In The End

Album: Hybrid Theory (2000)
Charted: 8 2
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  • It starts with one thing
    I don't know why
    It doesn't even matter how hard you try
    Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
    To explain in due time
    All I know
    Time is a valuable thing
    Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
    Watch it count down to the end of the day
    The clock ticks life away

    It's so unreal
    Didn't look out below
    I watch the time go right out the window
    Trying to hold on, but you didn't even know
    Wasted it all just to watch you go
    I kept everything inside
    And even though I tried, it all fell apart
    What it meant to me
    Will eventually be a memory of a time when

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter

    One thing, I don't know why
    It doesn't even matter how hard you try,
    Keep that in mind
    I designed this rhyme,
    To remind myself of a time when
    I tried so hard
    In spite of the way you were mocking me
    Acting like I was part of your property
    Remembering all the times you fought with me
    I'm surprised it got so
    Things aren't the way they were before
    You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
    Not that you knew me back then
    But it all comes back to me in the end
    You kept everything inside
    And even though I tried, it all fell apart
    What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter

    I've put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    For all this
    There's only one thing you should know
    I've put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    For all this
    There's only one thing you should know

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter Writer/s: Brad Delson, Chester Charles Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Robert G. Bourdon
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
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  • Ilovejordancarver from LouisianaI love this song! If anyone agrees, type "aye".
  • Awake from UkGot to love that comment about Trump being a bigger threat to America than Terrorism. Just look where we are now and this is only a year in.
  • AnonymousIn March 2001, 15-year-old Charles Andrew Williams shot and killed two of his classmates at his high school in Santee, California. He left a note for his father with the lyrics to this as an attempt to explain his feelings. The key lines were, "I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't really matter."
  • Alexia In March 2001, 15-year-old Charles Andrew Williams shot and killed two of his classmates at his high school in Santee, California. He left a note for his father with the lyrics to this as an attempt to explain his feelings. The key lines were, "I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't really matter."
  • Mixed Sky from TexasI sent this song to a “friend” that I held hope or thought would become more after 7 years. I was hesitant at first but put my trust in him.
    He (I see it now) kept me close but I started losing hope Cuz it was going no where. I attempted to leave after giving my all, trust, loyalty, name it. More than I had ever done with anyone else in my life. I thought it would matter. I put my heart in it.
    One day he tells me his with his Ex after I spoke my frustrations about us one day. He might as well as just shot me. Damn. Just like that.
    I felt like a fool and all I did to be a good friend/more. He tried to keep me near while being with someone else. I attempted to cut us off 3/4 times before that but he’d come back. There was never physical stuff Cuz I kept it that way. He knew he screwed up with me and now (you wouldn’t even recognize me anymore) I’ll never let him in like I did.
    Now that relationship didn’t even work out like he thought it would, he wants me back in his life. But I don’t see it as what I want now anymore. Me, the Runner up?! No thanks.
    7 years later....i tried so hard n got so the doesnt even matter.

    Now it’s just a memory of a time yea you get it.

    I also had hard youth so this song has relevance to me in more than one area of my life.

    But I will encourage those who feel me to wipe off the dust n don’t let it destroy you. Cuz then they succeed. Lessons learned.
    So keep movin and do your thing. :)
  • Ashley from Simi Valley CaSad to hear Chester Bennington had such issues.
  • Mohamed from Morocco@Jarrett - Stratford, Ct Take some time to know God and Jesus (Peace be upon him) in Islam
  • Jarrett from Stratford, CtFrom my last comment:
    I left the second verse alone on accident and its not so straightforward but it all makes sense to me. It's a personification of God.
  • Jarrett from Stratford, Ct@ Emma, Bailey, CO
    I can see how many interpret the song as nihilistic. To me it is but in a completely different way. When you say others see it as nihilistic it's referring to the overall negative plot in the song and that one can infer the song rejects religion. To me it goes deeper than this. I think this song actually has a strong religious meaning behind it. It isn't nihilistic because of unbelief in God but because the main vocalist is angry with God. I think the song is sort of like an argument/discussion between God and someone who believes but fails to uphold Gods word and thus would have hell to
    pay( quite literally). In the song God would obviously be the one who raps the first and second verse. "One thing I don't know why
    It doesn’t even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme To explain in due time (All I KNOW).
