My December

Album: One Step Closer (2001)
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  • This is my December
    This is my time of the year
    This is my December
    This is all so clear
    This is my December
    This is my snow-covered home
    This is my December
    This is me alone

    (And I) just wish that I didn't feel
    Like there was something I missed
    (And I) take back all the things I said
    To make you feel like that
    (And I) just wish that I didn't feel
    Like there was something I missed
    (And I) take back all the things that I said to you

    And I'd give it all away
    Just to have somewhere to go to
    Give it all away
    To have someone to come home to

    This is my December
    These are my snow-covered dreams
    This is me pretending
    This is all I need

    (And I) just wish that I didn't feel
    Like there was something I missed
    (And I) take back all the things I said
    To make you feel like that
    (And I) just wish that I didn't feel
    Like there was something I missed
    (And I) take back all the things I said to you

    And I'd give it all away
    Just to have somewhere to go to
    Give it all away
    To have someone to come home to

    This is my December
    This is my time of the year
    This is my December
    This is all so clear

    Give it all away
    Just to have somewhere to go to
    Give it all away
    To have someone to come home to
    Give it all away
    Just to have somewhere to go to
    Give it all away
    To have someone to come home to Writer/s: Brad Delson, Chester Charles Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Robert G. Bourdon
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Qns4tcf from New YorkThis song reminds me of MY lost love. THE lost love! It came out when I was in High School. Apparently a time where I clearly could have been more brave, clear headed, smarter and just took a chance. Honestly there is no reason why the both of us wouldn't have worked out, even now it makes total sense...... only if we had tried. Her birthday is Dec 23. The initial reason why this song connected with me, and her to it. Now the both of us are in our 40's and strangly this song has a different meaning to me now about her. Now I am married and have a son that I love dearly. Beautifully she has 2 kids and married as well. Life has a funny way of playing out some times. Anyway she will forever be my "My December" till the day I leave this planet. I love you dearly and ALWAYS will!
  • Cat from DallasIn watching and rewatching for ole memories, I ran across an official music video that stated it was the original version. In the video there are several areas that are playing that I can only describe as movie clips. Does anyone see this or know anything about it? Gratitude - C&R
  • Thomas from Surabaya, IndonesiaI'd rather love My
  • Skyler from Omaha, NeThis song reminds me of my friend carlos... he is at a youth center now and i feel like it was my fault because we were mad at eachother before it happened... he broke some dudes arm and can never go home... he has to go in foster care... instead of a girlfriend i think of my best friend. he was always there for me and now hes gone forever. cant come back to school... so yeah thats what i think of when i hear this....
  • Wally Richburg from Ny, GaMan, this song has a compelling rapture to it, everytime I listen to it, I end of listening to it for the entire day almost, it has the power to automatically change your mood, and relax you and just have you thinking about ur life, relationships, regrets, and ambitions. My hat goes off to LP, this is definitely a classic.

    This song reminds me of my brother, I just wish I could go back in time and just tell him I love him and to stay out of trouble, s--t I cry when I hear this song and I'm not even EmO like that
  • Edgar from Paramount, CaAs a musician, I have to give them a heads up for the lyrical work.
  • Edgar from Paramount, CaJudging from my point of view, it was a very good song by the band. Even as I still hear it, I still feel pain after I lost my ex five years ago, it doesn't hurt as much, but it brings back memories. Lastly, if their are any L P fans in Ca, hit me up at my
  • Elmer from Zamboanga, Philippinesi lyk d song..its kinda emo...i thought it was kinda chrstmas any1 tell me abt the whole lyf of chester???wikipedia doesnt xplain all
  • Jeremy from Ventura, Cato be totally honest, i find this song boring compared to other LP songs. dont get me wrong, it is a good song, i just prefer their others...
  • Charlie from Richmond, Kythis is one of my fav songs from L.P. it helped me relized that work and money wasnt the only thing i need in my life and i want someone to enjoy life with.
  • Francesca from Malta, EuropeI thought this was a christmas song from its title...
  • Ben from Gosford, AustraliaI first heard this song in 2003 at my cousins' place, didn't hear it again until I downloaded it earlier this year. mikey from Galesburg talked about the image he gets in his mind when he listens to this song. Whenever I hear this song I get an imagine of a guy sitting on his living room couch on a freezing cold night, wearing a beanie and rugged up, staring blankly into a glowing bar heater, all alone. I don't think I've ever heard a song with a greater feeling of regret to it.
  • Its Not Important from You Dont Need To Know, Icelandi love this song its amazing! i love playing it on the piano too
    this is an amazing band i love them!!
  • Lizabeth from Trinidad, United StatesI love linkin park all of his song !!!!
    chester and mike r realy good singers and I will love to see them .
  • Chelsea from Cape TownI love this song, I heard it the first time, played the tune on my piana immediatly, no mistakes, nothing, it's cool, sweet
  • Mikey from Galesburg, Ilas I listen to this song even more, I get to the point to where the visual is right in front of me. It's like while I'm walking down the street, i can just see Chester right in front of me giving a speech on what he was going through, and telling us not to make the same mistakes. I personally can relate to the lyrics that he is singing. Especially the quiet whisper "Just wish that I didn't feel like there was something I missed" Every time I listen to this, I feel like I'm gonna cry!
  • Amethyst from New Haven, Ct I love this song especially the remix version of it . I havn't touched the piano in 2yrs and it made me learn by ear how to play the chords and basic chorus .. its so depressing yet so beautiful if u like Linkin Park this songs a must to listen to !
  • Mikey from Galesburg, IlThe first time I heard this song, it got me thinking about what it was like in his shoes. This song really inspires me. Whenever I hear the song, I can just visualize what it is like out there where Chester was at when it happened.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoThis is a really good Linkin Park song. Probably the only one that had me on the verge of tears!
  • Joe from Somewhere, VaI believe this song could be about his parents. Many of LP's lyrics show feelings of anger toward their parents. Perhaps Chester's parents have become angry with him. It's Christmas now and while everyone is returning home to their families, Chester has no one to return to. He has become fairly wealthy singing about his anger toward his parents, and now it seems like now, none of that means anything.

