Album: No Name Face (2000)
  • Catch your breath hit the wall scream out loud as you start to crawl back in
    Your cage the only place where they will leave you alone 'cause the weak will
    Seek the weaker until they've broken them could you get it back again
    Would it be the same fulfillment to their lack of strength
    At your expense left you with no defense they tore it down and i have
    Felt the same as you, I've felt the same as you, I've felt the same
    Locked inside the only place where you feel sheltered where you feel safe
    You lost yourself in your search to find something else to hide behind
    The fearful always preyed upon your confidence

    Did they see the consequence when they pushed you around
    The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones
    Breaking them 'til they've become just another crown
    Refuse to feel, Anything at all refuse to slip, Refuse to
    Fall can't be weak, Can't stand still you watch your back,
    'Cause no one will you don't know why they had to go
    This far traded your worth for these scars for your only
    Company don't believe the lies that they told to you
    Not one word was true you're alright, You're alright,
    You're alright Writer/s: RON ANIELLO, JASON WADE
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Round Hill Music Big Loud Songs
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Simon from Des Moines, IaI actually did a double-take when I heard the lyrics to this. It's just like my youth.
  • Loren from Wellington, New ZealandThis song is about "tall poppy syndrome" and how the weak need to tear down those that stand out in a crowd to make them feel better. It is also about people only seeing what they want to see in you, not who you truly are and its about having a friend who sees the real you, and how much that means to just have one person who understands
  • Jacquie from Aberdeen, Mdthis song inspired me so much to not care and be different
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