To Tame A Land

Album: Piece Of Mind (1983)
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  • He is the King of all the land
    In the Kingdom of the sands
    Of a time tomorrow

    He rules the sand worms and the Freemen
    In the land amongst the stars
    Of an age tomorrow

    He is destined to be a King
    He rules over everything
    On the land called planet Dune

    Body water is your life
    And without it you would die
    On the desert, the planet Dune

    Without a stillsuit you would fry
    On the sands so hot and dry
    In a world called Arrakis

    It is a land that's rich in spice
    The sand riders and the mice
    That they call the 'Muad' Dib'

    He is the Kwizatz Haderach
    He is born of Caladan
    And will take the Gom Jabbar

    He has the power to foresee
    Or to look into the past
    He is the ruler of the stars

    The time will come for him
    To lay claim his crown
    And then the foe
    Yes, they'll be cut down

    You'll see he'll be
    The best that there's been
    Messiah supreme
    True leader of men

    And when the time
    For judgement's at hand
    Don't fret he's strong
    He'll make a stand

    Against evil
    The fire that spreads through the land
    He has the power
    To make it all end Writer/s: Stephen Percy Harris
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Carmen from CanadaIt was called Dune on my first copy of Piece of Mind.
  • Al from SpainMay I reply to Jeff from Haltom City, Tx. I love Iron Maiden but I can see where you are coming from. In fact, I have a question. After this album was released, a rock magazine in the UK such as Kerrang or something slated To Tame A Land as lazy, criticising Steve Harris, saying that the song was similar to another (I´m sure by a different band). Can anyone remember the article or even give some suggestions as to what that song may be?
  • Hellwyck from Manchester, United KingdomJERRY -
    To say Iron Maiden are a horrible band is closed minded and to say they're horrible without any good reason is just ignorance.
    To say metal is arrogant when metal bands are usually the first bands to help with charity (the reason you don't see them on TV is because, unlike Coldplay or the like, rock bands don't have this "LOOK AT ME!!!" attitude, they get it done and get out, something your idenitkt acts of today could learn from.
    Rock bands are the first to help people, the first to be humble and the first to not give a flying f--k when some ignorant twat such as yourself gives a comment that holds less water than a bottomless bucket.
  • Gabriele Funaro from Laveno Mombello, ItalyI don't care about defamatory opinions against Iron Maiden and Steve Harris in particular. Let me just say that this song is an incredible example of techique, composition ability and truly passion for music. It's one of the most complicated Iron Maiden's songs ever, and definitely one of the most complicated in the entire music history, not only metal. About the "inspiration" let me just tell you; how many songwriters spend their time reading books to write new lyrics?? I think not many, just those who are a little intellectual and hungry for knowledge. Nowadays we hear songs like "baby baby, come here baby" and crap like that, contrarily, we have bands like Iron Maiden writing intricated patterns of music and words taken from literature and cinema. Now, please don't tell me this is lack of fantasy or inspiration, this is pure passion for art and culture!!!
  • Crystal from San Diego, CaSo many people have so many negetive things to say about Iron Maiden... But are these same people traveling from country to country,immensely famous, the World over without EVER comprimising their beliefs or integrity for money? NO. Iron Maiden is STILL world famous for ONE reason: They are good at what they do and don't need to do anything except play their music to prove it. No reality TV. No corporate endorsements. No bull. YOU try to sing like that and THEN tell me Iron Maiden isn't tallented.
  • David from Tadley, United Kingdomresponse to Jerry:

    i agree Frank Herbert is a great writer but disagree about Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden are an amazing band. i don't know what metal you listen to but Metal is not arrogant and discordant. my opinion is you are just an ignorant a**hole who doesn't have a wide taste in music at all.

    also to Jeff: Steve Harris has written other songs not inspired by books or history. some that he thought of himself. also Maiden aren't the only band to write songs inspired by books and history, many bands have done that over time.

  • Jerry from Somewhere, CaI laughed when I read Frank Herbert's response, being that he is an astounding writer and Iron Maiden is a horrible band. From the lyrical content of this song you can tell "Harris" didn't understand the point of the novels at all, and probably didn't read past the first three books if he even made it that far. He just threw in some vocabulary that sounded cool to him and glorified an anti-hero. Frank did like rock music, something tells me he liked most all forms of music, but metal is just arrogant and discordant. He recognized this and didn't want the novel people would remember him by to be associated with that scene. I don't blame him, I commend him for his integrity.
  • Ruben from Fairbanks, Aki got turned on to Maiden the first time i snuck out of the house and went to a neighborhood party. an older boyfriend of my neighbor was playing his NEW Piece of Mind LP. and the rest is history. once i got my copy, To Tame a Land, and Still Life jumped out into my mind. i've been a Maiden fan since.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandJeff... Inspiration is flattery if it's done correctly, if not then it's plagerism and Steve Harris uses other's work as inspiration for songs and that to me is extremely flattering.
  • Brett from Northglenn, CoHow abouth this for an original thought, Jeff: the death of Steve's father. Blood Brothers is inspired by that.
    Back off 'Arry. He's the man and here's why:
    Maiden introduced me to so many things I wouldn't have sought out for myself. Poerty (Rime), History (The Trooper), Literature (Rue Morgue). These are just some examples but there are more. Steve's broad horizons broadened mine and I'm a better person because of it.
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaIt wasn't that Herbert disliked rock music (everyone likes some sort of rock music, considering that the Beatles and Sum 41 are both rock music by definition) but that he hated metal specifically.
  • Chris from Dallas, United StatesF--k censorship groups Iron Madien is f--king awesome.
  • Josh from Warrenville, IlIron Maiden's main source of song writing material is history, followed closely by other peoples ideas. Almost all of Iron Maidens songs are based on one of the two, with only a few that genereated entirely out of Steve's mind.
  • Jad from Batroun, Otherwell dude Steve harris did get inspired from others and had a lot of his own ideas and also not only him wrote the lyrics and their latest album was all about new issues!! don't talk like this about STeve Harris nor Iron Maiden
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxIs it just me, or does it seem that Steve Harris has never had an original idea in his head, ever? Still, writing songs about other people's ideas seems to have made him a lot of money....
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