikki from Ashtabula, OhI can see how it became so big. It has good lyrics and stuff and is a good song. I can't believe I said that but I do admit it. It may not have the great guitar playing I usually listen to. I really couldn't stand it and now that the popularity of posers liking Green Day is finally dying down I might listen to some of it. I still don't like most of their songs though. It's one of those guilty pleasures type of thing. Almost like liking Nelson or Poison! On a side note, Slaughter, an early 90s pop metal band, did a song called "Street of Broken Hearts" which resembles the title obviously.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cai wish they'd stop pretending to be punk and admit to the world that we all need more classic rock...not that they're classic rock. just...some type of rock. anyway this and wake me up when september ends are the only songs i like by green day. and american idiot is OKAY. not great just okay. the rest of the songs all sound the same.
  • Megan from Scituate, Mathis song was overplayed ohh well. the american idiot album is pretty good, so im not complaining.
  • Jade from LondonAlexander u must b completely mad!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandu not like any of their music alexander?
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyI just hate them because they're trying to be punk, they arent.
  • Tanya from London, Englandi do understand how some ppl dont like american idiot (i personally LOVE it) but i hate the way ppl are havin a pop at green day for it. Nearly every single green day album is in a different style to the last, do i hear anyone complainin about that? No. But just because American Idiot isnt your style of music, suddenly Green Day are a crap band n u hate em. A band has to change and develop or they would become one of those 'bands' that do the same thing over n over again. Thats one of the reasons why insomniac is so different to dookie...they didnt want to become one of those bands
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyGreenday turned into posers with this song.
  • Heather from Stony Brook Long Island, NyIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SICK OF GREEN DAY ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandanyone know why / that keeps appearin whenever u do an apostrophe thing?
  • Rick from Humboldt, Iagreen day is good, but i'm so sick of how all the people at school suddenly love them just because they are popular. kids are so stupid.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Mai wasnt a green day fan until i heard this song on the radio. thought it sounded good. i now gave it the nickname "the most played song in the history of radio". still a good song,though. however, not the best on american idiot. holiday is the best (best ever, on every green day album)
  • Megan from Scottsburg, InWhen I first heard this song I freaked!!!
    Now I am in love with it.
    I LOVE YOU BILLY!!!!!!!!
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcBoy this is some hard-core punk rock stuff.... 'I walk a lonley road the only one I have ever known' Boy that has a deep deep punk rock message behind it doesn't it and the way its face-paced and upbeat and short just appitmizes punk rock, wait is this the Blitzkrieg Bop room
  • Eduina from Elbasan, EuropeI agree with u Tanya about that masturbation thing, but I absolutely dont understand what the hell has e, vancouver that hates so much green day. e, can u explain me?
  • Sara from Madison, WiThe song isn't that bad, but I'm so tired of it! They play it EVERYWHERE and I can't get it out of my head! For this reason, the only songs I can really even stand on American Idiot are the ones that don't have music videos yet. Nimrod and Dookie are sooo much better than American Idiot anyway!
  • Aby from Queens, NyI think that this song is depicting the loneliness that some people have. Others don't understand them but in their minds, their world makes a lot of sense to them. Although they are lonely, they don't need other peoples sympathy, but just themselves to get them by.
  • Justin from Birch Run, MiThis song can be taken in many different ways. Here are the ways I take it:
    1)The part where it goes "Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, till then I walk alone" is talking about looking for that speical someone in your life, but all you find is rejection. So until they find someone, they "walk alone". The whole song can be taken this way.
    2)Now look at the line I just mention. The second way I take this is that mental, the person is lost, and is losing all hope. And this leads into the plot of the CD:Should I kill my self? Or will I get over it and move on?. And of course, he moves on and forget about the girl that gave him trouble, a.k.a."Whatsername"

    This is a great song and the meaning all depends on how you take it personally.
