Album: The Dreaming Room (2016)
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  • Oh, love kill my people and drown them dead
    Down in the river of lights i'll fall
    To drive us out to the end and take
    A dream and bury them deep

    Could I reach down deep inside myself?
    Pull out the gold?

    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder
    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder

    Oh, love
    They strip us down and rape our minds
    Our skin was a terrible thing to live in
    And now with hand in hand, we free our souls
    Remind us of our glory

    Could I reach deep down inside myself?
    Pull out the glory?

    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder
    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder
    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder
    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder
    How glorious, this light in us
    We are a wonder

    Feel my flow dark skin, I'm a GLO
    They gon feel my flow
    Dark skin, I'm a GLO, GLO
    We've seen the films, we starred in 'em
    They've done as they feel til
    We reached our limit they tied us to a car
    Let it reach it's limit
    I can still smell the skin in
    The streets I live in
    Do you feel like quitting? Do
    You feel like quitting?
    Don't know if I can just believe again
    Don't know if I can trust a priest again
    This has gone way past reasoning
    Cause there ain't no reason to reason with
    I'm sad I grew in it
    Cause now I don't know
    If I should grow with it or
    I should let go of it
    Let go of it, let go of it
    Trying to find answers
    (trying to find answers)
    That'll only make your head go missing
    My gran said "curiosity killed the cat"
    And her best friend went with it
    Life's a bitch, oh, life's a bitch
    Depending on what breed you is
    Depending on what shoe you fit
    Depending on what team you're in
    You're middle-class or you're
    Class-A selling you're selling dreams from
    A living nightmare
    I'm gonna shine cause my people died here
    I'm gonna shine cause my people
    Diamonds in the dirt
    So they don't wanna put the light here
    Put the light here, put the light here
    Smell Martin Luther in the air
    The moral of the story is glory
    So everybody's winning 'round here
    Ah, yeah said ah, yeah
    (Ah yeah, ah yeah) Writer/s: Dion Wardle, Fraser T Smith, Jermaine Scott, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike, Varren Wade
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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