Lips Of An Angel

Album: Extreme Behavior (2005)
Charted: 3
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  • Honey, why are you calling me so late?
    It's kinda hard to talk right now
    Honey, why are you crying, is everything okay?
    I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud

    Well, my girl's in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words - it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But, girl, you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's funny that you're calling me tonight
    And, yes, I've dreamt of you too
    And does he know you're talking to me?
    Will it start a fight?
    No, I don't think she has a clue

    Well, my girl's in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words - it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But, girl, you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words - it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But, girl, you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel
    (And I never wanna say goodbye)
    But, girl, you make it so hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    Honey, why are you calling me so late?

Comments: 49

  • Misshellkitten from Ya Moms HouseI think its really about this guy who's struggling with staying faithful to his new gf, because his ex gf (who called) sucks a mean meat pole. Perhaps his new lady uses too much teeth? I dunno. But he wouldn't be saying her lips are sweet if he was just talkin about the chicks voice. Know'm'sayin? Maybe she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Id reminisce bout her too fam.
  • Zoe from United KingdomThis song is like what happened to me in my past and i totally agree with the song as i never really moved on from an ex but i have slowly accepted that it was better to move on and i now have had a boyfriend for 7 months in 4 days i am glad i have hom because hes the one who is my soulmate and i am very happy i have learnt from the past mistakes i have made
  • Emmy from Bellville, OnMakes me sad omg
  • Cassandra from Meridian, IdIf you cry when you hear this song. Keep this one person in mind My BFF Syndal Smith. When she cries i am there for her. When she cries she calls me up and i talk to her and because of me calming her down she is now not so depressed. I am the one who kept her from commiting suicide. So if you think your life is a living hell then your a complete and total idiot. Because of all i have done for my BFF she has stopped with this all and yeah she has crappy days but when she talks to me about it she forgets about all the haters and just realizes the happiness and justice and goodness in the world. She also understands how you may feel but when you get hurt as much as she has then just call up your BFF and talk to them if you haven't talked to them in a while then CALL THEM!!! And her EX (He who shall not be named) May have injected her but when she told me about it I told her not to worry that if necessary i would call and get the police involved she said "No Wait!'' so as the good friend i am i waited. And his name even though i shouldn't say this his name is J. Mathew Elwin. When i got my mom in to this after i just couldn't take it i called my friend and talked to her and she said "As long as your mom does not take this to the police i am fine." I told her not to worry, and we talked so basically what i am saying is she has gone through ALOT of hell. And she If you knw Justin Bieber PLZ tell him to come to 11097 west mesquite drive Boise Idaho. She REALLY REALLY REALLY badly needs his help. So if you Know Justin Biebers location plz have him call Syndal at (208)-608-5885. If he needs to talk to me first plz have him call me at (208)-362-5351 to confirm. SHE REALLY BADLY NEEDS HIS HELP AND ASSISTANCE!!! PLZ HELP US FIND HIM!!!!!!! :( if we don't find him i will lose my BFFL soon....too soon. :*(
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI love this song! Makes me cry just thinking about it! Awwww!! They played this at prom! It was sooo cute! <3
  • Jessica from Uvalde, TxAt this point I can completely identify with this song. There are any number of reasons people go their separate ways. Sometimes you never completely get over all the feelings even when you thought you had. Sometimes it all comes rushing back even when it's not welcome. You can't help what you feel but you can help what you do about it. Yes, he has feelings for his ex and he's in touch with her but he wants to be faithful to the new girl and he's struggling with it. I know many, many times music has helped me exorcise my demons too. Is the temptation to cheat there? Yes. Will they? Who knows? I can't fault him for something I am currently experiencing, even if I'm not the one with someone else.
  • Nate from Crystal Lake, Ilif you don't like a song, it's simple, don't listen to it, and don't ruin it for those who do like it!
  • Miranda from Cincinnatti, OhEveryone flipping balls over not cheating and all that, cool it. Anyway, I can definitely relate to this song. I was in a relationship with an awesome guy, he broke my heart, we stopped talking for a long time, I moved on, dated another guy. Guy #2 has become a complete jerk, we can barely talk anymore, I'm stuck with him due to money issues on both our parts, Guy #1 found me online, and let me know he regrets ending things and he realizes his mistake, so obviously this puts me in a hard place. A number of reasons keep me from leaving my current relationship, but how I long for the past, and I still talk to guy #1 now and then. It's not emotional cheating if the relationship you're in has no emotion left in it, on either person's part.
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Caperhaps it doesn't mean the lips in the facial region? think about it...
  • Lily from Los Angeles, Cawoot go australia and N.Z!!