  • Kyle from Hampton Bays, NyI just started to listing to greenday iam the kinda person who can listing to a song and understan it tis is a song like that.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandYou can't expect a 33 year old married guy to sit writin about masturbation when things such as politics and media is what means alot to him. If politics is what means alot to him then thats what he should write about. Just coz u dont agree with what they think about the government doesnt mean its bad music. thats a difference in opinion about politics. Yes, their old 'fun' stuff about masturbation is excellent but that was written when his habits were 'chronic' as hes put it. Music from a band has 2 change as the members of the band change too
  • Eduina from Elbasan, EuropeGO GREEN DAY! U R JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!
  • Nick from Roch, Nythis is a great song but is alittle overplayed..
    it explains how americas gov can leave us walking alone and is also a continuation of the rock opera like all the other songs
  • Krystal from Fort Worth, Txi love green day! element eighty is awesome too but this isnt an element eighty site!
  • Brittney from Franklin, VaI love green day! But im more into there old stuff...there new stuff is just everyone elses music really! But NE them still!!!
    love love...
  • Sean from Toronto, CanadaAfter their cover of "I Fought The Law", I saw Green Day perform this on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and loved it. I just may now buy "American Idiot" because of my renewed interest in the band.
  • Alex from St Louis, Mohi great song it ranks number 2 on my favorite all time jsut behind to stairway to heaven but on the album green day does so good in moving tothe next song with hholiday and boulavard of broken dreams becasue the end of holiday is the exact notes on the guitar as teh beggingng of bobd this is a great achivment by the bad
  • Matt from Sammamish, WaThe chord progression, and even the guitar's tremolo in the intro, is extremely similar to Travis's "Writing to Reach You", and Oasis's "Wonderwall"
  • Luc from Nottingham, Englandthis proves that green day are the biggest band in the world at the moment
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaLane, to answer your question, its easy to hate Green Day... just listen to this song :)

    *puke* cheeziest song of all time
  • Rick from San Juan, United StatesThe original "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" was a #6 hit for Jan Garber & His Orchestra in 1934, with vocals by Lee Bennett (no apparent relation to Tony Bennett, who later recorded it in 1957). Other versions were recorded by Brian Setzer (Stray Cats)in 1986 and David Cassidy in 1990.
  • Lane from Denver, CoHow Could anyone hate Green Day, I mean, seriously, that is just sad. Green Day is the best band in the world, I Love You Green Day!
  • Meredith from Sacramento, Cagood song. It has good lyrics that you can kinda relate to.
  • Izzy from Syracuse, NyBoulevard of Broken Dreams was the song that got me hooked on listening to Green Day. At the time I had been feeling very depressed and I would listen to the song and I thought it described how I felt about life so far. It made me think of being kind of alone and walk down a road where nobody could seem to find me, or bother to care. But ever since Boulevard of Broken Dreams i've been passionate about music and the lyrics within.
  • Rick from San Juan, United States"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" also happens to be the title of a tango Tony Bennett included in his 1957 Columbia album "Tony". It is one of his most requested songs.
  • Evan from Mountain View, CaYes it's the same chord progression as "Wonderwall", in fact, Party Ben ( did a mashup of the two, called Boulevard of Broken Songs, which has been getting a decent amount of radio airplay. It's available for download from his website and is really good! I recommend everyone that likes those songs and has the bandwidth download it.
    -Evan, Mountain View, CA
  • Maria from Los Angeles, CaI agree w/ J-lee i love Green day!
  • Desperado from Pune, Indiathis song rocks man.
    best song in d album
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaI agree with what somebody said in a previous post. People think that just because they have the album "American Idiot" they are such big Green Day fans. I bet half the people couldn't even tell you two things about Green Day. It may not seem like it with some of the posts I have made(I have made several other in different songs)but I am a fan of Green Day's music. Just not a fan of "American Idiot"
  • Mike from San Fransisco, CaMe, you dont even need to listen hard to know it's the sequel. On the album, at the end of holiday, there is a long guitar line for like 5 sec. and at the beginning of Boulevard, it has that same line. And on the vid. you see them in a car... oh wait you mentioned that already. But still, you dont need to listen hard.
    Anyway, good song!