    Also, as many may know Chester and Samantha (his ex-wife) got divorced not to long ago. This could also be what the song is about.

    The first explanation is what I got out of the song. It's not proven. But I would be willing to bet that both explanations would have a place in the song.
  • Veronica from I Forget. . ., DeOut of all the Linkin Park songs, this one touches my heart and gives me that feeling inside that only a truly talented artist can give his listeners. This song is amazing and so unique and it is so unlike the others. . .
  • Taylor from Baltimore, Mdthis song truly hits a string in your heart if you really listen to it. i think that this song is about someone who is trying to belong. lost out in the cold for his whole life. he might have everything, but not love. if you agree or disagree, then thats you, but me, i think thats it. PEACE!!!
  • Naomi from Nashville, Gai love linkin park. when i heard this song i didn't realize that there was a meaning and i thought he was referring to christmas or something so i was a little confused about it because i've never heard Chester sing about something like that. but it turned out to be MY FAVORITE LP song there is. i love linkin park.
  • Alvaro from MexicaliMy December is just the best song in the whole history of music Mike Shinoda simply did his best in this song and with Chester´s voice this is juts the perfect song
  • Jaime Lee from Mid Glamorgan, WalesAgreed. Chester and Mike on this where brilliant and the music is so soothing.
    Hmm, this song means different things to everyone, LP tend to write thier songs in a way that views on them are the person's own identity with it. With me, when i listen to it, i think of a little snow covered cottage in the middle of no where and this one guy walking down this lane with snow falling. My connection is my household. "someone to come home to" as though they want to feel like they belong, they want someone they can love and loves them back. I think of a child alone in their room while their parents don't realise the pain they are vputting thier child through "snow covered home" its cold, lonely. But thats what i see and think when i hear the song. I think the band see's it differently though, all of their songs have a different meaning to each of us
  • Kiki from Big Spring, TxI LOVE My December ever time I listen to this song it sends chills up my spin,the way cheaster sings this song it is amasing,he put some much filling and meaning in this song. I LOVE LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanI once read somewhere that this was inspired by the game Final Fantasy VIII, because of Squall, the main character. This reminds me alot of Squall.