    God knows we are a flawed creation. This part is showing that he himself doesn't understand why we must stray away from him, why his creation is unable to uphold his teachings and acknowledges that he himself doesn't understand how to make thinks better than they all ready are.
    but he assures that everything he knows will be revealed in due time. " this rhyme" is life. The rest of the verse talks about the importance of our time on earth and how we allow his gift of life slip away at our own expense. Towards the end of the verse the song is building in
    intensity and reveals anger in the singers voice, but if interpreted in this way( god is the signer) the lyrics at this point are
    pretty straightforward. When the chorus starts the singer switches over to to a person who is or was religious.
    This person tried to follow God but in the end fails and is aware of their impending fate, eternal fire. They allowed themselves to loose everything and fell(symbolically of course) they tried to follow god and put their trust in God that everything will work out. In the end none of that matters if God's plan prevents them from being able to avoid damnation thus the reason they are angry with God.
    Of course the song could be a break up song or a song about life in general but this is what it means to me. The lyrics seem to fit pretty well and without going into imagery and symbolism The video shows that it isn't a girlfriend/boyfriend thing and it could even back up my stance but I g2g so I'm leaving it at that. Overall its very moving the way the song personifies God.
  • Phil from Sierra Vista, AzThis song makes me think of how I used to have bad personal property coverage.
  • Emma from Bailey, Co@ Aaron, St. Louis, MO
    I wouldn't say that I dislike your opinion on these lyrics but I would argue that it is an incomplete perception of this song. Many people on this discussion seemed to have taken a more nihilistic viewpoint in the interpretation of this song and If you look solely at the lyrics it can be quite easy to do so. But I have found that this song has a more uplifting message than I originally anticipated. I am not alone in this viewpoint as Sara (Alexandria, VA) has shared that she wants to walk down the isle to this song on her wedding day. You may be wondering how I came to believe that this song was "happy" tune, this came from a lot of research and time spent watching the music video.
    The first aspect that I decided to look into was the band itself. Linkin Park is often recognized because they approach Rock Music in an alternative way. The reason they do this is because they want to make songs that "hit hard" and effect people strongly. They approach this established purpose through the use of "less obvious" choices, especially in the area of their visual presentation. This forces all of us to dig deeply into the imagery in order to gain a complete understanding of the meaning for each of their songs. Rob Bourdon, Linkin Park's percussionist, mentioned this aspect of their music in a 2011 interview: "It's tough to make a heavy song or something that hits really hard without using the most obvious choices to accomplish that. And we like to do that, and we've done that throughout all records that we've made, and that's what we want to continue to do." (Rob Bourdon, 2011). We can compare Linkin Park's music to an onion, while they may be a lot of good things on the top layer, we need to strip away every layer of the onion in order to fully appreciate it.
    At first glance, the lyrics seem to indicate that this song is referring to a relationship that the main character had with a woman. In this man's perspective, both he and this woman failed to communicate their feelings, they held their emotions inside which caused the relationship between the two of them to crumble. It is obvious in the lyrics that the main character tried to repair things but his efforts were fruitless. He still wants to be with this woman and at the end of the song indicates that he has placed his trust in her. Clearly, this trust is extremely misplaced but this man feels that life is too short and that he must cling to the hope that someday their situation may change.
    The music video seems to visually support the concept that the main character is placing his trust in the wrong woman but there isn't enough evidence to assume that this is the main plot of the video either. The woman that the song seems to address isn't actually shown, but the band does play their song atop a giant female statue. Also at the climax of the song, several female statues start moving around, however, these shots are a relatively small aspect of the video . When the song mentions that the man has chosen to trust this woman, a series of negative events happen, indicating that this trust may be misplaced. The ledge that the men are playing on begins to crumble, demonstrating that this trust is "shaky". The skies grow dark and it begins to rain, something that is often associated with a negative event. And lastly, a large amount of bats suddenly take flight, this is usually an analogy of a spooky or sinister event. While all of this is great support for the trust issues that are proposed in the lyrics, there is a great deal more footage in this music video that seems completely unrelated to both this theme and the general theme of nihilism, the presence of this extra footage implores us to concede that there is far more going on in this song then can be immediately deduced.
