Dr. Marvello

Album: Klaatu (3:47 EST) (1976)
  • Oh, my love and I were thinking
    How low our boat was sinking
    From fishing for the blues
    Every lure we tried
    Jonesey turned the tide
    We lost our cool
    Caught in whirlpools

    Oh, so bland was our condition
    We summoned black magicians
    To wave a wand or two
    Talismanic spells
    Tannus root and, well
    To tell the tale
    Their magic failed

    If that is all you want
    Then I may be of service
    If all you want is love
    Well I may know of a special man
    Whose love machine
    Turns can't to can
    With your mind in mind
    With your mind in mind

    Oh, the trance wore off by morning
    A sentimental journey
    Was hazily recalled
    Though it sounds absurd
    We're completely cured
    And now we're fine
    So fine, oh so fine
    My love and I

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  • Okbdc from Earth"Hope" is still one of the greatest albums of all times.
    Not sure if it is my memory, related events, or simply the quality of the songs and recording.
    If you have not heard "Hope" with headphones or REALLY fargin' loud, please do.
  • Groovus Maximus from Boston, MaMy older brother got me into Klaatu in 1976, and we listened to their first 2 albums on the regular for years afterward... What a tragically underrated debut & follow-up! Their subsequent albums were strictly bargain-bin fodder (except for the fact that, as super-rare imports, a premium had to be paid to obtain them here in the States!), and I've rarely been more disappointed than when I heard anything they recorded after 1977. That being said, "Dr. Marvello" and really, all the other tracks on "Klaatu," was just magic, a mighty musical masterpiece of monstrous proportions. If this could possibly have been the oft-rumored Beatles reunion (and quite a few of their songs absolutely resembled the Fab Four in so many ways), then "Marvello" would have featured George Harrison on vocals, with a "Magical Mystery Tour" - era trumpet fanfare and slippery, shimmering production that would make even George Martin proud! Interesting to note that Terry Brown, longtime RUSH producer, manned the knobs for this and the follow-up, 1977's "Hope" (stunningly brilliant in its own way, with epic pieces and full symphonic orchestration). "Sub-Rosa Subway," side one's closer (this was released first on LP, of course!), had a distinctly McCartney-esque tone & feel, with more superb trumpet work and jolly, jaunty music hall type of piano in parts combined with more serious and grounded string arrangements and a bass line sounding like Paul at his inventive, level best. Well worth checking out, and just KILLER headphone music, trust me!
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