Natural Born Bugie

Album: Natural Born Bugie: The Immediate Anthology (1969)
Charted: 4
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  • There she is again
    Steppin' out of her limousine, well
    Looking like the cover of a twenty-dollar magazine
    She's got it made and branded
    If you know what I mean

    She's a...natural born woman
    Natural born woman
    She's a...she's a natural born woman

    There she is again watch her stop the Main Street in its tracks
    Looking like Creole queen
    Hair hangin' down her back
    I say, don't look too long, boy
    She'll make your glasses crack

    She's a...natural born woman
    Natural born woman
    She's a...she's a natural born woman

    Get your track
    Yeah, natural born woman
    Yeah, yeah...
    Natural born woman
    Yeah, yeah...
    She's a natural born woman

    Well, I'm sweatin' and I'm shakin'
    When I'm bringin' you the news
    You can do anything
    But lay off of my blue suede shoes
    That's why I'm standin' here today
    Preachin' natural born woman blues

    Well, she's a...natural born woman
    Well, yeah...
    Natural born woman
    Well, yeah...
    Natural born woman

    Well, I'm looking out my back door
    Wonderin' which place to go
    Think I'll move on down to Memphis
    Pay my money to see a rock 'n' roll show
    Find me a sweet-heart Susie
    Together we can lose control

    Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    She's a...natural born woman
    Yeah, yeah...
    Natural born woman
    Natural born woman
    Yeah, ooh...
    All right...
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  • Cory Sullivan from OhioSteve your vocals are awesome I'm a guitarist and dude you blow me away my props always your way your awesome dude
  • Paul from Wilton, Ct'Natural Born Bugie' (Natural Born Woman)

    Released in mid-August 1969.

    Rating on the UK Charts
    #23 ..... August 23 (Opening Chart position)
    #11 ...... August 30
    #10 ..... September 6
    #4 ...... September 13
    #5 ...... September 20
    #6 ..... September 27
    #11 .... October 4

    This Bluesy/Rock song had a mid-tempo beat, and featured all '3' guitarists chiming in.

    This song was 'not' part of the debut album 'As Safe As Yesterday', as the album was already in the 'can' before this song was recorded a few
    weeks later.

    The band regretted not getting this song on their 'debut' album, as it was Humble Pie's most recognized song in 1969.

    The song sounded like a 'James Gang' song, with catchy riffs and a consistent mid-tempo beat.

    While Humble Pie was being labeled as a future hard rock 'Supergroup', this song leaned more towards a slower beat 'Country Rock' tempo
    than a 'faster speed' British hard rock song.
  • Paul from Wilton, CtNatural Born Bugie (Natural Born Boogie)

    A good groove 'mid-tempo' Blues-Rock tune, that sounded like a 'James Gang' song.

    Released in July 1969 as a single, it reached #4 on the UK Charts. Surprisingly, it was 'not' included on their 1st Album 'As Safe As Yesterday'.

    Bassist (Greg Ridley) opens up with the vocals, followed by Peter Frampton, and then Steve Marriot.

    Most fans called this song 'Natural Born Woman'.

    With (17 year-old) Jerry Shirley on Drums and (19 year -old) Peter Frampton on Lead Guitar.

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