    One of these aspects can be seen in all of the extremes and sudden changes that take place in this music video. It shows a man in the middle of a wasteland at the beginning of the video but after another extreme event, the heavy rainfall seen at the climax, this wasteland has been transformed into a luscious valley with lots of plants and green grass. In the midst of the video, several other abrupt changes take place, that men suddenly begin to be filmed in slow motion, sprouts suddenly and inexplicably start to shoot out of the ground and then dissipate just as suddenly into dust. The rain appears to be coming down quite heavily but then vanishes without explanation. Perhaps these changes can reflect all of the sudden and abrupt changes that we all must adjust to in our daily lives, these changes also emphasize how short are lives really are.
    I think that one of the most uplifting underlying themes is that beauty and health can form out of hardship and pain. One of the lines in the song reads: "I had to fall, to lose it all" (In the End, chorus, line 3) the central character seems convinced that this falling had to occur, the fact that this man could put it so succinctly implies that he has taken solace in the idea that there is an overarching purpose for his suffering. I believe that the concept of positive results through negative events is illustrated vividly in the video. We can see that a beautifully fertile valley is formed from a wasteland after an intense and terrifying rainstorm waters the ground. The plant growth is seen spawning throughout the saga of the video. At first it undergoes this process with a great deal of difficulty, crumbling into dust as it attempts to flourish in the hostile soil. Still, as the video goes on, progress is made; implying that perhaps time is capable of transforming a negative event into a chance for growth.
    In spite of these spectacular instances of pain being transformed to beauty, the man in this video seems to be completely oblivious. There is hope, but like many of us in our darkest hours, he simply cannot see it. There are plants that form all around him, originating from the spot that he is standing in. Near the beginning of the video, some long, sickly plants seem to be grasping for him, in a futile attempt to catch his attention. But he is too absorbed in what he is doing, he walks through them and they crumble to dust. A whale-like creature soars directly over his head and still he remains oblivious. Near the end he is shown kneeling in the grass but he doesn't seem to be as excited by it as one would expect him to be under such amazing circumstances. I think that this part illustrates that the reason it takes so long to see the value in our suffering is that we refuse to see it, we refuse to believe that anything. even remotely profound can happen as a result of our pain.
    The climax of this song occurs when the main character chooses to trust. He doesn't say to whom he is placing his trust, only referring to the individual as "you". The logical progression of the lyrics would suggest that he is referring to the same individual that he has been addressing for the entire song but this would not produce the uplifting theme that I'm referring to. I believe that it is possible that he is choosing to place his trust in a different person entirely or perhaps this trust is being placed in a deity, giving this song religious implications. We should also consider what Shaun (Shelbyville, KY) said on this discussion board a while ago: It is a distinct possibility that Linkin Park left this part open to interpretation in order to allow people to ascribe their own unique meaning to this concept, and therefore arrive at their own conclusions about the overall purpose of this song. The negative events that I mentioned in an earlier paragraph could imply that he is putting this trust in the wrong place but it is equally likely that these events were illustrating how difficult it can be to truly trust in something or someone. In either case, this trust is valuable because it produces that lovely landscape seen at the end of the video.
