Album: Front Row Seat (2015)
  • And the breeze plays with her hair
    And the sun flirts
    Persuading her to loosen her skirts
    If the grass is our comfort
    Then the clouds are security
    I wanna lay with her in this anonymity

    And the flowers in the fields
    They grow jealous and bold
    You're the petal and the stem
    Too beautiful to hold
    If your soul is a Julietta rose
    Your body is the face
    Those curves, a river I wanna chase

    Shower me with your tales and your stories
    Eagerly I hang on to every word
    If the night interrupts us with a veil of darkness
    The moon will rescue our loneliness
    If the night interrupts us with a veil of darkness
    The moon will rescue our loneliness


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