Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Album: III (2005)
Charted: 32
  • She said, I'm goin' out with my girlfriends
    Margaritas at the Holiday Inn.
    Oh, have mercy my only thought was
    Tequila makes her clothes fall off

    I told her put an extra layer on
    I know what happens when she drinks patron
    Her closets missin' half the things she bought
    Yea, Tequila makes her clothes fall off

    She'll start by kickin' out of her shoes
    Lose an earring in her drink
    Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall
    Drop a contact down the sink

    Them pantyhose ain't gonna last too long
    If the DJ puts Bon Jovi on
    She might come home in a tablecloth
    Yea, tequila makes her clothes fall off

    She can handle any Champagne brunch
    Bridal shower with Barcadi punch
    Jello shooters full of Smirnoff
    But tequila makes her clothes fall off

    She'll start by kickin' out of her shoes
    Lose an earring in her drink
    Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall
    Drop a contact down the sink

    She don't mean nothin' she's just havin' fun
    Tomorrow she'll say, oh, what have I done
    Friends will joke about the stuff she lost
    Yea, tequila makes her clothes fall off

    Oh, tequila makes her clothes fall off
    Oh, tequila makes her clothes fall offWriter/s: GARRY HANNAN, JOHN WAYNE WIGGINS
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., NOTEWRITE MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 6

  • Derek from AlabamaHey, Trev!! This is for you!
  • Derek from AlabamaNow that I got that out of the way, I want to know if Joe Nichols and Band knew that Grandma was going to run up onstage naked? His reaction looks real-ish, but a tad overboard. Anyone, anyone, Bueller?
  • Derek from AlabamaWow, Trevor, I will never enjoy that song again. You turned fun, frolicky little song into a horrible drama about modern society and terrible people who can't be loyal in a relationship. I am going to have to go binge watch Twin Peaks just to feel better about life.
  • Trevor from Richmond, VaKaren: Though the lyrics themselves are lame, you obviously do not comprehend the actual MEANING of the song. Don't feel bad, though; noone else (other than me) seems to have figured it out either.

    The woman in the song is an adulteress. She's cheating on her husband. The "lost" items were removed in preparation for sex with her paramour, then either lost or forgotten afterward. When she gets home, the singer confronts her about the missing items, and she comes up with these LAME excuses. Women do not remove their shoes in bars, and certainly don't forget them. Earrings get lost all the time, by stone cold sober women. The probability of losing them has nothing to do with how drunk a woman is, only how effective the clasping mechanism is. No woman would allow any item of clothing to come in contact with anything in a bar bathroom. Contact lenses do frequently come out and get lost, but no more often when the wearer is drunk, and no more often when drinking tequila than with other drinks. And there's only one reason for a woman to remove her pantyhose when away from home, and it isn't a Bon Jovi song. Speaking of which, hotel bars are not usually wild party places. The music, if they have any at all, is usually elevator music from a CD, not Bon Jovi by a DJ. One thing all hotel bars do have, though, is a hotel.

    From the singer's point of view, one of two things is going on. Either he is so madly in love with the woman (or so full of pride in his own prowess) that he cannot accept the fact that she is cheating on him; or he knows damn well that she's cheating on him and he's retelling her lame excuses, with an unspoken "yeah, right" at the end of each. As for the woman, I don't think she even cares if he knows, as she didn't bother coming up with more believable excuses for the missing items. In fact, she may be intentionally rubbing his nose in it by admitting she went to the Holiday Inn.

    The song is actually quite brilliant. In the same way that the singer is hiding his pain by believing her lame excuses, the songwriters are hiding the true meaning of the song with fun (or as you called them, juvenile) lyrics.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhThis song is so unbelievably lame. It's a shame; Nichols has a wonderful voice, but he wastes his talents on juvenile lyrics like this one.
  • Mark from Lancaster, OhYes. This is excellent and highly recommended. She is delivered home wearing a tablecloth.
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