Everybody Drunk

Album: Battle of the Sexes (2010)
  • [Chorus:Repeat x4]
    Everybody with me drunk as fuck
    Break it down and roll it up
    Everybody with me drunk as fuck
    Break it down and roll it up

    Ok, ok, ok now everybody with me drunk as fuck
    Break it down and roll it up
    Everybody got they killaz with 'em
    Rep yo side and throw it up

    Po' it up and it's goin' down
    Light another blunt and it's goin' round
    Puff, puff pass you can toast yo glass
    Later we'll screw and slow it up

    If you make it fast, I can make it last
    And I'm a nigga that's makin' cash
    Eight figures in the bank and I pull yo rank
    What you thank with ya hatin' ass

    Hehehehehe, you think you fly, I know you not
    Hehehehehe, you tote yo knife, I tote my glock

    Big body Cadillac, women in the backseat,
    Speakers steady pumpin' as I pass these losers
    Yo car too small, why? Cause I can't fit my women in a PT Cruiser
    Get ya cake up, get ya weight up way up to the top 'til u can't go further
    These snitches is after my riches and yes I smell bloody murder

    When I cock back with a drop dat can't block dat lock dat fools betta stop dat
    Otherwise you can pop back
    But after dumpin a round you'll be wonderin' where the cops at
    Where the cops at? Cause I'm drunk as fuck
    Tell 'em I'm far from sober
    Cause if the po po happen to pull me over
    I'm a just tell 'em

    [Chorus:Repeat x4]

    Ay Luda, you know niggaz over here, over here kushed out, iced out nigga G's
    Up nigga, it's Scrappy, O-K-K-KAY!
    E'rybody with me, bitches lookin tipsy, goons posted up case a hater try to tempt me
    Pull out the roach, roll up the dough, money I'ma throw again holla at my folk
    All I need is a bitch right now, to blow me away then take me down
    I need another fuckin Conjure round, hot wing, Gucci, out to the lounge
    You might just see me but I can't dig deep nigga with gold teeth
    Nigga then O-D on VSOP, and if not now slowly but surely
    Shake 'em like LeBron, shoot 'em like Kobe, if they say chill I just pay the police
    In the club chillin with G-S-U-P, but after go down it's in D.T.P.
    That's a rock, got you pissy and you dizzy, wanna hit me
    But not really, please don't mix me, I'm a boss, my dogs bite quickly
    If nobody's out here with me I'ma do this shit myself
    Smoke and drink off for my health like I don't need nobody else
    Scrap's so true to smokin crucial, swishin on swishas with Luda
    I'm, in the Playas Circle, this G shit you hoes ain't used ta
    I got my own kush pack and got my own liquor
    "Ay what you call that?" I call it Cleveland
    Now nigga!

    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Royalty Network
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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