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaChrista,people aren't dissing the album.They are just telling it how it is.
  • Me from North East, AzThis song is ACTUALLY more like a sequal to Holiday. You will notice that in the begining of the video there is the music to Holiay, you may need to turn it up, it's not very loud. You will also notice that in the holiday video they are mostly driving, in Boulevard of Broken Dreams their car breaks down. AND you will notice theor clothes are the same. This song is OBVIOUSLY teh sequel to Holiday.
  • Jonathan Taylor from Keighley, Englandbit poor. good band however. Theres a subliminal message in this song...
  • Czarina Amor from General Santos City, Otherboulevard of broken dreams is a nice speaks about the youth today.i got a CD & i use to play it over & over again.GREENDAY RULES!!!!
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaHorrible. Absolutely horrible. Green Day let me down. Their older stuff was so great. But now.......I won't even go there
  • Fábio from Sorocaba City, BrazilHere in Brazil we usually first listen to the song, then, only after some days we can watch the video. I agree that the song is so much more than the video can trasmit, "Boulevard of broken dreams" is a song which says everything by itself. Only listening hardly to the song you will find the real meaning out. "Forget the video, Enjoy the Music!".
  • Hannah from Granbury, TxI LOVE THIS SONG!!!!every time this song comes on i get on top of my bed and start singing and dancing!!my brother always swithches it when it comes on but i punch him and make him turn it back on!!I LOVE GREENDAY!!!!!
  • Casey from Nashua, NhI wish I walked that lonly road the only one that I will never know My shadow will walk beside me.
  • Corey from Indianapolis, Ini find the thing that makes this song good is the guitar's specific chords(whoever wrote those is a master) plus the percussion.
  • Corey from Indianapolis, Inpersonally, i think it has at least some reference to nuclear war: the only survivor's desparate desolation, etc, etc.
  • Brett from Winnipeg, CanadaI think this song is about a man heading to death, so he's all alone, and he's hoping someone will help him
  • Casie from Denver, CoHey! Im only 13 but ive been a fan of Green Day since I was 3 yrs old and met them and been to their concerts and the whole deal,well u can say i tecnacly know them. We talk and everything. The ;ast concert I went to was last year when I saw them in Australia with Good Charlotte. I gotta tell ya,alot of ppl hate this band and I wanna kill them but whatever u know. I support GD forever and it was hard making this last cd thats like a story and it all had to make sence so yea,it was difficult and all the hard work came out great! This song means where that dude just came from partying,if u seen the video the car brakes down,i dont know why this video came out first b4 holiday because holiday is when it appears where the dude takes off from his home so he goes out to celebrate on the street and at the end of holiday the car brakes down and boulevard of broken dreams starts that he is all alone again as usual,nothing to do he is walking down a boulevard of broken dreams. The city is quiet and alone and boring and cold and he has nothing to do exept for walking it because his car broke down. Well I can say I know everything about GD,Im a nerd of green day cause i love em so much. GREEN DAY Y ROCK! IF MIKE READS THIS,MY DAD GOT THROUGH WITH THE WHOLE DEAL. THANKS!
  • Kyle from Baltimore, MdI hate green day, they are overrated and dont have much variety at all.
  • Tiff from Washington Court House, Ohpretty much everybody knows what this song is about. hes alone. of course. and it relates to us all because at one point in time we have all felt like we are alone. love and lust. all anyone wants and the one moment we feel neglected of that we feel like there is no one in this world and that the only one who knows the true meaning of love is only you and you yourself know that you dont even know what love is. this song can touch a heart if you just hear the right words
  • Madeline from Melbourne, AustraliaNow this was a fantastic song until radio ruined it. Radio ruins everything. I loved this song but then afer about the 30, 000 time i hated it. It's a shame cause it is a good song
  • Jameson from Lexington, KyI have to agree with Tegan: this song -- the lyrics, the progression, even the power-chord lead-in from "Holiday" -- strike me as someone who's had some experience with depression. And depressing as the song can sometimes be, it can be helpful as well. It's a reminder that hey, you're not the only one like this. Kind of ironic.