    It has become increasingly clear to me in the process of writing this response that "In the End" really does have an inspiring meaning but the full meaning of this song can only become evident through a detailed inspection. This song has far more meaning than a simple ballad of a clingy man who was unable to communicate his emotions to his equally uncommunicative ex-girlfriend. This song isn't about the pointlessness of life or of our effort; rather, this song illustrates how short life is and how much can change in a relatively small period of time, our lives have the capacity for so much change, whether good or bad. Even if we end up with unfortunate events in our lives, this music video implies that there is a wider reach to suffering that has positive aspects for us, pain can foster growth and that the old expression "No pain, no gain" may actually be true. This video shows us that for whatever reason, we tend to be completely oblivious to the positive reach that our pain can actually have. That we tend to lurk in self-pity and fail to notice the profound circumstances that exist around us. Even when they are blatantly obvious, such as a flying whale. Lastly, the song covered the fact that it can be difficult and potentially dangerous to trust someone and that this trust can cause a great deal of hardship at times. However, in the end, this trust is always worthwhile. This song isn't saying that nothing in life matters, rather this song is pointing out that we should focus on what really matters in our lives: how we use the short amount of time that we have on this planet and who we choose to place our trust in.
    I know that I've said a mouthful, but I just wanted to share some of the exciting things that I have learned about "In the End". You are fully entitled to your opinion on this song, I just thought that you might appreciate a slightly different perspective about this

  • Shadow from Depression, VaAnother me song, this is my 3rd fav song by them and the song that 1st made me fall in love with them. The music video is amazing. I love it! XD 5/5
  • Udhy from Jakarta, Indonesiafrom the millions of bands in the world only the best linkin park
  • Matthew from West Hampton, United KingdomHannah sorry for your lost i fell the same way that happend to me but im a boy reply
  • Jenn from Norwalk, CtThis song describes my old job so well it's scary. In spite of the way you were mocking me/acting like I was part of your property/remembering all the times you fought with me/ I'm surprised it got so far/ things aren't the way they were before/ you wouldn't even recognize me anymore/ not that you knew me back then.
    It's almost freeing.
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhI can completely relate to this song right now; I just asked out this really cute guy and he told my friend he was "considering it," then today I find out he went back to the same girl who broke his heart and was mean to him instead of me. I finally got up the guts to ask someone I actually liked instead of what I could settle for (let's face it, I'm a dork) - I got that far, and it never mattered.
  • Technopj from I Kno Ver I\\\'m K, Indiahey guys LINKIN PARK one of the best band i've ever herd to... those lines they write are mainly related to youths.... and if u guys doesn't like em them i don't think u have done your teenage
  • Ivy from Springfield, Nethis is a good song to listen to when you're reading six billion secrets. 8/10
  • Ivy from Springfield, Ne@ Tina - Wow the only worse wedding song I can think of than this is every step you take, every move you make, i'll be watching you
  • Aaron from St. Louis, MoThis song reminds me of my last relationship. Met someone, got as far as marriage, but no matter what I did or how hard I tried to work on things, it meant nothing in the end. Now, we are no longer together and my life seems brighter. My take is that this song is about how there are times in your life where you push yourself so far on things but it doesn't mean squat to anyone, sometimes even the person your doing it for. Just my opinion. Don't like it? TOO BAD
  • Charlie from Las Vegas, Nvsomething about the verse "i put my trust/in you/pushed as far as i can go/for all this/ there's only one thing you should know" kind of makes me think of how back when i was living in CA the only people i could ever really trust were my parents and my friend Angel. Like, literally.
  • Joanna from Scotland, United KingdomThis song reminds me of my younger years a bit. This is going to sound horrible but it's actually quite nice to know that even famous people had struggles growing up. It makes you feel 'not alone', in a way. I know how awful that sounds...
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArTO John of Galway, Ireland & Adam of Plainville, IL:
    An opinion is an opinion, a fact is a fact. The opinions here is that Linkin Park is an awesome band, or a horrible band. The fact here is that the lyrics are meaningful and most teens can relate to the songs on Hybrid Theory. Stop arguing on whos right about Linkin Park. And if you dont like Linkin Park, dont waste your time with commenting on their songs.
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArI really like this song, I can relate this and most of the cd Hybrid Theory. My perception of the song is having to deal with the fact that no matter how hard you try to do something right, you fall, and no one care because to them it doesnt matter.
