Album: Sail Out (2013)
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  • I am Alice
    I'm in Wonderland
    Where's the rabbit?
    He is late again
    I can't wait for him
    Who has got the time?
    Round and round and
    Round and round we go
    It's just like the
    Same scenario
    Good for nothing
    Feels like somethin' ain't right

    I might
    I might've got way too high
    I might've got way too high

    I am trippin'
    I keep slippin'
    I cannot recognize
    What's the difference
    In pretending and
    Living a real lie?
    Ha ha ha ha ha
    Everything is spinnin now
    Ha ha ha ha ha
    Have you seen the ground

    I might've got way too high
    I might've got way too high

    Break it down, roll it up
    Mountains and valleys
    Seashells from Sally
    Ego removed but still in tune exactly
    Pride to the side
    Third eye winking at me
    My what a ride
    Real trippy shit
    I glimpse with a squint
    But I can see a whole grip
    My retinas red
    My vision is crystal
    Didn't use pencil
    But it's true I led
    My way to this sedated state of mind I always dread
    My daddy did it
    This is the state of mind I always had
    I'm mad he died before we got to have a man to man
    I got two packs of sweet aromatics and 14 grams
    So I take a deep breath
    Puff, puff, pass
    Part of my paranoia
    I'm just a product of my past
    I show you how to let your soul sail
    Sparking lala
    Talking to Allah
    Might of got way too high

    I might
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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