America Is My Home, Pt. 1

Album: The Millennium Collection: The Best of James Brown (1968)
Charted: 52
  • Talking 'bout me leaving America
    You gotta be crazy, man, I like
    All the nice thing, Jack
    Colonial suits and things, look at here

    Now I am sorry for the man
    Who don't love this land
    Now black and white, they may fight
    But when up the enemy come
    We'll get together and run about all side

    I love it

    The sun don't come out in rainy weather
    But when you ball it down they are still together
    Now let's not overlook the fact that we are, we are still in reach
    You got to chance to make it and you got a freedom of speech

    Say what you wanna, tell 'em how you feel
    There may be a lot of places, a lot of places that you like to go
    But believe me if you get an education you can blow
    You can all it blow, dig this

    Now you tell me if I'm wrong
    America is still the best country
    And that's without a doubt
    America is still the best country
    Without a doubt

    And if anybody says it ain't, you can try to put him out
    They ain't going nowhere, you got a good fight
    When I tell you one time that I was a shoeshine boy
    Every word I said, I meant

    But name me any other country
    You can start out as a shoeshine boy
    And shake hand with the president
    It ain't gonna help you gotta had that royal blood to make it
    And I ain't got nothing royal but me
    So I can take the chances, I'm gonna stay home

    And look at here I got a brand new jet
    When I need to move
    I saw a brother made it
    Now it ain't that a rule

    So look at here
    Brothers and sisters and friends, dig this
    So quit your dreaming all night
    Stop beatin' yourself and get up and fight

    Don't give up, you might give up, but just don't give out
    I know if you give out don't give up
    There's no quick going, I mean like keep it moving you know
    Cause if you stop like a ball quit rolling

    Now we got two of the [Incomprehensible] from Florida to Rome
    Which we know there's one thing we'll never forget
    America's still our home, hit it bad
    God bless America, I'm talking about me too
    You know I'm American myself, I like that kind of thing, look at hereWriter/s: HAYWARD EPPS MOORE, JAMES BROWN
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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