  • Bitsis from La Vernia, Txi relate to chester i am always picked on and tired of it
  • Valerie from Vancouver, Bci actually really like Linkin Park , this sons is probably one of my favs by them :)
  • Brian from Concord, NhEverybody has there feelings about this tune,for me,at the time it came out,my Dad passed away and all he went thru , WWII and all that happened after he got out alive,all he worked for throut his life ,all the great things he did for his family and friends , He got Cancer ! how is that fair for a nice person,it also made me think of what we go thru in life,school,work,and then coming to the end of your life! What people said,did,and what they were about!In the End does
    it really matter ! I have found! It doesn't matter.
    Cause in the End ! Thats it ! It's The End !
    So live life for all its worth ! Don't pay any attention to what people think or say !
    Because ! ITEIDM!!
  • Debarati from Jsr, IndiaThis is just an amazing song.......with meaningful lyrics....rokin tune.......what else does a song need.....LIKIN PARK ROKS......and all those who thinks it doesnt........u have no sense of gud Three Cheers To IN THE END and LINKIN PARK
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe ultimate revenge song.
  • Hope from Naperville, Ilhaha i love this song. maybe i'm wrong but i see this as a good message...
    one of my friends says its about a video game, which i could definetly see in the lyrics but do you see linkin park writing about a video game? there's a little more depth to them than that.
  • Tina from Cape Cod, MaThis song is the theme to my first marriage it tells exactly how I felt during my time with him
  • Leonard from Baltimore, MdThis song is okay the band is okay but Justine you MUST be insane to think they are the best listen to some Led Zepplin snd Black Sabbath then reflect on your decision.
  • P@ from Pascagoula, MsThis song was told to be about Chesters battle with drugs and his message to himself about family and friends
  • John from St. Louis, MoMan, I love this song. The lyrics are perfect in describing my life. I would do something to the best of my abilities, yet it would not matter when it was over. Linkin Park rules.
  • Sara from Alexandria, VaOh and you wanna what I think is the most amazing thing about it.. is that they made like a reflection of this song in their reanimation remix, where it's like the same person is talking but from a more experienced perspective.. realizing that the end is not all that important.. it's the journey and the experience itself :)
  • Sara from Alexandria, VaThis is song is one of my all-time favs. I'm gonna have the intro-music played when I walk down the isle (if and when I get married :P) The way I see it, the song speaks about putting so much into something and working your ass off for it, and then realizing that it's not what's important. Basically, being mislead in your life about truth and investing so much in something you believe in, then just deviating from it after a sudden realization.. and that decision comes with massive disapproval and mockery from other who are where you were..
    just my opinion!
  • Echo from St. Louis, MoIt's interesting to see what other people think this song is about. To me, this song is about how sometimes, you give everything u can give and put everything out on the line and it doesnt even matter (in a relationship, life, etc...). I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan and this is one of my favorite songs by them. Which is saying a lot because their songs are all amazing. They are such a talented band with many different things that other bands don't always offer. There are 2 lead singers which add different sounds to each song. One singer is more of a screamo singer (Chester) but can also go mellow, but always has a rock edge. The other lead singer is more of a rapper but can also do other songs like "In Between". Their song "Cure for the Itch" represents their talent to mix and create an awesome sound with many different elements. And what i love about Linkin Park is that they mix elements that other bands are afraid to try but they end up sounding AWESOME!!! Thanks LP for all your support for me in hard times :)

  • Michelle from None-of-your-business, MaI can completely relate to this song. It has a lot of emotion hidden in the lyrics. I love Linkin Park so much!
  • Bailey Wilson from Tazewell, Tnha i'd say so damn the people who picked on him DAMN THEM!
  • Blake from Chico, CaThis song is great. It conveys the desperation of: what if everything I've done goes to waste? Have all my efforts been in vain? I like to listen to this song because it makes me feel like someone's there, telling me how to avoid the fate they suffered.