  • Kyle from Lake Village, InGreen Days new cd sucks compared 2 thier old songs 2 many people say they like Green Day when all they know are the songs off this cd because of this song this brought bad things.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcSt. Jimmy doesn't die in a car crash...He blows his brains out into the bay....
  • Josh from Edmonton, CanadaAlot of the album is about a character named Jimmy (I don't know, but the name could come from James). This young man dies in a car crash (like James Dean).
    There is also a painting of James Dean that says Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaI like this song alot but it's way too overplayed
  • Glyde from Texarkana, TxI believe that the meaning of the song changes for each person. It boils down to being depressed because of rejection. Whether it refers to rejection by peers or family or by industry(the american dream), I do not know. BBD is much deeper than people realize and Green Day was NOT stuipid by having people walk with the singer as he says "I walk alone". You can feel "alone" when there are bunches of people around, if they dont understand you or listen to you.
  • Jason from Johnstown, PaI just think the fact that this song means so many different things to different people pretty much makes it a success. Certainly proves to me that it has an inherent connection with a great deal of people, and in this day and age in the music business, that truly means something.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaI have to agree with some that the lyrics are awfully thin and uninspired. Taken with the context of the alumb, they may have deeper meaning, but on their own they are not very original or evocative. And I get annoyed by all the half-finished words: "I walk a-"

    You do? You walka? Like Pac-Man, "walka walka walka walka"?

    I don't consider this a sell out, its just a throwaway from the album that A&R picked because it is so simple it is catchy. Songs like "Holiday" prove there's still much more to Green Day and this album.
  • Robert from Ottawa, CanadaDoes anyone else think the first verse of this song (and the whole walking alone theme) is just a ripoff of Whitesnake's "Here I go Again?"

    I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams
    Here I go again on my own
    Going down the only road I've ever known
    Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

    Green Day:
    I walk a lonely road
    The only one that I have ever known
    Don't know where it goes
    But it's home to me and I walk alone
  • Mairi from Glasgow, ScotlandHey, recently in my English class we have been reading a short story by Ray Bradbury called "The Pedestrian" and it is about a man who is alone in the world because television and advances in technology are controlling everyone else in the city. Maybe Green Day were slightly inspired by this for this part of the story as the similarities are plentiful.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcEliza...homegirl they always dress like that I am pretty sure it has nothign to do with that and I guess it is a coincidence even though it is that blatent
  • Jeremy from San Jose, Cayou know, im not a big fan of green day. but i do have to give them props because they come from were i live. and it is a pretty good song!
  • Courtney from Adelaide, AustraliaI LOVE THIS SONG!! I think Green day did an awesome job of this song. For the people who dont like Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, fair enough, not everyone appreciates the same type of music. However, I hope you've actually taken the time to listen to the words in this song before just saying that it couldnt possibly have a meaning and that Green Day are just a talented band. Alot of people say, he's not walking alone in his video clip and that its stupid and doesnt make sense. He means metaphorically, not literally. He's singing about lonliness and how he feels invisible to the world. The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it and Im continuing to love it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GREEN DAY!!
  • Eric from Montrose , CoOk the song isnt the hangover from "Jesus of Surburbia" it is the hangover from "Holiday"
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, Ohwhen i first heard this song, i was reminded of something the lead singer of Dillinger Escape Plan said once onstage at a concert with acts that he less than approved of, after crapping into a towel- "this is crap, and you should recognize it because you're going to be seeing a lot of it tonight." i think deejays should have to say that about this song, since it's so overplayed and terrible. I'm not one of those people who normally condemn so-called sell-outs (we all have to kiss the corporate ass at one point or another), but they definately went from a more respectable punk act on Dookie to being on almost the same level as acts with the brains and musical ability as dishwater (i.e., Good Charlotte.)
