A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly

Album: After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
  • Well if we really wanna make it
    Really wanna make it, I wanna make it man
    Straight ahead all the way you guys
    I don't care how dirty you guys get
    It doesn't make any difference
    Oh fudge, ah well, fudge
    Ah Barnum gee whiz rag mop
    You know gosh all whillickers
    Under the wedding ring I feel a what's that
    Finger finger hoo hah hoo hah are you married
    Fu fu fudge, hyuh hyuh hyuh rag mop
    Hoo wha hoo you do it, I do it, who do it, where do it
    Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
    Folks we've been in the business for 20 years
    And I've never had a heart attack
    You're my friends I want you to know that
    Stick it stick it time time time
    Take your money sign to clarify that
    Ahhh! Ahh! Er ahhh!
    Would you believe New York is an island rragh!
    (instrumental break)
    The Honorable Hawaii sinking
    Shi fah fah shuh-hoo-oo-whiss!
    Yes what is it
    I've been at school you see try try try
    Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
    Bok! Bok! Bok! Bok!
    The difference to get in though
    Not that it makes any difference fah shoo
    Uh New York's uh sinking
    How old are you little girl
    Fudge fudge ay yi the thing is
    Nay nay uh! Ca-no-no yes but
    Uh-uh-uh Ca-nay-nay ba-no-no
    Fah-oo ah Going! Going!
    Goh! Goh! Goh! Goh!
    No man is an island! Do it do it do it do it
    No man is an island!
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Fred from Laurel, MdNote that the YouTube video on this page goes from the end of this track, at 1:40, into the song, "Young Girl Sunday Blues," which goes up to the end (actually to ~ 5:10).
  • Fred from Laurel, MdBertrand - I largely agree; this one reminds me of "Revolution 9" on the Beatles' white (double) album, and Zappa & the Mothers' "Help, I'm a Rock," and "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet," from their Freak Out album. I think Zappa did a better job of it than JA, though.

    I believe a large part of the appeal of this at the time, was to get us to listen repeatedly, in order to find 'hidden gems.'
  • Ryan from Orange, CaWhile it may not have much musical or lyrical value, the last line obviously has great meaning: "No man is island. He is a peninsula." Pretty easy to understand. If nobody is an island, but a peninsula, then we're all one. I like the metaphor.
  • Peter from Newark, NyI really enjoy the part where the person says "I don't believe New York City is an Island." Unfortunately, I don't know the voices of the guys well enough to know who is who on this one. I look at the ad on this page, and think to myself that this song would make one heck of a ringtone.lol
  • Norlyn from Geneva, IlOne of the very few Jefferson Airplane songs that do nothing for me. I guess I'm not experimental enough to enjoy it ...
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