Beat Is Up

Album: Funstyle (2010)
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  • The trick to happiness is to ignore anything negative you might
    Feel about yourself
    That people don't really like you that much
    That you got fat because you are lonely
    Or that your parents are going to die

    I like to get my coffee with all the little frothy things on the side
    And I like to put in those little sticks

    The trick to freedom is to deny your past regrets
    Questionable lovers, lies, drunken weekends

    I just like to have a lot of energy
    My life demands it
    Everything's up, all the time
    Up, up, up!

    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    How high? to the sky!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    What's the beat? The beat is up, ah!
    How high? to the sky!

    People like positive people
    Positivity makes good things happen

    My husband doesn't let me buy those tabloid magazines
    'Cause he says that it makes me fight with him more

    Pills that you mix with wine
    That your husband and you aren't having sex anymore
    That you got married for the money
    It's been positively proved that most top 40 hits have a BPM
    Of one twenty or more

    I definitely like the gin-song
    And the ginko bal-boa?


    Sometime you picture yourself getting impaled
    On an imaginary spike sticking out from over your bed
    When you keep forgetting to call somebody back
    But the more time goes by, the less you feel like calling
    Because you're embarrassed

    'Cause it kind makes you freaky
    And you don't want people to think you're freaky
    Even though you are kind of freaky
    But only in the bedroom

    My mom says I'm really hard on my kids
    I don't want them growing up thinking
    That everything's just going to be handed to them
    They're going to have to work their asses off, just like I did!
    You know, we get them up at six in the morning
    We're like 'come on! get up! get outta bed!'
    'It's gonna be a great day C'mon! up, up, up!'

    [Chorus] Writer/s: LIZ PHAIR
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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