  • Alyssa from Forney, TxThis is a very good song =]
  • Ebony from Adelaide, AustraliaThis song is one of the best songs I have heard. I agree with Matt though. I definitely think that Linkin Park is a great band, but the best? No. Its perfectly Ok if some people think that Linkin Park is the best, but that?s their opinion and its ok for them to share it, but when they try to push it on others, that?s when it goes too far. Anyways.. This song is awesome and I love it. Peace Out B*tches
  • Matt from Nowhere, InI realize everyone got off this topic, but I think that "Greatest Band Ever" is a matter of opinion and I KNOW that a person's favorite band is their opinion so if someone wants to say Linkin Park is the Greatest Band Ever, then let them. Personally I think they're all right and this song is good. But (I realize what HORRIBLE reprisals to come) I don't like the "classics" like say AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc., but you know what, that's no one's concern but my own and if you try to tell anyone who they should consider that greatest band ever, well then you're just an a**hole trying to force your opinion on other people.
  • Ebony from Adelaide, AustraliaWhat the hell is all yours problems who hate this song? THIS IS AN EFFING AWESOME SONG... and if your just gonna diss it then fu*k off...
  • John from Galway, IrelandAdam shut up you dont know what your talking about, it sulks.... forEVER!!
  • Adam from Plainfield, IlThis song does not suck and its the best band EVER!
  • John from Galway, IrelandI dont care what this waste of time song is about, Its the worst song and there the worst band to set foot on this earth!!!!!
  • The Man Of Steele from Houston, TxLINKIN PARK RULES
  • Katherine from Akron, OhThis song has a lot of meaning and is my favorite from LP
  • Mikkho from Malabon City, OtherMy favorite Linkin Park song. I can't wait to their new album. It's not going down!
  • Samantha from Norwich, CtI love this song!!!!! It is the best ever, hands down. I really began to "listen" to this song in 2000, after my brother passed away, and it just made a lot more sense than it ever did. Linkin Park is just the best, thats all I gotta say.
  • Justin from Sierra Vista, AzTo me, it sounds something like a sport being played, like he's running a race and he tried so hard and got all prepared, but in the end he loses and none of the hard work mattered. I'm not saying its about playing a sport, but a metaphore about something else, like he tried so hard to get this girl or something, but after the relationship has ended, all his hard work and stuff didn't really was all just a waste of time. It could also be like their saying not to get all hyped up about something, because after its all over it wont matter and something else will get you feeling the same way you felt before.
  • Mikey from Galesburg, IlThis song explains all the pain I have went through. My parents (in particular) never understood what I was trying to say, what I wanted, or what I was trying to imply. Linkin Park is pretty much telling all of our stories about what happened to all of us with our parents not even understanding what we were trying to say. They punkish us for no reason, they think they're the best parents in the world... NOT TRUE! "LP tells all of our stories!!!"
  • Will from Sydney, Australiai am metaphorically in the middle of this song, i just hope it doesnt jinx me and i find my freedom.
  • J from Norfolk, Vaif i had a theme song this would be it!
  • Laine from Detroit, MiThis song got me to like Linkin Park back when I was let's say, a lot younger. It's good to identify with if someone has broken your trust and thrown you around and hurt you.
  • Ariana from Lima, Perui feel so identified with this song..particulary the line 'i've put my trust in u ..pushed as far as i can go..n for all this..' well, not always identified but it certainly is one of the songs i like to listen at when i'm down..(masochism, i guess)
  • Iara from Santiago, ChileThey are for 11-year-old PSP kids.They're just a mainstream band,they came from Mcdonalds.I'm so glad that The Strokes came out the next year.
  • Charlie from Bethersden, EnglandI completely agree with Tom from Trowbridge but Linkin Park are one of my favourite bands of all time and I pick so many holes in music it's untrue. Austin, they are not posers, all of their songs are so real to life it's untrue. If you hate them then why are you looking them up?!
  • Roxii from Birmingahm, EnglandChester writes nearly all of his songs on how angry he felt with his childhood life now i feel really sorry for him.
  • Mikey from Galesburg, IlThis is the first song that I heard and I heard it when My girlfriend broke up with me. I listened to this song ever since and became a big fan of Linkin Park's material. I'm just wonderin' how do they always come up with all this material that just reaches out to teens?
