I Beg Your Pardon

Album: Move To Move (1989)
Charted: 5 15
  • There once was a time and there once was a way
    We had something going and to my dismay
    Attention to me seemed to drift though I don't know where

    And when we're alone seems there's nothing to say
    I bring up a topic and you push it away
    You say that you do but I think it's just you don't care
    Why do I feel you're using me

    Are we an item or are we just two
    I need some commitments all I ask of you
    Your life's stock can change
    Don't be afraid what you think' in store

    I know what's on your mind you've got lots to lose
    Your shallow acquaintances what's there to choose
    You won't get too deep even though I'm worth so much more

    So think about it carefully
    Smile for the while and let's be jolly
    We shouldn't be so melancholy
    Come along and share the good times while we can

    Do you want to hustle?
    Do you want to salsa?

    Do you want to hustle?
    Do you want to salsa?

    If that's how you want it; that's how it'll be
    There's no use in trying or making you see
    That love don't come easy you don't know what it's about

    To get things together won't take any pain
    Don't need to see/hear from you ever again
    From this day on listen but no more
    Please count me out, and you know what I'm talkin' about

    Smile for the while and let's be jolly
    We shouldn't be so melancholy
    Come along and share the good times while we can

    I know now's the time that I went to find something new
    You know it's your crime that I'm out to find someone too Writer/s: JOE SOUTH, BARRY HARRIS
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Edward from Foster City, MiWhen this came out I thought it was kind of a cool song, interesting stuff. I heard that Lynn Anderson sued them because they sampled (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden without her permission.
  • Earl from London, United KingdomI see the Arthur Conley one has been credited as the Magnificent Seven theme, but it sounds more like Sweet Soul Music's intro to me.
  • Earl from London, United KingdomThe song also samples "Call Me" by Spagna and "Sweet Soul Music" by Arthur Conley. (Unless either of those snippets are sampled from something else)
  • Rick from Mason City, IaGood stuff! Loved the samples of Rose Garden used. Kon Kan did a lot of that on thier CD's.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxGreat 80s dance/pop!! Will always remind me of junior high.
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