    But Mainly, this song seems to be about a man who knows he's dying and is trying to make the most of life, because he knows he has a disease and he can't fight it. ("And I give it all away just to have somewhere to go to give it all away to have someone to come home to.") But great song.
  • Dani from Roseburg, Orwhen i hear the song MY DECEMBER i see a man who is on his death bed(the end of his life, his december)he had had a true love at one time, and left her for money(or fame or welth or something) now he is telling her now that he is sorry, he loves her, and he would give it all away if he could do it again and have her back.
  • Aly from Sumner, WaI have to second on what "Kayla said Chester's voice, though always beautiful, is even more beautiful than usual. This is a great song.
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Cawhat's strange, brandi, is that my ex boyfriend told me abot a little over half way thru our relationship that this beautiful song reminded him of me. i guess i should've taken that as a sign. this song is so beautiful to me and chesters voice is, as always, amazing
  • Jackie from San Diego, Cahe has a beautiful voice...
  • Brandi from Athens, Tnif any one has any feed back let me know please. on what i wrote before. Thanks
  • Brandi from Athens, Tn well this guy told me it reminded him of me we tried to be more than friend but it didn't work out cause he desided he didn't want to know he tells me this song reminds him of me and how he feels.Way to confuse a girl.
  • Elishia from Gp, CanadaOk Jess from Darwin Australia your crazy cuz the highest suicide rate is at christmas cuz so many ppl go through it lonely
  • Justine from Eddy, United Statesit reminds me of perhaps being abused in a relationsship and leaving then perhaps giving all over again because of your loneliness. His december is his place in mind, his reaction and interpretation of what is going on. A mental picture in ways.
  • Pao from Sacramento, CaWell, i dont agree wtih Darby, from Mt. Vernon, because it said, Mike Shinoda wrote the lyrics. But at first , i did thnk that chester meant it for that reason though. just wanted you to see that it was not written by chester himself. unless mike interpreted his feelings into a song :
  • Robin from Rotterdam, United Statesby the way i do not live in the USA:p but in holland thats a fault of the registering,
    the song my december gives you a lot to think of and it touches my innerself :) this is the best collaboration of beatifull text and some agitation aswwell (reanimation and one step closer) and i have people i miss and want to bee with, when those moments come to my surface i listen to these songs (on both albums)
  • Robin from Rotterdam, United Statesi do agreed to all of you but the things that
    - Sara, Killeen, TX - said make the most sence and to be honest thats exactly what i expected it to be :)
    yours faithfully:
  • Chetan from Bangalore, IndiaWell at first glance, it looks like a simple song of missing your loved ones. But then december might have some connotations. Then i thought it's more like he's at his "december" of his life and he's sad coz he'll miss living a life! but then, prob i'm tryin to over-analyze this thing.
  • Michael from Los Angeles, CaOk. I don't think the members of linkin park wrote the song. Josh Groban did a version of it and there two styles of music arn't related at all.
  • Dude from Tx, TxWhen somebody talks about his "december", it's a phrase that's used to mean somebody's end.
  • Jessi from Trenton, NjJust a comment to what Jess from Austraila said...The holidays are the time of the year with the highest rates of suicides, not the lowest..and that's actually a fact..i think its because of the loneliness many people feel around the holidays which is really terrible..
  • Alyssia from Melbourne, AustraliaOh, yeah... Projekt Revolution kicked a**!
  • Alyssia from Melbourne, Australia:) I don't have a favourite. They are my favourite. *sheds tear*
  • Sara from Killeen, TxThis song is about loneliness, and wanting someone to be there...I know, I met Chester Bennington and he explained it in terms that I cannot even repeat...the words were beyond beautiful...and it is a great song, one of the greatest...but a little too mellow. This song was designed to give the LP name a little more of a soft side...the butterfly wings on the soldier for example...the bands soft side. hehe, his voice is soothing and melodic, proving he's not only a screamer...but a true singer, with a beautiful is Mike's. An amazing voice as well...It is an apology, but it is so cold...lonely, and means something to all of us...this work of art is successful, and it means something to those who pay attention. So the work of art communicated wonderfully.
  • Anonymousyour all wrong it about it not aobut how chester felt lsten carefuly to what the song is truely about:And I give it all away
    Just to have somewhere
    To go to:this mean you feel like you have no where to go so you need the urge to feel like you do so that is the real meaning of the song people.
  • Kyle from Georgetown, ScAlan, in the remix on Reanimation, Chester isn't singing it's a guy named Mickey Petralia.
  • Sara from Grand Falls - Windsor, CanadaI believe this song is about how people do and say things to others that they regret, and thus they lost there friendship because of it. Now the person is alone and wants to take back what is said, but really cant because its to late, so its there december, and there all alone...
  • Jim from Pittsburgh, PaI agree, I always thought this song was an apology to someone who had committed suicide
  • Darbey from Mount Vernon, OhI Love this song but, I heard it was about something else from some other sites. I heard it was about Chester having a friend that was suicidal and Chester didn't know what to do and he yelled at his friend and his freiend committed suicide and he feels its his fault and he wrote a song saying that if he could, he would take everything he said back and his friend might still be alive today.
  • Alan from Delray Beach, FlOne of my favorite songs from Linkin Park. The remix of My December on the Reanimation album is the best. Haunting melody and lyrics, with Chester's soft and soothing voice, makes a wonderful song.
  • Jacqui from St Clair Shores, Mii love this song so much. it has to be my favorite.
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkI love this song. I actually think its my favorite Linkin Park song...
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