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis has to be one of my 15 all-time favourite songs, from one of my all-time favourite bands. Does the end piano remind anyone else of the end of Ozzy's Killer Of Giants?
  • Kelly from Hybridgirl_kelly, LaThis video was not filmed in a desert. It was filmed on a green screen which Mr. Hahn and Nathan "Karma" Cox later edited.
  • Zhaoy from Sydney, AustraliaThis is the greatest song full stop.....
  • Jeremy from Sawyer, MiWhen i first heard linkin park i didnt really like at first but now they are one of my favorit bands in the world my friend got me hooked on to this song and instantly i loved it and it will remain the greatest song ever but in the end it dosnt even matter
  • Jack from Faraham, Englandits actually a really well written song whether you like them or not
  • Steven from Harrison, OhI love this song, but I hate the video (as with most their videos). What the heck was with the giant whale things??
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Cai like the demo if this song too ryan. but all i can say about this song is that i love it and the lines "i put my trust in you, pushed as far as i can go" reminds me of a personal battle with loved ones that ive had and i was in awe at how raw and true those lyrics were to my life.
  • Ryan from Pembroke Pines, Flyou guys have to hear the in the end demo
    "The Untitled"
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaTom from Towbridge, I could not agree more if you paid me to. Linkin Park is nowhere near the stature of bands from the past. They are at the top when it comes to today's bands (which I have to admit isn't saying much), but they cannot compare with the bands that tom listed.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnthis song makes me cry everytime i hear it. it was my cousins favorite song and she was listening to it the moment she died, and the line that was playing when she died is so ironic its scary. "Wasted it all just to watch you go ". which she did. i love this song, i had no idea who "these linkin park ppl" were until the day my cousin died. now they are my favorite band ever.
  • Ryan from Nowhere, CaI think that this is an amazing song but, alot of the vocals is not chester. It is alot more mike if anything and out of the two mike is the better vocals in my opinion. Chris, midland, TX
  • Rynn from Rogers, ArI agree with Scott, LP aren't posers not only wouold they not be in a band they wouldn't want ppl like you hating them. So get a life LOSER! Froot Loops Cereal
  • Alexandria from Phoenix, AzI think Linkin Park is a great band. This songs shows that sometime in life things aren't always gonna be great.So are the other songs, too. Their music helped me deal with things.
  • Melita from Wilts, EnglandThis is the only Linkin Park song I like, I think the lyrics are really true. And like other people have said "In the end it doesn't even matter"
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaThere's a theory out there that it's actually about Mario Cart Racing.
  • Rob from Castaic, Cahaha yeah... I like LP a lot, but to say a band with only 2 studio albums (thats about 25 songs that hadnt been remixed) is the greatest ever... Pshh. They're one of my favorites but I dare not say that they are as great as say, Nirvana or Zeppelin.
  • Dude from Tx, TxNevermind, I missed Rush.
  • Dude from Tx, TxDon't forget Rush. The entire video wasn't Computer-Generated. Besides the band scene, the scenes of Mike over the cracked rocky ground was partially real. The sky around him was CG, and the ground was probably extended. They mix real and fake all the time in movies.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandJustine, are you serious? I've got nothing against you saying Linkin Park are your favourite band but you can't honestly be suggesting that they are better than
    The Beatles, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Rush, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Who, The Ramones, oh i can go on forever. The point is, you clearly possess little knowledge of rock music. I'm 17 and am a Linkin Park fan but I am not that dillusional as to believe that they are better than all the aforementioned bands. If you like Linkin Park, then check out Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine and Depeche Mode because LP would not exist without them.
  • Dylan from St. Charles, MoIt's an awesome song and will remain so.
  • Justine from Fredericton, CaTHIS is the BEST song EVER.... and LP is the best band known to mand kind, and if any 1 says anything diff like they suck or somethin than they ar ass holes cause LINKIN PARK is the best and there music is soooo touching and it ROCKS too at least they sing about what they feel right lol....
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandI'm not the biggest Linkin Park fan but this song is very good.
