Simple as This

Album: Jake Bugg (2012)
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  • I been in search of stones
    Making up the pavement
    Of less traveled roads
    Mining for treasure deep in my bones
    That I never found

    Went looking for reverence
    Tried to find it in a bottle
    Came back again
    High on a hash pipe of good intent
    But it only brought me down

    Tried institutions of the mind and soul
    It only taught me what I should not know
    Oh the answer well
    Who would have guessed
    Could be something as simple as this,
    Something as simple as this?

    Traveled to each oceans end
    Saw all 7 wonders,
    Trying to make some sense
    Memorized the mantra Confucius said
    But it only let me down

    Tried absolution of the mind and soul
    It only led me where I should not go
    Oh and the answer well,
    How could I miss
    Something as simple as this?
    Something as simple as this?

    I've been falling crashing breaking
    And all the while you were
    Stood here waiting
    For me girl

    Tried liberation of my own free will
    But it left me looking to get higher still
    Oh and the answer well
    Who would have guessed
    Could be something as simple as this?
    God knows how I could have missed
    Something as simple as this Writer/s: JAKE BUGG, MATTHEW PRIME
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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