You Turn Me On I'm a Radio

Album: For The Roses (1972)
Charted: 25
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  • Driving into town
    With a dark cloud above you
    Dial in the number
    Who's bound to love you
    Oh honey you turn me on

    I'm a radio
    I'm a country station
    I'm a little bit corny
    I'm a wild wood flower

    Waving for you
    Broadcasting tower
    Waving for you
    And I'm sending you out
    This signal here
    I hope you can pick it up
    Loud and clear
    I know you don't like weak women

    You get bored so quick
    And you don't like strong women
    'Cause they're hip to your tricks
    It's been dirty for dirty
    Down the line
    But you know

    I come when you whistle
    When you're loving and kind
    If you've got too many doubts
    If there's no good reception for me
    Then tune me out, 'cause honey

    Who needs the static
    It hurts the head
    And you wind up cracking
    And the day goes dismal
    From "Breakfast Barney"
    To the sign-off prayer

    What a sorry face you get to wear
    I'm gonna tell you again now
    If you're still listening there
    If you're driving into town
    With a dark cloud above you

    Dial in the number
    Who's bound to love you
    If you're lying on the beach
    With the transistor going
    Kick off the sand flies honey
    The love's still flowing
    If your head says forget it
    But your heart's still smoking
    Call me at the station
    The lines are open Writer/s: Joni Mitchell
    Publisher: Crazy Crow Music / Siquomb Music Publishing, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 12th 1896, Guglielmo Marconi gave the first public demonstration of the radio at the Toynbee Hall in London, England...
    And exactly five years later on Dec. 12th, 1901 he sent his first transatlantic radio signal from Cornwall, England, and it was received by Percy Paget in St. John's, Newfoundland...
    Then just under seventy-one years later on November 5th, 1972 "You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio" by Joni Mitchell entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #99; and twelve weeks later on January 28th, 1973 it peaked at #25 {for 2 weeks} and spent 16 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #13 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    In her native Canada it peaked at #10 on the RPM 100 chart and at #3 the Canadian Adult chart...
    Between 1970 and 1985 she had ten Top 100 records, with one reaching the Top 10, "Help Me" at #7 {for 1 week} on June 2nd, 1974...
    Ms. Mitchell, born Roberta Joan Anderson, celebrated her 71st birthday just over a month ago on November 7th {2014}.
  • Gill from Fullerton, CaThe image of a wildflower beneath a broadcast tower captures such a perfect picture of America.
    Add to that the corny but astute metaphor of being turned on like a pop song on the radio and the picture is painted exquisitely. Joni is also an accomplised artist.
  • Larry from Ajax On, CanadaIt's not a car radio but a generalized radio, "on the beach with a transister going". It's a metaphor though and the message is "I'm here. I'm transmitting. If you're heart's receiving then tune me in..."
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScWell I'm gonna change what i said on my last post. You would, if you thought hard enough.
  • Jack from Boston, MaRumor has it she was singing specifically to James Taylor.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScFrom hearing the song, you wouldn't think it would be about a car radio! It's makes sense though! Just read or listen to the lyrics.
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