  • Sara from Killeen, TxThis song is one of the best, it talks universally about what people feel on the inside at one point or another in their lives. We all want to let go sometimes, just because we feel overwhelmed, but this song is telling us to hold on, even if it doesn't matter. In the end, it doesn't matter, but at least it happened...Amazing song...amazing band, they know what they are doing! LOVE YOU GUYS! LP ROX!
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song makes you wonder what can you do in life that will really matter in the end. I love the synthesizer and learned to play it on the piano. is such a cool place. I love the way they divided the timing for singing between Mike and Chester. The music video is awesome!
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherI like Linkin Park as much as the next guy, but I don't think they're lyrics are very credible, when Chester sings then yes, you can tell he means it, but not as much when Mike.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaAustin,Linkin Park are not posers.If they were,they would not be a band.
  • Rabi from Zionsville, InI agree with Sarah, how could you think the video was shot on a real background. I love this song because it gives equal mic time to Chester and Mike, and shows how their voices complement each other. I also agree with Shaun, that LP writes music that can touch ppl in a variety of situations.
  • Mandy from N/a, MaI always felt this song was about being taken advantage of in a relationship--but with taking a closer look I can also see the struggles of a child searching for acceptance
  • Tiffany from Covington, GaI used to hate Linkin Park when they first came out, but I never knew that their lyrics had so much meaning in my situations that I get into. This is one of the main songs that used to get to me when my b/f dumped me a while ago. I agree with Shaun about the meanings and all.
  • A Dbz Fan from Jackson, MiI think this is on of the best songs they
    made. It reminds me of guy fighting
    in a battle and falls and loses everything.
  • Shaun from Shelbyville, KyI feel that it really doesn't matter too much what the song was written about, I feel many of Linkin Park's songs are written to be interpretted by the person listening. So many people out there can find lots of LP songs that they feel describes how they feel so well, I think that's the beauty of their music is it so well fits into what you feel and describes you. All their songs people can relate with.
  • Cassandra from Melbourne, AustraliaIT ROX, it's as simple as that
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkI can really relate to this song with what I've been through. I must say way before it was released as a single I told my bro that it was gonna be a huge hit, and I was right...
  • Chronometer from Somerset West, South AfricaThe song is really the writer saying that he took his chances, he had his share of pain and suffering. He too didn't see certain things coming, but in the end nothing matters. The hurt or the happiness. In the end it amounts to nothing, so it's not gonna help beating yourself up about things.
  • Nick from Edmonds, WaActually, the song seems like it's about a breakup...the lines "I put my trust, in you" and "What it meant to be, will eventually be, a memory" signify that there was a relationship involved. So I don't think it was supposed to be about him getting picked on; it was about him breaking up with his girlfriend.
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandAlthough this song is very 'dark', it is also a great 'feel-good' song in an odd way. I feel i can relate to every word in the song and "it all comes down to me in the end". i found iut hard to say what i mean in this post, i hope that other people know what im talkin about.
  • Austin from Orem, UtThey Are Posers!
  • Jared from Norwalk, OhI haven't been a big fan of Linkin Park but when I stumbled upon this song one time I was surprised. I loved this song and I downloaded the video to this song, the video is a great video. I say that "In The End" has to be one of my favorite songs of all times!
  • Justin Gregg from Harrah, OkI'm not a Linkin Park fan by any means, in fact, I hate their other music. But this song was very appealing to me, especially in light of my recent nihilistic-type views, for in the end, it doesn't matter.
  • Sarah from Morganville, NjFew artists and songs have a deep impact on me, but Linkin Park and this song do. I just wanted to clear up a couple of mistakes here, though:

    The video was *not* shot in a California desert. It's computer-generated. DJ Joe Hahn came up with the concept and he co-directed the video with Nathan "Karma" Cox.
  • Karly from Denver, CoThis song is amazing and really makes you think. It has meant so much to me this past year and kind of explained what I was going through. Linkin Park is great!!!
  • Omar from Santa Clara, CaThis song not only represents the dark side of growing up, but for some people very specific times in there life. From friends to family to life it's self, this song is a great expression. Lodi, California, USA.
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