• Another star shoots clean across
    The sky over my head
    I keep thinking about
    The last thing that you said
    I wonder if you see this sky wherever you are
    Are you sleeping now?
    Do I ever cross your mind?

    I left you at the alter
    On that snowy New Year's Day.
    Though it's been years now
    I still say your name
    In my mind you were the one
    left standing on your own
    But you kept all our friends
    And they won't come my way

    Do you miss me,

    Late at night, she's fast asleep
    I stay up just to stare
    Thinking back to all the things we shared
    But truth be told you broke my heart
    A little bit each day
    But I need you, baby
    And I just want you back

    Do you miss me,
    Like I miss you
    Oh like I do
    Do you miss me,

    But it's not your fault,
    Blame it on your dad
    So you can feel alright
    About feelin' bad.
    I don't lay awake
    Counting sheep
    Instead I count all the promises you made
    You didn't keep

    Do you miss me?
    Like I miss you
    Like you know I do
    Do you miss me? Writer/s: DAVID LANDRETH, JOSEPH LANDRETH
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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