  • Tegan from Darwin, Australiawel, 2 me, the meaning of the song is obvious. battling with depression myself, i can relate to every line of this song. it describes it all. but of course this is only how it appeals to me. i think its great that songs can mean so many different things to so many people, but to me this song describes the lonliness of depression to a T
  • Eliza from Santa Rosa, CaI can't believe that nobody has noticed it yet... or maybe just not spoken about it. I'll probably get flamed for this. -_-;

    They're dressed as European male prostitutes. The eyeliner, the tie, the whole attitude, images, and (were you paying attention?) the lyrics. It's... really, really obvious. I don't think you can do that sort of thing by accident. Not when it's *that* blatent.
  • Khristina from Findlay, OhI love this song...its me...and how i feel about myself and the world and i also agree with Jenny from MI...stop analyzing ruins the song and the option to change its meaning to others...leave it know what you think it means and what it means to you is all that should matter to you not everyone else...
  • Jenny from In Michigan, MiI love this song and i really don't think people need to over analzye every song
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanWho cares what the meaning of the song is, all you need to know is that this is an awesome song.
  • Kevin from Toronto, CanadaI belive that this song about a fictious charactor (the Jesus of Seburbia) ad how he feels trapped in a world of depression and lonliness. having felt this way for much of my life and can relate to this song and it's lyrics. like the line "I walk a lonely road, the only one that I ever known" is the charactors life and its is the only one he knows because he has been depressed for so long tat he can no longer remember the joys of life. The line "Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me" is a plea for help from what is left of a broken soul. and about the comments of a member of the group being depressed i can not say for sure but i feel to have written such a powerful song they must have expierianced some feelings like this in their lives.
  • Vic from Southampton, Englandi think the song is amazing and it wouldnt suprise me to find out one of the band has had depression. it doesnt matter how many people are around you, you still walk by yourself, the comments about people not realising whats f***d up, and having to check to see he's still alive. depression gives u this horrible numb, cold, dead feeling. a plea for someone out there to find n connect n help. he talks about having a split mind and walking right on theedge. shrugs. most people will read songs in a way that is personal to them so maybe im seeing something that isnt there but thats wot i think.
  • Tasha from Corpus, TxI think that this song is mainly about, being lonley in life, and wanting someone who can understand you for who you really are, not just the image you appear to be.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaDid anyone else recongnize the name of the guy who directed the video for this song? It's Samuel Bayer, the same guy that directed Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit video. Green Day knows who to hire!
  • Elle from Uk, United StatesIt is about people not noticing you. You see everyone but they dont notice you. Your like trapped in this dilemma and no one will listen and no one will bother to save you. The quote "My shallow hearts the only thing thats beating, Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me, to them i walk alone" it kind of means I want someone to see me, to notice me but im so shallow i have been left here the only thing thats still alive in me is my heart. No ones there for him and he is lost, he wants to be helped but no one will help.Its a deep song and I saw them live it was so awesome
  • Terra Smith from Midland, Miwell in american idiot song i think he does not like america cause he is not american and he is brittian and it shows in that song so yeah
  • John from Sydney, AustraliaHanoi Rocks had a song with the same title on the "Two Steps from The Move" LP from 1984. Great band who never got the credit they deserved!
  • Terra Smith from Midland, Miwell i think boulevard of broken dreams is a message telling us not to mess up our lives cause it will mess you up and i think that he does not know where his life is going to end up at the end of the road and all his dreams wont come true for him and so they are now broken
  • Scott from Middletown, You Know Tmi,, PaI think this song is about the painting actually, in recent years Green Day have become a very famous band and well i think the lead singer feels like Maryln Monroe, Elvis, and James Dean, basicly lonely, All of them had tragic deaths but used the fame to hide it and the band is just saying they are starting to feel the way the other American Icons did. Humprey Bogart was in the painting but i have no clue what happened to him he just faded away...
  • Louis from San Diego, CaI dont really enjoy the song at all. I think it is so representive of the lack of musical talent that for one reason or another has come over green day. There is nothing that you could use from the song to find out why he is walking alone. Thats the part that really makes it horrible for me. He says hes walking alone and he obviously is really upset about it, but their is (in the song at least) no reasion for it. I have heard however that supposedly it is because of his fathers death and the emptiness in him from the loss, but im not sure. If anyone knows please tell me so I can have again some respect for this band.