    the dude looks kidna like a black haired kurt cobain with a wierd hand tick.
    oh-well, i love this song.
    mostly because of the cool filmwork in the music video, plus it reminds me of my situation now, only the guy i love is new..
  • Tyler from Murphy, Ncive got oe thing to people trashing the song, dont ever compare a band that actually puts real emotion into their songs to nickleback or saving able. This song comes to close to saying to I regret ever breaking up with you or dating her. I believe everyone has felt that way at some point. I hate what this song means, but I repsect this band their music seems real, and its hard to find truth or people that really believe in their music today.
  • Tom from Clyde, TxLOL one of the comments above said this guy trying to emulate Steven Tyler. When my wife and I watched the video on YouTube I said he looked like a cross between Tyler and Mick Jager. Excellent tune!!!
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkUgh, you haters leave Hinder alone! Not to betray my city, or anything, but Oklahoma's not exactly the "rock capital"... we're not Seattle! Yet, I think Hinder is really good. They're sexy and sweet, similar to Buckcherry and Theory of a Deadman. Come on. If you hate a song, don't comment on it.
  • Jim from Toledo, OhWait, there are people who consider this music? I've heard less whining and more rhythm listening to my dog take a s--t!
  • Aaron from Houston, TxI heard some dbag call a radio station and dedicate this song to his current girlfriend
  • Lee from Amsterdam, NetherlandsIts emotionally cheating - he shouldn't be dating someone if he is still in love with someone else, it isn't fair to the person he's with. Unless they have an understanding, which they obviously don't because he's hiding the phone call and it would start a fight if his gf knew . . . I would be devastated if I learned that my bf had strong feelings for someone else and sometimes wishes I were her! Its supposed to be based on a true situation - I wonder how his gf felt when she heard the song . . .
  • Emerson from Lacombe , Abpeople this song is acctualy about a girlfriend the singer had who died in a car accedent.
    And if I am wrong can you please tell me.
  • Kimberly from Montego Bay, JamaicaI love this song!
  • Blake from London, United KingdomMitchell, Adelaide, Australia, as a guy, I would highly advise you NOT to cheat on anybody. It will just get you into a load of trouble, believe me. It would be a much better idea to be just friends with a variety of people, and if a relationship is becoming deeper or something don't hide it or anything much because it will hurt later on, if you know what I mean. I don't mean to direct your private life or anything, it's just that, if I can save someone from a bad experience, then I'll have a go. I love this song, if it was a little less heavy in the sense of the drums and electric guitars. It's really a touching song.
  • Mitchell from Adelaide, Australia I wish I could cheat on somebody, but that would require me to have at least two girls interested in me :(. Well actually two girls who I could go out with if I weren't chicken they'd say no, a lot of girls have been interested in me :(
  • Kalena from Riverton, Utwhy the heck did they even break up? i mean they both love each other so why???
  • Brittany from Connellsville, Pathis used to be my exs and mine old soge befor we started going out then he broke up with me :(
    i still love him and would do anything to get him back
  • Victoria from Compton, CaI heard this song on Now 22 or 23 nd have been in love with it since
  • Becky from Waukesha, WiThis is such a great song. It's not neccisarily about cheating, but more about 2 people who were once in love, but both have somebody else. They both moved on to other people but they still want each other, they havent gotten over the feelings for each other.
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaYou aguys are awesome and one of my favorite bands keep rockin
  • Joe from L.a, Cathis song is about selling your soul for 81 pints of ice cream
  • Priyamvad from Mumbai, IndiaThe lead singer tries to emulate Steven Tyler in a way..!!
  • Natalie from Oklahoma City, OkThis song was written about a girl named Kaz from the town where they are from. She dated one of the members. It's so funny to hear this song on the radio because I've heard it for years, and I know her personally. Creeps me out!
  • Mango from Mason, MiGods! Just because someone talks to their ex and still has feelings doesn't mean they're cheating.
    If he still has feelings, duh he's going to miss her, and thus. "it's really good to hear your voice" etc.
    Sure he says she makes it hard to be faithful, but that doesn't mean he isn't. If anything, it means he IS. Besides that the mournful sound of the song really makes it sound as if he's having a hard time coping with the fact he still even HAS those feelings.
  • Brandon from Burke, Vayes its is really gay when ppl send request it to the bf or gf but until i watched the music vid i had like no clue wat it was i thought it was bout a busy guy whos gf called him but its bout cheating
  • Kellyann from Bellefonte, Pathis is a good song. but yeah i thought it was pretty gay that people were requesting this on the radio to their g/f or b/f, when its mainly about cheating. lol i dont think they realized it though.
  • Andrew from Evansville, Inare you sure this is a cover. If it is then i want to hear the original version. But i do agree that I liked this son when the CD was released 2 YEARS AGO!!! but as always, pre-teens and fanboys/girls ruin it for everyone...R.I.P. another good song...
  • Robert from Seattle, WaVery Very cliche... Not only that, dude? Why are you even with the new girl? Oh yeah? You stold this, it is a cover song... Give me two copies of this sheet music. One to line the birdcage and one to wipe my butt with.
  • Phoenix from Myrtle Beach, ScThe first time I heard this song it made me sad because I remember when I was the girlfriend in the other room. Its a great song!
  • Robyn from Fort Dodge , Iathis song is sad and a little bit weird the first time i heard this song i cried. i thought he shoudl have got over his ex girlfriend or get back together
  • Kc from Kingsland, GaI love this song. It is a good song. And the lead singer is HOTT!!!!!
  • Jan from Waterford, WiI LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this song. He is whispering on the phone, so as not to get caught. His voice is VERY sexy! It's kind of exciting and naughty,and brings back alot of memories. Now that I'm older, memories are all that I have, so enjoy yourselves while you are young!
  • Addy from Toledo, OhWhy do the mainstream get behind bands like this??? Ugh his voice makes me cringe
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaThis song reminds me of those gay power ballads of the 80's. It probably would be a little bit better if the lead singer didn't try to use his voice as if he was doing a more harder song. Also they critizived as being boring. They're one to talk.
  • Cory from Boonville, Inthis song was good the first 2000 times i heard it
  • Jennifer from Warsaw, InI have one problem Divine Brown sung this song first and NOT Hinder. This song is awesomly done, for a cover song. I didn't hear Divine Browns verson so I can't be sure if it sounds better or worse. But if Hinder didn't stray away from the original then they get a congrats, but if they did. More power to them it's a very pretty song.
  • Nikki from Wooster, OhThis song is totally awesome, it reminds me of a guy that I would never give up. I love hearing him talk to me and this song matches the things that run through my head rather well.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaI think this is a boring, unoriginal song. Maybe it sounds above average for, I dunno, Degrassi Junior High, but as a REAL rock song, it's pretty lame. The simple, safe music for it could come from 'Barney' - just because it's got power chords (and it does have lots of them) and pushed-to-the-front rock drums doesn't mean it's anything more than that. At least when the Moody Blues did a song this weak, they arranged it better so as to make it more palatable. But that was possible because sometimes superb musicianship makes otherwise sappy music work. Here, it's like, no effort in songwriting, no effort in musicianship, no effort in producing. I haven't actually checked them out on their video but I bet they put a LOT of effort into their hats, haircuts and torn-just-right clothing.

