I Can't Quit You Baby

Album: Led Zeppelin, Coda (1969)
  • I can't quit you baby
    So I'm gonna put you down for awhile
    I said I can't quit you baby
    I guess I gotta put you down for awhile
    Said you messed up my happy home
    Made me mistreat my only child
    Yes sir you did!

    Said you know I love you baby
    My love for you I could never hide
    Oh, you know I love you baby
    My love for you I could never hide
    Oh when I feel you near me little girl
    I know you are my one desire

    When you hear me moaning and groaning, baby,
    You know it hurts me deep down inside
    When you hear me moaning and groaning, baby,
    You know it hurts me deep down inside
    Oh, when you hear me, honey, baby,
    You know you're my one desire
    Yes, you areWriter/s: Willie Dixon
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jorge from Bronx, NyThis song was recorded on their debut album,was it 68-69?,This version here sounds like a rehearsel,Robert Plant is great but in Live versions,he;s everywhere,,,but did enjoy it!
  • Lisa from Blountville , TnThe Royal Albert show 01 09 1970 is a awesome show.Probably the best version of this song.So bluesy it makes your head swim and your body ache for more.I always thought no one does "white boy blues" better the Zeppelin. "MR JIMMY PAGE LEAD GUITAR " appalause. If this stuff does'nt move you in one form or another your souless or dead.
  • Sean from Boston, Maled zeppelin first playing this song at concerts in late 1967 but never recorded it till 1969
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiConnor, you're probably thinking of the Coda version. This song, in its original version, was released in 1969.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThis song could be recorded in 1969 BECAUSE IT WAS ON LED ZEPPELIN'S FIRST ALBUM, RELEASED IN 1969. SO THERE.
  • Connor from Coral Springs, GaI have never heard the Coda version, but the led zep 1 version is awesome. I love the guitar because it has a Hendrix-like feel to it.
  • John from Helsinki, FinlandHow can it be released 1969, if it is soundcheck recorded January 9, 1970?
  • Collin from Midland, TxThere's what I was trying to get at, Ryan. This song is quite fun to improvise on the guitar. Like most Zeppelin blues songs, its based in A, and its fun to just mess around with. Great song, all the versions.
  • Ryan from Ashland, Orthis is well known to not be a sound check, its just a cut up version of the actual RAH preformence.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis is on there first album, right? I think I remember seeing when I saw the titles, and was putting it in my computer, and I know I've heard this song before, on the album, and on the radio.
  • Collin from Midland, TxThe Coda version is shorter, with much of the middle section cut out. Listen to one, and then the other. Listen for Robert Plant say "Mr. Jimmy Page, lead guitar." on the DVD. Afterwards, he almost immediately sings "They told me not to worry..." This introduction and ensuing verse are absent in the Coda version. They are not identical "versions" but they are identical "songs", Coda just has the solo and one of the last verses eliminated.
  • Jesse from Toronto, CanadaThe one from Coda and from the double DVD are different. If you don't believe me, listen to then simultaneously. The Coda version is from the soundcheck of the RAH show.

    P.S. DVD version is ultimate
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cawhen i hear this song i definitely think drugs.
  • David from Orlando, FlI wonder if Page had a reason for snipping the audio of the two live performances from CODA; it couldn't have anything to due with runtime given that the album is only 33 minutes long.
  • Collin from Midland, TxYeah, all of these guys are right. This is perfectly identical to the "Led Zeppelin DVD" version. Anyway, I believe this version is superior to the studio version. The vocals and the guitar have so much more emotion put into them, and Bonzo's solo at the end is pretty dang awesome. Led Zeppelin rules.
  • Mike from Cambridge, Mathis song owns everything else on their first
  • Robert from Santa Barbara, CaThe best version of this song is by Otis Rush, recorded on the Sue label in 1959, IMO. John Mayall also cut a pretty good version.
  • Fergal from Dublin, IrelandIs this song an allagory about drug addiction?
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaThe Coda version is soo much better than the studio version. Man, Led Zeppelin own.
  • Peter from Everett, MaJim and Adrian are right. "I Can't Quit You Babe" from the CODA album is NOT from any "soundcheck", it is from the actual concert performance. Please, take that off immediately.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaAnyway, the Coda version crushes the studio version like a grape. It is my favorite Jimmy Page guitar solo. Given the disappointment of Song Remains the Same, the Coda version of "I Can't Quit You Baby" was the first recorded (and released) evidence that Zeppelin could indeed kick ass live.
  • Andres from Santa Rosa, Cacould have been played-over like a voice-over
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeThe version on Coda and the version from "How the West Was Won" ARE exactly the same and as Jim said, the Coda version was edited. It omits part of Jimmy's solo and most of the last verse.
  • Jim from Bethlehem, PaI'm not one to disagree, I've heard about this being from the sound check. I also read it on the album jacket. But did you ever see the video from the actual show? The lead is identicle, how often did Jimmy play two leads exactly the same. On Coda the lead break is also cut at the end.
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