  • Nick from San Francisco, Cathe painting "Nighthawks" is a different one, by Edward Hopper. I've never heard of "Boulevard."

    Veronica, don't base anything on the video... in my opinion, music videos are the sole cause of the decline in narrative quality in music. There aren't any more Dylans or Springsteens out there because you don't tell a story with the music anymore, but in the video. Green Day is managing to break that trend with a highly complex narrative on American Idiot (a teriffic album by the way), so keep in mind that their videos have absolutely squat to do with the message and concept their music is communicating.
  • Shizzlebizzle from Greenville, CtThis song, is about being an atheist. The lonely road is his life, and when he says, "sometimes i wish someone up there will find me", he is talking about God. I had to listen to the whole cd really hard to understand that.
  • Diego from Panama, Otherits the same chord progression, just a few tones sharper, here in panama this dj put this oasis/greenday remix on the radio, thus proving the similarity in the chord progressions
  • Veronica from Fowler, Cathe song is great but just a few things are weird... in the video anyway: 1. he doesn't walk alone and 2. the road isn't lonely, there's plenty of people..... other than that it's quite good
  • Shana from Detroit Rock City, Canadaamazing song, everyone i know loves it, including my english teacher!
  • Reg from Kemptville, On, CanadaWell, this one fooled me! (I didn't think it possible.)
    The only song with this title that I'm familiar with is Dianna Krall's version of the hit by the Nat King Cole Trio, originaly from about 1949. THAT'S BEFORE I WAS BORN, by the way. If interested you can find that song on her CD entitled "All for You".
    Reggie, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
  • Jim from Pittsburgh, PaI believe the name of the painting referred to above is "NightHawks" but that the entire series is called Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Josh from Trenton, NjI think "I walk alone" explains itself.. I think what he's saying is that he never had any friends and he wants to have friends, but doesn't know how.. And I think he's saying he hopes someone finds him before he does something bad to himself..
  • Secura from Tessenderlo, BelgiumI think it's more symbolical. The lonely road, which is the only one he's ever known, is his life, which is not the one he actually wanted, but he got into it because it was "the only one he's ever known". He was taught to live that way my society, but his deeper "him" tells him he's doing wrong. The problem is he can't change his life just like that, so he is in a conflict with himself. That's how I see it tho. :)
  • Ginette from Richmond Hill, CanadaThe 'American Idiot' album is like a story. Each song is a different part of the story. In BOBD, the main character is alone and the happiness is gone. No one hears him, no one cares the happiness is gone and he walks alone.
  • Secura from Tessenderlo, BelgiumThe meaning of this song to me:

    This song is about someone who has a very casual life. He lives the way like our society wants it. He has been taught by "the society" (school, parents, family,...) to do that, but deep inside he is different. He is in a conflict with himself. A conflict in which his real "him" doesn't find support.
  • Anonymous from Electric LadylandIs it just me, or does this song have the exact same chord progression as Oasis's "Wonderwall"?
  • Joshua from Aliso Viejo, CaI honestly believe this song is able being able to be alone in the world, with no one to get in the way of dreams.
  • Lisa from Huntington Beach, CaI Love this song and there new cd, its my favorite cd ever!

    - Lisa, huntington beach,california
  • Jason from Wylie, Txto me this song is about being lost in america so to speak were a disenfranchised generation the dream is dead and being bought out by disney and microsoft comemrciallized to the point of no menaing
  • Melita from Wilts, EnglandI can't relate to the American Dream letting me down because I never belived it in the first place (plus and more to the point I'm not American any way), but somehow a lot of people I know feel they can relate to these lyrics- quite cool really!
  • Jack from London, Englandgr8 song but i wanna know the meaning of these lyrics!GREEN DAY ROCK!
  • Kaylee from Phili., PaIt is not a just one picture he has tons of pictures called "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
  • Jammie from Deckerville, MiI love this song. I am so glad that they got a new CD out.
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