    It does remind me of Nickleback but is slightly less repetetive.
  • Jessi from Pvt, Ohthis is the most amazing song ever this is exactly how i feel. The guy i love isn't ready for a realationship right now and im dating this other guy and well me and my bestfriend(the guy i love)were friends with benifits till he wants a relationship and now i just started dating this other guy and im still in love with my bestfriend and to me the song means so much to me cus its how my realationship is. cus my bestfriend makes it hard to be faithfull and i want to say goodbye but i cant cus hes my best friend.
    the songs saying that the guy wishes that his ex was still his girl friend saying that they both never moved on and saying that he has to move on and say goodbye cus his ex makes it hard to be faithful "with the lips of an angel"
  • Stephanie from Detroit, Mii believe this song is about 2 people that are in new relationships but they still havent gotten over eachother and they are sneekin around talkin 2 eachother and he is telling the girl that he never wants 2 say goodbye but she is makin it hard 4 him 2 be faithfull he knows if he doesnt stop talking 2 her then its gonna ruin his relationship and cause him 2 cheat on his new gf so at the end when he says honey why u callin me so late he is tellin her goodbye its 2 late
  • Kara from Paris, TnThis song is lyk the freaking best!!!!!!!!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, Caanother in the line of crap post grunge bands. bad nickelback clone.
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Mithis song is amazing!!!!! *!~Kelsi~!*
  • Culley from Greenwood, InThis song reminds me of my ex. Not! My ex is short, his ex is............
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