Album: ADHD (2019)
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  • One time for them prayin' on my downfall (yeah)
    Two times for the homies in the chow hall (whoa)
    Three times for them hoes on the internet
    Shittin' on niggas when they really should get out more
    Four times for the days I would hold back (woo)
    Five times for the bitches who ain't called back (yeah)
    Six times for the kids like me who got ADHD just to

    Ayy, when I step in the booth, yeah, that's another hit (outta here)
    Perfect attendance, they know I never miss (yeah)
    I'm goin' body for body, I got the evidence
    The way they callin' me the G.O.A.T., I changed it to my government
    Been killin' rappers since I was a jit, I fell in love with it
    You put 'em on a track, I chew them niggas like some Dobermann
    Louisiana savage, you can tell the way I'm thuggin' it
    Would never, I can sense it's goin' down
    You know I'm uppin' it, I'm tellin' you
    Ayy, big dawg status, they like, "Who done let the dog in?"
    If I say we comin', you gon' have to let us all in
    Treat it like the season after summer, I just fall in
    Had to go to work for this verse, I'ma call in
    Put 'em in the dirt, it get worse, I go all in
    Atm swipe, it disperse, now I'm ballin'
    Gotta be first, you know me, ain't no stallin'
    I'ma get to it, no weak, no pausin'
    They say they slidin', but we Tokyo driftin'
    I had to step on a couple rappers to get my position (yeah)
    Ain't really wanna do it to 'em but I made it a mission
    I'm like a shelf with the dishes, I put myself in the kitchen
    I push start just to start the ignition
    I touch hearts, this should be an emission to see me flow like this
    I put the pedal to the floor like this
    And take off, rims off, said they no chain, no Quavo
    Rappin' like I'm outta my mind
    You know they vouchin' for the kid, 'cause I'm top of the line
    They put them bars in a row and I'm not in a line
    You know a different type of kind
    This a matter of time 'fore they see that
    Takin' shots at my peep at grocery stores
    Make me wanna flash out and take a soul (rrah)
    Put 'em on ice like Isis, Lord knows
    But if I steal a candy bar, open doors (rrah)

    Una vez para los que me dudaron (ah)
    Dos veces para los que me juraron (woo)
    Tres para las que cuernos me pegaron
    Cuatro para las que amaba, estando bajo me dejaron
    Cinco veces para los que traicionaron (yeah)
    Seis pa' los que de mí se aprovecharon (ah)
    Siete, ocho, nueve, diez, don't care for your penitence
    You can go to Hell with your right hand on the Bible
    It's all about survival, killed it on the rival
    Killin' all my rivals, me levanto si me caigo
    No creo que haiga campo para todo lo que traigo
    No hallan dónde esconderse si se meten como un psycho
    Circulo vicioso, but you gotta break the cycle
    You can never melt these bars, I can't be recycled
    Llego y dicen, "Ay, no", listenin' and I know
    Tryna read what I wrote, this is not a typo (uh)
    They gon' learn, a las buenas, a las malas le meto duro
    Cuando me entran las ganas, solo la punta y salen embarazadas
    I dealt my hand after I dealt with the problems
    Whoever want 'em, you can tell 'em I got 'em
    Spot 'em, drop 'em, stomp 'em, dale, vale, madre
    Jaque mate y sale, padre, arre, arre
    El que me debe que lo pague en sangre
    Y más le vale not to opt in violence
    O que en paz descanse, ah

    One time for them prayin' on my downfall (yeah)
    Two times for them bitches in the South Shore (whoa)
    Three times for them days on the block
    Gettin' chased by the cops like a motherfuckin' outlaw
    Four times for them days that were all bad (woo)
    Five times for the bitches who ain't called back (yeah)
    Six times for the kids like me who got ADHD just to- (Ha, uh, look)

    I'm puttin' you through imminent pain, and I don't give a fuck
    Spittin' only rhythm and flame, and I don't get enough credit
    Let it into my veins so I can feel the stuff that warrants me
    To enter your brain, I'm talkin' eminent domain
    I'm killin' Isis with the fight shit
    Any nigga that might diss, so divisive
    Flow cold so when I spit it is ice chips
    So dark in my mind, someone hit the light switch
    I don't fuck with sexism, defendin' all my chicks
    (He copy me) he goin' through an identity crisis
    (I'm in the ring) you don't want none of this mouth, I am Tyson
    But the funny thing is these other niggas out here bitin'
    I'm gonna make it, I'm psychic
    I keep murderin' every beat, I'm leavin' 'em all lifeless
    I got more drive than a teen tryna get his license
    So many naked queens runnin' 'round me, call 'em Titans
    I be high as fuck so much that I'm a flight risk
    I got you on my scope, I promise it's on sight shit
    She excite this, she lookin' at me dead in my iris
    I make her super wet, then I suck her dry like a Dyson
    Tryin' to sell my hits but all my rhymes is priceless
    Small percentage makes it, I'ma be in a tight fit
    Tired of bein' broke, I've come to term with my vices
    Here on out, I am winnin', I'm superb and decisive
    Get it? I'm super indecisive
    I don't know how I'm evil when my flow is the nicest
    Oh, and I sense these hoes I might fight with
    When I do a show, you know I sign the fine print
    Know my style's vibrant, I'm colorful
    It seems, though, I'm a seagull, but, see, you're just gullible
    None of you add value to me, you're all nullable
    My DNA is coded to be more than all you other hoes
    I just want the Porsche, I can't afford it, but I'm comin' close
    Ready for the orbit, you can show me on the Hubble, yo
    She wants me to come, so if we're going then be subtle, though
    I control the order so my homies gotta huddle, bro, no

    When I said I weren't fuckin' with you, I meant that (no cap, nigga)
    I was seventeen, everyone thought my shit's trash
    Everybody side-eyed on the sidelines while I write lines at gym class
    Bitch-ass, hopin' a nigga did bad (oh)
    The tables turned, but I been that nigga
    Make 'em-, when I rip it like a skin tat, nigga
    Takin' care of boxes, I need a quick cash-in, fact
    If you fuck with them, you gettin' slapped, like Chris ass (ha)
    Niggas see I'm hot, but you ain't cool with me now
    Bitches see I'm gettin' money, thoughts of usin' me
    Curly hair with the jewelry, now they bumpin' my music
    When truth be told, they didn't fool with me
    Really, watchin' with scrutiny (wow), nigga
    Don't give me dap in the handshake
    When in past days, you wanted smoke like an ashtray
    Bad days, really tryna rap with no fanbase
    That I flow nasty like a pack of fuckin' mayonnaise (ugh)
    And I got 'em listenin', maybe Dad'd be proud of my vision
    If he found out I'm gifted, that hungry stomach sound like an engine
    He be only interested in seein' how much I'm gettin'
    To see if I'ma give him out a percentage (fuck outta here, nigga)
    I don't give two fucks, hope you heard of me
    Cali' station, nigga lead the West, need a surgery (brrah)
    Attitude big bad and it's worsenin'
    If I ever give an explanation, it's a courtesy (got me lookin')
    Got me lookin' at me like I'm crazy or somethin' (let me hold some, cuz)
    Yo, what the fuck you talkin' about?
    Tryna get that kind of cash, but you get lost tryna count it
    Neighborhood worse than nicest, I ain't walkin' without it
    Joyner, these other niggas don't see it focused
    They think they sick, but I breathe COVID
    They wanna change like they been homeless
    I am him, bitch, I'm Kvng Moses
    And I've risen like the streets told it, nigga

    Haha, 'Ringo ('Ringo)
    Yeah, ha, Catra
    Lex, uh
    Let's go Writer/s: Brian Eisner, Joel Puente, Joyner Lucas, Matthew Samuels
    Publisher: O/B/O CAPASSO, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC, Songtrust Ave, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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